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FIFA Appeal Committee partially upholds appeal lodged by Kalusha Bwalya

General News FIFA Appeal Committee partially upholds appeal lodged by Kalusha Bwalya

Kalusha Bwalya
Kalusha Bwalya

The FIFA Appeal Committee has partially upheld the appeal lodged by Mr Kalusha Bwalya, the former President of the Football Association of Zambia and member of the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football, and reduced the sanction previously imposed by the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee in its decision dated 12 April 2018.

After analysing and taking into consideration all the circumstances of the case, the FIFA Appeal Committee decided to reduce the duration of the ban from taking part in any football-related activity imposed on Mr Bwalya to the period already served at the time of the notification of the present decision.

As a consequence, the ban imposed on Mr Bwalya ended upon notification of the decision of the FIFA Appeal Committee.

Furthermore, a fine of CHF 10,000 has been imposed on Mr Bwalya.

The decision of the FIFA Appeal Committee was notified to Mr Bwalya today, and came into force immediately.


    • He has been found guilty and his length has been reduced from 2 years to the time served.

      Why is this so hard for people to grasp that, he has been found guilty regardless.

      It’s like a murder charge reduced from 25 years to 20 years. Still guilty isn’t it.

      But then you deal with thick Zambian brains who probably don’t know how to read carefully.



    • You know what a person like Galu from the response of blind fooooools can stand as a president in Zambia and win…that’s my greatest fear as Zambians dont care!!

  1. Let him serve the full length …did he not say he was studying..really laughable…he is missing the FIFA dinner parties. What happened to his lawyers fighting this case?

    • @Jayjay, the story is messed up yaa? Kalusha case is over. He can now attend to all FiFA dinners, he will only pay alittle bit money equivalent to court fees.

    • It doesnt make him innocent..I wonder why people are celebrating..this what wrong with our people supporting corruption!!

    • “The FIFA Appeal Committee has partially upheld the appeal lodged …..After analysing and taking into consideration all the circumstances of the case, the FIFA Appeal Committee decided to reduce the duration of the ban from taking part in any football-related activity imposed on Mr Bwalya to the period already served at the time of the notification of the present decision.”
      We have a poor reading culture in Zambia…surely did he appeal because he was proving innocence? He was appealing for lenience ..I can’t believe that some people are even calling for him to stand as FAZ President again..its no wonder you are poor.

    • No No No Big Black Chicken BBC, His appeal was successful in reducing the penalty duration and charges. That’s why he’s paying 10,000 from 100,000 thousand. you’re the thick head. Let ba Kalu find a small team, coach and teach them discipline from the start and to tell them if you steal you will be charged like me. He will do great there. Read again please if he was innocent it would have stated reduced to time served and fine reduced. He accepted being a thief.


    • This exactly what is happening with R.Kelly debate…you have foools defending forgetting they have teen daughters at home!!

  2. Congratulations Kalu. Abena Ponga learn to relax. It was wrong of you to crucify your national in foreign media the way you did. You even included his late father and brother! These people are innocent. That was in very poor taste. Like most of us, Kalu has made some mistakes but you cannot deny what he has done for brand Zambia.

    Move on Kalu. You have friends in your country.

  3. Only PART of his appeal was upheld. We don’t know which part. It could even be the part about the length of the sentence. He was still found GUILTY. That is why the suspension served until now, has been recognised and the fine, though reduced, still set at CHF 10,000.
    Some of you are alluding to this news as if he has been acquitted or found ‘not guilty’.

    • Exactly. You won’t find many that think to your extent or read things in perspective. They think he has been acquitted.

      He is still guilty.

      They only want to read what they want to believe.

      I hold a PhD



    • Do you even know what that term means? Every fooool today has access to internet at their fingertips…I mean is the named blogger trying any route to get out of a desperate situation, no matter how unlikely it is to succeed….the blogger is simply telling it as it is for you and you are just reinforcing your doltishness.

  4. last year 2018 at the beginning of the year Dr Mushota said we are having sex day in and out to produce a child with her Nick. How far? Has Nick failed to screw you to be pregnant? Just asking Dr

  5. Kalusha is a THIEF, LIAR, SNAKE and a very CORRUPT SOUL.

    Zambia does not owe him anything. Just because he has achieved a few medals for Zambia, does not mean that we should not call him what he is.

    Unfortunately, he cannot over turn the Judgement. He is still GUILTY as found.

    • Kwena chachine mwe apo ba Kambwanga ba Kamanga baishila it’s loss after loss after loss. Kwati kutipwa! Afcon forget!

