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President Lungu Mourns Lupando Mwape

Headlines President Lungu Mourns Lupando Mwape

FORMER republican vice-president Lupando Mwape
File:FORMER republican vice-president Lupando Mwape

President Edgar Lungu is deeply saddened by the death of former Republican Vice President in the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) administration, Lupando Mwape.

In a statement issued to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today, Special Assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda, said President Lungu prayed that God Almighty grants the bereaved family solace and fortitude as they mourn their beloved one.

Mr Chanda stated that President Lungu has since instructed Cabinet to proceed with preparations for the state funeral in honour of the former Vice President.

And Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska disclosed in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today that Mr Mwape died today January 21, 2019 at 06:05 hours at Arwyp Medical Centre in Pretoria, South Africa.

Dr Msiska explained that Government evacuated the late Mr Mwape to South Africa last week for specialist treatment.

He said members of the public will be informed about the funeral details of the late former Vice President in due course.

Mr Mwape served as Vice President under the Late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa’s administration from 2004 to 2006.


  1. When a VIP is evacuated government does not even update the nation on the condition of that VIP. We just get to hear about their death. So far there have not been updates on the condition of Mike Mulongoti.Rest in Peace Mr. Lupando Mwape. I just hope South Africa does not get fed up with Zambian VIPs dying in their hospitals

    • It costs around R20000-R30000 per day to be admitted in a south African private hospital. Laboratory tests should come to R3000 CTscan/MRI – R12 000,doctors visits R1500 per visit.They will probably visit once or twice a day.Prescriptions about R1000 .So for one day that’s close to R50 000 = K43000 per day to the tax payers. Couldn’t this money that’s for the past 30 years been paid to the South African health care system be used to improve the Zambian health system.The minister of Health should give a statement.PS. We wish Minister Mushimba a quick recovery in South Africa at the expense of Zambian tax payers.

    • But why have they taken Mushimba to South Africa?That is abuse UTH High Cost can cure the tissues we are told he tore.That is why they die from depression after leaving government at most they should have taken him to a private hospital.
      And we are still waiting to be told where he was coming from at that ungodly hour on a Friday or is it Saturday morning
      And how is the expensive government car he destroyed?

  2. Zambian leaders should be treated and eventually dying at home after having invested in 1st class medical facilities when in power. Anyway, me he rest in peace.

    • Sad about the death of former Vice President (MHSRIP)
      What puzzles me is the fact that these educated, economically sound guys even those in GRZ cannot subscribe to health Insurance which would cover for such treatment abroad. There is no expatriate working in Zambia I have met who has not subscribed to schemes like Bupa. These will save the country a lot of money too…ALL ministers must arrange private health schemes not wasting tax payers money.

  3. Why Don’t our Politicians have faith in our local Health Institutions? This leaves more questions than answers. Next time, believe in our local doctors! I am sure they had given a not uncertain outlook on our former Veep! We just ended up stressing the old man with unnecessary travel! We must move away from this mentality of medical evacuations and start building our own institutions! MHSRIP!

    • How much is needed to bring UTH and other institutions to the level that can stop this health tourism. It is increasingly becoming an embracement. Don’t you think this is another version of apartheid, why as Christian nation should we encourage a policy or system that segregates or discriminates on grounds of status. My worry is how do you deal with tax payers and their relatives who can’t pay for medication that hospitals keep on requesting, while other patients are flown to South Africa for treatment by govt.

  4. He was a humble man who served in his position with humility. He was down to earth and approachable. Mr Katoloshi,as he was fondly called, had sense of humor and very jovial. With him around,there were no dull moments.Go in peace. You have ran your race!MHSRIP

  5. Dying in foreign lands after medical evacuation is what happens to Zambian leaders.It is a badge of national shame showing little faith in homegrown healthcare system.Fare thee well Bwana Mwape.

  6. Am sure mulongoti is worried after hearing Mr katoloshi is dead.all the VIP come to die in foreign land.panaldo they use in Zambia is it different from the ones they use in SA? Am concern GRZ is misusing money for evacuating politicians than those who vote for them

  7. AH what about the nkhongole he left in China ka US$20,000 WH SHALL WE CONTACT NOW, AIYA THUS WHY gOVERNMNET SHOULD HAVE INFORMED us n his evacuation to SA could have gone to see the man to write next kin to pay off. Well let it be , he was really loved in china and a man of great wisdom Zambia has lost MHSRIP

  8. Has there been a situation where UTH fails and a South African hospital succeeds in treating a patient? These evacuations are giving South African hospitals a bad name of being death lounges. Why don’t we buy the medical equipment that is found in South African hospitals and put an end to these costly evacuations? We have a lot of qualified local doctors

    • Can’t Fairview or forest or CfB treat these guys kwena. Now it is too much èven for flu they have to be flown to RSA. The politicians have no faith in our health sector.

  9. I think the only people who deserve to be evacuated are the President and his Cabinet, Defence chiefs and the Speaker, for the rest let us get treatment from UTH.

    • No one is allowed to be evacuated.
      No one.
      Not a single one if indeed we have useful substance in our cranial cavities.

    • No body deserves to be evacuated unless in an extreme case where our doctor are completely unable to give a diagnosis n treat. Sure we can stop this shame of sending these VIPs out for treatment on to receive cargo by investing in our own health system. Let’s for once identify n put our priorities right.

  10. The PF government is a hoax and have no second thought on peoples lives and health care for its citizens.Why upgrading townships to district status when the people need drugs,hospital equipment etc.You really need a psychologist in government based at state house to assess your IQ’s. The evacuation of politicians and senior government officials should stop as there is no money.The poor Zambians who need specialized care abroad are still waiting for money to be available,but politicians the money is available anytime.This is apartheid they have introduced .If they prefer 5star hospitals the should start compulsory medical schemes so that the use their own money to pay for medical services abroad.These people have fat salaries and sleep in money and cannot have everything for free .The…

  11. The wise Zambian people are watching these pattern of behaviors in government and do not think they are sleeping

  12. They left him too long at this useless UTH and decided at last minute. They want to hijack the funeral but when he needed help you ignored him. PF are a bunch of idyots

  13. With all due respect, I think it is high time we re look at the recapitalization of our health institutions, this issue of sending our sick to South Africa only to bring them back as cargo is not only dehumanizing, but shameful as well. Imagine each time we fly our respectable politicians out, it is already time for south Africa to update their records on the dead Zambian dignitaries, in fact South Africa has more up to date data on our Politicians that ourselves and it is high time we owned up and cleared this mess once and for all. Just the cost of fire tenders could have upgraded UTH to the standard of these south African Hospitals in terms of equipment because we already have the manpower and infrastructure. Let us have some pride.

  14. Zamaya ka sesinde Lupando, uyu pumula ka koozo ya mulimu. He was one of the very few none tribalistic leaders of his time.

    • That’s the world we live in, most of the time we are left with the devil’s who rub their hand with glee when our heroes are gone.

  15. What people should know is that there is no care in South Africa. They are interested in your money that is all. I fear for those people who go to south africa seeking medical care. You are better off st uth. All we need ii to improve it. Put usd 200milion and equip uth then we are done. This the kind of pocket money we spend every day on the roads without raising any eyebraws. Why not invest in medical facilities.

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