Principal Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale has summoned a police officer from Mongu Central Police Station for allegedly assaulting a male juvenile offender while in the holding cell.

Mr. Mwale has directed that Sgt. Godwin Mutakula be recalled from Sesheke where he is on operation to come and answer to the charges labeled against him.

This was after a juvenile Kalundwana Kalundwana who was appearing in court for mention complained to the Magistrate that he was allegedly assaulted by Sgt Mutakula in December last year.

Kalundwana who is facing one count of defilement told the court that Sgt Mutakula slapped and kicked him for allegedly making noise while in the holding cell.

He confirmed that he was allegedly assaulted by the policer officer after he made noise because he was hungry and needed his relatives to bring him some food.

Kalundwana’s claims were confirmed by another juvenile offender who was present on the material day, prompting Mr. Mwale to summon the officer.

And Mr Mwale has also directed that officers at Mongu Central Police should issue a medical report to Kalundwana to ascertain his alleged assault claims.

He also ordered that the juvenile who complained of a painful neck, be taken to the hospital for medical checkups.

Mr Mwale adjourned the matter to January 22, 2019, for hearing.

And in another case, a 39 year old woman, Carol Chisembele of Kaoma district who allegedly assaulted a man named Mubita Mulekelelwa on November 15, 2018 also appeared for mention before Mr. Mwale.

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  1. The Police Force needs to be completely overhauled. This thing of abusing the public order act, abusing tear gas, shooting one another, still collecting money from motorists at roadblocks, charging people very high and illegal fees for Police reports, targeting political opponents and many other vices too numerous need to be stopped. Why don’t we come up with something like a judicial service commission, if there is one having over sight over the Police – then it has not started working


  2. I am a member of the PF but if I ask these questions internally the one and only punishment that PF knows will be invoked and that is to say you have been expelled from the party.

    Assuming there was no corruption in the 42 million dollars procurement of fire tenders, would it be prudent and right to spend money like that and assuming there was no corruption in the procurement of the shelter with little soft ware here and there called toll gate in Ndola, is it prudent to spend 4.3 million dollars on that structure. LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP


    • Meanwhile someone who is not even in government will lead a fat govt delegation to fetch more left hand drive fire tenders in the USA.


  3. The police who had a poor girl in Lusaka for wearing a mini skirt must be charged and the sued!! The police abused her by fondling her when she was in unlawful detention. Women’s groups and NGOs please stand up for the poor girl!!


  4. We are slowly descending into a police state which is very unfortunate. The levels of abuse of human rights are increasimg by the day.

    On the issue of mini skirts why don’t the police go and arrest Dora Siliya for wearing mini skirts instead of harassing a poor girl? Rather than waste public resources on such a useless case all they could do is to counsel the girl on why they think she shouldn’t dress in that manner why arresting the child?



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