  6. Kalu, a brilliant ambassador for Zambia. A progressive and focussed citizen who has added a lot of value to the game in Zambia, put Zambia on the map through African footballer of the year and crowned it all by bringing us the AFCON trophy. Guilty or not guilty, I simply don’t care, Kalu, you are the man

  7. Great Kalu welcome back, don’t listen to those criminals criticising you for no reason. FIFA has lifted your ban, who are they to deny the pronouncement? You answered to Zambia’s cries each time your services were called upon without complaints, unlike others who shunned Zambia at critical times. We remember how you fought hard to assemble a new team, after we lost our entire football team on that fateful day in 1993 Gabon air disaster and we went to emerge the second best at Africa cup against a professional Nigerian side in the finals. You shall forever be remembered for your sacrifices. Godbless you Kalu.

    • His ban has been reduced not lifted and he has been fined. Its like they reduce your sentence from 2 years to 1 year. These cadres

  8. Kamushota na PhD ya fake. So it is only the PhD that propels you to think. You can’t use the God given natural intelligence to think unless you add PhD. Then you are naturally dull.

    • GALU is still a convict. he was found that he corruptly obtained a bribe. he WILL NEVER stand as a FAZ administrator AGAIN. The FAZ, CAF, & FIFA constitutions are very clear on disqualifications of a candidate.
      So Dream-on with your GALU the great!

  9. One of the only things I credit lungu for is not engineering the FAZ presidency for kalu , despite them dancing together.

    Kalu thought FAZ was his ATM.

  10. From most analysis, I can say most people failed to answer English Comprehension, i quote “As a consequence, the ban imposed on Mr Bwalya ended upon notification of the decision of the FIFA Appeal Committee.”
    As simple as that.

  11. Since Kamanga became the FAZ presidency ZAMBIA has never qualified to afcon. Kamanga kuya bebele and King Kalu in. Well done Kalu.

  12. -1st. Whether guilty or not, the fact is that he is not going to be banned forever.
    – 2nd. he is free now to participate in football as he wishes since the ban has been lifted.
    – 3rd. His contribution and support to zambian football will ever be remembered and appreciated.
    – 4th. Those who think by disparaging his name they will bring him down even an inch are simply wasting their energy. They are free to exercise their free will to hate an individual, but Jesus Christ was also hated.

  13. He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at Kalusha … neither do I condemn you, but go back to FIFA and sin no more Kalusha … says Jesus, but this is not to say ubomba mwibala alya mwibala … A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches … Prov 22:1 Fight to keep your good name that you’ve built over time. God bless Zambia!

  14. Kalusha was a good soccer player and a corrupt administrator… The sad thing is we forget quickly and want to reward him with an administrative post. He should get a job testing soccer balls, if there is such a job. Then again, slop him a couple of bucks he will let a rugby ball pass for a soccer ball.

  15. Mushota and jay jay. You are very interesting but funny at the same time. You know why? @ jay jay: you even paste information from a FIFA official page thinking that you are the one who understood and the rest did not understand not knowing that you are the one who actually did not fully understand what was written on that page…probably because you only selected some parts which interest you and forgot to even copy even up to the end of the FIFA statement which read:As a consequence, the ban imposed on Mr Bwalya ended upon notification of the decision of the FIFA Appeal Committee. Furthermore, a fine of CHF 10,000 has been imposed on Mr Bwalya.

    The decision of the FIFA Appeal Committee was notified to Mr Bwalya today, and came into force immediately. Why have they lifted kalusha…

  16. He appealed the sentence, they considered and reduced the sentence to time served and reduced fine to 10,000. Nowhere does it say he was found not guilty. It’s just like a thief in magistrates court given a one year sentence and fine of K10,000 but upon appeal to a higher court can have his sentence reduced to time served whilst in custody and reduced fine of K1000 but the thief remains a convicted thief.

  17. Kalusha’s name will remain as a legend of Zambian soccer no matter what you haters say…bla bla bla !! You are just wasting your time with your hate! His to BIG for all you useless HATERS.

