MOPANI Copper Mines employees marching during the Labour Day celebrations at Diggers Rugby Club in Kitwe
MOPANI Copper Mines employees marching during the Labour Day
celebrations at Diggers Rugby Club in Kitwe

Mine Unions have upheld the decision by Mopani Copper Mines -MCM- NOT to downsize the labour force in view of the new tax regime that Government has implemented in this year’s national budget.

Both Mine Workers Union of Zambia -MUZ and the National Union of Miners and Allied Workers say Mopani management has shown good corporate citizenship in handling the issue of the new fiscal regime.

MUZ President Joseph Chewe says the labour movement is opposed to any retrenchment in the mining sector following the new tax policy that Government has implemented in the national budget.

And NUMAW President James Chansa says MCM Management has shown that it is a friendly partner with Government.

Mr. Chansa says Mopani has further demonstrated that engaging in dialogue with Government in a win-win situation can be reached without necessarily compromising the investor confidence that the donor community has in the sector.

And Mufulira Central Member of Parliament Evans Chibanda is happy that Mopani management has heeded to President Edgar Lungu’s advice for dialogue over the tax regime.

Mr. Chibanda who is Mufulira Parliamentarian says there is no need for stakeholders to arm-twist each other in order to reach an amicable solution to any challenge facing the mining sector.

And Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko says Mopani Copper Mines’ stance of not retrenching workers as a result of the new tax regime is a step in the right direction.

Mrs. Simukoko says the move will strengthen the relationship between mining firms, Government and Zambians on whose behalf the treasury seeks to raise funds for socio-economic investments.

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  1. It is in the right direction if Mopan will be making a profit. One of the reasons why National companies have failed to perform well is over employing. E.G. What does the huge group of engineers do in ZESCO? The Generation and Transmission of ZESCO used to be CAPCO. CAPCO had only one Regional Engineer in Zambia. ZESCO tree: Director – Senior manager – Chief engineer – principal engineer – Senior engineers – engineers and engineer in training. This is how one directorate looks like. I feel sorry for many engineers in ZESCO who are not doing engineering jobs, but technicians & electrician jobs, yet these engineers are paid more money than technicians for doing the same work. Time ZESCO made good use of these intelligent young engineers in engineering jobs.


  2. Mopani is at the verge of salary increment negotiations,so we will see how credible their actions are after that cos they will transfer the burden to their workers by not giving anything substantial as increment…..this is not new,lets wait for that period that’s when u will give all these praises to this company…..morepain….not mopani…..!



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