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ZABS, ZAMRA urged to conclude investigations on the banned natural power energy drink

Health ZABS, ZAMRA urged to conclude investigations on the banned natural power energy...

Energy drink Natural Power SX , a product of Revin Zambia
Energy drink Natural Power SX , a product of Revin Zambia

Bwana Mkubwa PF Member of Parliament Dr. Jonas Chanda has urged the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority, the Ndola City Council and the Zambia Bureau of Standards to quickly release the results of the investigation on the Power SX energy drink.

Dr. Chanda has also challenged the Authoritirs to officially communicate their findings to the public and the workers at the Company because the longer they are taking to release the results the more the over 56 workers and their families who have been sent on on leave because of a lack of activity at the plant will continue suffering.

Dr. Chanda is disappointed that it had to take a reported incident in Uganda and action by the Uganda National Drug Authority and Uganda Bureau of Standards in order for ZABS, Ndola City Council and ZAMRA to act.

“ZAMRA and ZABS are now claiming that they launched investigations before the Uganda incident, but why didn’t they announce to the public that they had launched those investigations before the Uganda National Drug Authority and Uganda Bureau of Standards did, making them look irrelevant? Where were ZABS and ZAMRA all this time that the “Natural Power SX Energy drink” has been on the market and was actually certified by them as being safe for public consumption?”, he added

Dr. Chanda has urged the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry to take a keen interest in this “Natural Power SX Energy drink” debacle following banning of the exports of the energy drink in Uganda and Malawi to rule out the possibility of a scheme by business rivals who may discredit Revin Limited company and its Zambian manufactured export product, and simply start producing their own local ‘power’ drinks to satisfy their markets given the large demand.

Two days ago over 56 workers at Revin Zambia Limited in Ndola, the company that produces the “Natural Power SX Energy drink”, were sent on circumstantial leave following the suspension of production and distribution of the product by the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority, Ndola City Council and Zambia Bureau of Standards.

ZAMRA, NCC and ZABS halted the production and distribution of the “Natural Power SX Energy drink” following a complaint from a Ugandan national who reportedly suffered a six-hour erection after consuming the commodity, and the reported ban of the product by the Uganda National Drug Authority and Uganda Bureau of Standards who “alleged” that the drink contains sildenafil citrate (Viagra) which is used to treat “erectile dysfunction” in men and pulmonary hypertension.

Consequently, ZAMRA, NCC and ZABS announced that they had instituted local investigations on the “Natural Power SX Energy drink” and collected samples of the raw materials from the manufacturer Revin Zambia Limited in Ndola, and of the finished product for analytical tests to determine if there is any truth to the claims being made.

ZAMRA, NCC and ZABS further advised the public to immediately desist from consuming the drink until conclusive results are released that either confirm or dismiss the allegations, and the manufacturers of the product, Revin Zambia Limited based in Ndola, were ordered to halt the production and distribution of the energy drink until all investigations have been concluded and appropriate action taken.

Dr. Chanda notes that before they can even release results of their investigations, the local media have already reported that test results of the various laboratory tests carried out on the “Natural Power SX Energy Drink” have confirmed that product is safe for human consumption.

“They claim this is according to test results obtained from the Zambia Bureau of Standards, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, the Malawi Bureau of Standards and the South African National Accreditation System”, he added.

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  1. Am perplexed!!
    Is it Jonas Chanda saying these wonderful things? Really Chanda on Zambians side today? Thanks man. Jonas for Copperbelt minister.
    If Lusambo was Copperbelt minister that company would be operating even better today.

    • A prolonged £rection is actually one of the side effects of Tongkat Ali, the main ingredient in this drink. I doubt the Ugandans even found “viagra” in the drink. It was just an assumption on their part.

  2. Banning this mutoto will only increase cases of married women being bonked by tu gym trainers and garden boys. This ka drink was a glue that held marriages together for the above-45 year olders.

    Bring back our power. This ka thing is better than taking pilibuka that Dr Popaneni sells at Mokambo border.

  3. Kindly assist me ,MULTICHOICE in December last called me to pay for my DSTV. compact plus bouquet for one month subscription and get one month free which I did but to my surprise 30 days later they have disconnected me without the extra 30 days they promised. Where can I lodge my complaint?

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