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The disproportionate use of force on Civilians in Zimbabwe must be condemned-Msoni

General News The disproportionate use of force on Civilians in Zimbabwe must be condemned-Msoni

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

All Peoples Congress Leader Nason Msoni says the disproportionate use of force being applied by security forces on defenseless and unarmed civilians in Zimbabwe must be condemned in the strongest terms.

Mr. Msoni has urged the government in Zimbabwe to exercise maximum restraint and employ dignity and decorum in dealing with protesters.

He said the government in Zimbabwe must observe and respect human rights in its efforts to restore law and order.

“As concerned Zambian citizens and neighbours to Zimbabwe we are deeply appalled by the use of disproportionate force unleashed on unarmed citizens of Zimbabwe”, He added.

Mr. Msoni said the disturbing images of law enforcement officers ruthlessly beating up and maiming defenseless women is shocking and absolutely sickening.

“We urge the do-nothing SADC to rise to the occasion and stop hiding behind the veil of sovereignty when atrocities are being committed in Zimbabwe with impunity”, he added.

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  1. The tin pot wannabe corrupt theives of SADC have an unwritten code…..

    ” don’t condemn me for extending my term in office or suppressing civilian protests , you might need to do the same one day……”

    • Lungu would never condemn his mentor Mnangagwa.

      Last time Zambia condemned ZANU-PF, Zambian Leader Mwanawasa died a mysterious death at the AU summit of all places after being in contact with Mnangagwa ‘s CIOS. After that SATA was worshiping Mugabe like a God for helping pave way to his to presidency . Top secret matter but we’ll known in Zim circles.

      So Lungu knows that you don’t mess with Zamu-pf.

      ZANU-PF = Zambian PF.

  2. Zim is 45 minutes drive away. Go there and tell them or better still call the croc.

    Tell them about Zambian politics where you call head of state chimbwi-no-plan and soldiers dont arrest you

  3. You rejoiced Msoni when Munangagwa toppled Mugabe. You even said the same thing should happen to Lungu. You also rejoiced at that fake audio where Munangagwa was threatening Zambia with military action. Because of your bitterness you overlooked the fact that Mugabe never physically or personally murdered the Ndebele people. ..all murders were directed, coordinated and executed by Emerson Munangagwa. Now you see. ..the Zimbabwe people have jumped from the frying pan into a fire. Like someone has told you. .it’s only 45minutes drive. …take a hike and take on the crocodile.

  4. Read and understand politics

    Look at zim. Sudan and france

    There is no opposition involvement.

    Its a mass driven movement and a smart politician simple seizes opportunity.

    Change is never instigated by politician and that we keep telling hh.

    Wait for change. You cant force it on Zambians

    Am a non partisan political consultant

  5. SADC AND AU are all but shameful organisations that are meant to protect whichever leader is office from being toppled. They protect each other at the expense of civilians.

    Unlike European Union that has her citizens’ interest our organisations in Africa are as poor and pathetic as African leaderships. I don’t know if at all any thing has ever been achieved through our organisations. It be Trade, security name it all are just but on paper. Shame on us all.????

  6. I think some bloggers here do not understand the role of international clubs, clubs are only social gatherings with discussions to better individual nations , you don’t expect SADC to rule in an independent nation. What is happening in your country it is your issue to solve while your friends look at how you attend to your challenge.
    Every country has it’s own infrastructures to deal with challenges, you cannot impose yourself on your neighbours household, if he wants advice he would ask you for it , however these are nations with their own structures of governance , and must be respected just as you would like to be respected.

  7. European union is equally a club to some extent, France is now in it’s tenth week since the French people started their riot and some nasty things have happened. Look what has the European union done about it are they not just watching at a distance and no one talking about it in Europe.

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