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First Lady salutes the AIDS Health foundation


First Lady with Los Angelese -Lusaka Sister City Committee Chairman Dr Ernestine Robertson (R) and Dr Mwelwa Mulenga on arrival at the University of Southern California where she held bilateral talks with interim president of the University of Southern California Dr Wanda Austin on Thursday, January 24,2019-Pictures by Thomas Nsama

First Lady Esther Lungu has paid glowing tribute to the AIDS Health Foundation (AHF) for the work the organization is carrying out across the country in supplementing government’s efforts in healthcare delivery.

Speaking when she held a bilateral meeting with Kelvin Sauls, Board member of the AIDS Health Foundation in Los Angeles USA, Mrs. Lungu noted that since inception in 2007 AHF has supported over 72, 000 people living with HIV in Zambia.

The First Lady observed that the organization’s efforts in healthcare service has made a huge impact in supporting government’s vision of taking healthcare delivery as close to the people as possible.

Mrs Lungu thanked members of the Board at AHF for providing funds that led to the construction of Chifundo clinic in Chaisa Compound.

The First Lady has however, appealed to AHF to consider extending its support to the Esther Lungu Foundation in scaling up socio-development programs with particular attention to vulnerable groups such as women and girls and the physically changed.

Meanwhile, AHF Board Member, Kelvin Sauls, say his organization is more than ready to expand its efforts in supporting various initiatives aimed at strengthening healthcare systems in Zambia.

Rev. Sauls commended Mrs. Lungu for various interventions the Esther Lungu Foundation is implementing across the country in uplifting the welfare of marginalized groups in rural parts of Zambia.

AHF is currently supporting 27 government health facilities in Zambia through the provision of monthly operational funds, HIV prevention and curative services and capacity building to improve human capital in healthcare among others.


  1. I am disappointed with the First Lady handlers, how can they choose such colour of a suit of all colours? Fire them all they wanted you to look bwededebwedede.

    • I like her,

      She is most active beloved, hard working first lady we have ever had. She is being invited left right and center and has RIGHTFULly now got her own office.

      If you find it hard to bow to a woman of this caliber you are simply a misogynists and shame on YOU

      I hold a PhD so I am bound to know what I am talking about.



    • Fashion faux pas, madam first lady.

      As if further evidence was ever needed to confirm that money does not buy class.

      In Russia, they call this syndrome “new money”.

    • So embarrassing, there is nothing she is doing.
      I feel pit for that only lady making efforts to find anyone who has to do with Zambia in Los Angeles.
      I am a board member on 2 charities. Board member.

    • Where are the 25 pipo in the Battalion? Maybe they went shopping. We need to calculate the cost of this trip to collect 4 used fire tenders

  2. @ Adedos 72000 is quite a lot, Zambian government barely supports people living with HIV. Over 90 percent of the ARV drugs in Zambia are bought by US government and the rest by Global fund and others.

  3. Here we go again on a begging mission. How about funding the Sondashi formula in your own country and check the results. I thought at one time our President said he did not care for America s help?

  4. I would have commended her more had she not taken 25 loafers on a shopping spree on a chartered jet using GRZ money while people are not being paid back home…….

  5. We are told the 2nd hand fire engines the is given costs $1 million each…Copy and paist …..let’s see if Mrs lungu can beat this…

    w w w Mileage

    • She has to play the part, how do you expect her to beg while wearing a nice suite, maybe she will score some expired ARV`s for her separated husbands cadres…..

  6. https www

    Seeing the link above, we expect the theives at statehouse to revise the $1 million price tag each for those 2nd had trucks they are being given…..they forgot that in this day of internet , lies have teeth to bit you in the back side…

    • So the wheel barrows probably cost $10,000.00 if I look at the prices of decent trucks, only PF cadres can believe the prices due to low IQ.

  7. Losing even the little popularity and respect she had before this ill – fated trip. Now she is just like her corrupt husband. Time to go, enough is enough.

    • Very true……either through greed or ignorance or both , she has been smeared the tag of corruption and waistfullness at a time when the majority of Zambians are suffering ……

  8. It will be interesting to see how statehouse will spin the $1 million price tag they told us those second hand trucks cost each, seeing the links above , $300 k gets you a real big second hand fire truck in the USA…..we will have to see pictures ka..yilee….

    They were rushing to quote $1 million cost of each truck to cover 42/42 For which state house and lungu are closely linked ….but the more lies they tell , the more they expose them selves….

    If they are are not carefull , this whole 25 man delegation on a chartered jet will look like a typical lungu scam in the midst of suffering Zambians…..

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