  18. @razor. I can see that you are also missing a point just by your example of a thief’s reduced sentence.
    that’s a misplaced example. And you cant compare kalusha’s case to that of a thief because in the first place, Kalusha’s issue’s were not aligned on a criminal case but it was entirely to do with violating codes of ethics nothing close to stealing,had it been that, he would have been arrested like many other fifa officials who were actually arrested. I think we need to put facts as they are and not say lies on social media Because your lies on this kalusha issue may corrupt good morals and make innocent people go in the community to spread more lies.Let me give you a good example of an organisation: when they say violating codes of ethics of how you are suppose to conduct yourself…

  19. @razor continue part 2.
    in any given organisation it simply means you have broken one or two or even three rules that governs a given organisation. violating codes of ethics may have two sides; one side may lead to a criminal case depending on its depth, side number two may be too minor that it just requires a fine or even a suspension from work up to a given period depending on your bosses assessment. examples of violating codes of ethics differs from company to company, its entirely on your employers interest: a general one we have is ratsa. For instance examples from Ratsa to all road users and pedestrians maybe like talking on phone while driving, having no seat belt while driving or even as a passenger, drinking and driving, doing a pick up while on transit on lay byes, picking up…

  20. @razor continue part 3.
    picking up strangers(people you dont know) on roadsides be it for free or for charging a fee whether its for a favor or for a way of raising something for fuel as good as it may be, to ratsa it still falls on violating the codes of ethics that ratsa stands on, to ratsa all these and many more are offences that may lead to a fine or suspending your licence through a licence withdraw up to a given period, some may lead to you going to prison for sentence. So before i relate it to kalusha’s case i just want to say if none of you who will read this has never broken any offence either governed by the laws of Zambia or by any regulators such as ZRA RATSA and many other, like in your company some of you reach late at your workplace some of you you talk on phone while…

  21. @razor continue part 4.
    while on duty when your company code of conduct doesn’t allow, some of you in customer care department you talk rudely to your customers, remember customers are always right concept so if you talk rudely you are violating your codes of conduct and ethics,infact some of you were suspended for that at work. So dont think that when your employer or regulating authorities dont know about what you have violated then you are innocent or not guilty it still doesn’t change an offence you have committed. how many of us have not committed even single violation from Ratsa or even our employer? those who have never committed any violation in their entire life it doesn’t matter how small and if none then they are the only ones who can talk ill or negative over kalusha’s…

  22. @razor continue part 5.
    over kalusha’s issue…Cause if you have violated a single thing listen to yourself as you write rubbish on kalusha, that one finger will be pointing back at you.

    Coming to Kalusha: First of all we need to understand that The Adjudicatory chamber of the ethics committee When they did their investigations on Mr Bin Muhammed they found that some other fifa officials names appeared in his corruption activities unfortunately on some African officials even kalusha’s name was thrown in the mad or rather saga of those that participated in Bin’s corruption.
    Now get this point clearly; Because Bin was found guilty they concluded that any person who received money were part of his team that used part of the money to corrupt all the officials to bribe them to…

  23. @razor continue part 5.
    to bribe them to support Bins support for Qatar’s world cup outcome. At first the committee when they gave their findings without even doing an individual investigation specifically on Kalusha bwalya who was omitted on an individual investigation, they slapped him with corruption charges and bribing issues which were aligned to crime issues like Bin and his officers of the UAE.
    That’s why they slapped him with a fine of CHF 100,000 and a 2 years Ban which was equivalent to a jail sentence in its sense because of the depth of a crime committed….Now get the turn around of this case,
    Immediately the decision was made to be effected in the very august 2018 after alerting him, he immediately appealed to the adjudicatory chambers of independent appeal committee…

  24. @razor continue part 7.
    independent appeal committee of codes and ethics in September. In his appeal was about him rejecting their judgement or rather decision they made on him, telling them that he’s innocent, he committed non of the things they claimed he did, and in his letter of appeal he raised points of unfair judgement in the sense that they never investigated him as an individual but made him part of the corruption charge based on the link he had with bin by the virtue of him receiving cash. he said they had made presumptuous judgment which he requested them to do an individual investigation and their findings should be based on the links he had and if they will find any corruption activities as kalusha bwalya.
    in their earlier finding they presumed that kalusha had corrupted…

  25. @razor continue part 8.
    that kalusha had corrupted the Caf committee members by bribing them in voting for Qatar through the moneys he got. lastly in his appeal letter he explained to them that the money he received from Bin was Basically a gift he received for Supporting Qatar without any strings attached as kalusha and that he had nothing to do with the rest of Bin and his officers were doing.
    The Committee later then started their investigations and analysis on Kalusha, in their objective was to find out if Kalusha had any links to Bins Corruption activities and if Kalusha used the money he received to pay Caf members who voted for Qatar to host the world cup. in their investigations they got all the voice calls between Bin and Kalusha if they were any voice call or emails if the…

  26. @razor continue part 9.
    or emails if the contents was about bin telling kalusha to bribe the Caf members, unfortunately they found none, they only saw a voice call in form of a campaign message from Bin to kalusha asking him if he can help in mobilizing Africa to vote for Qatar and kalusha accepting the challenge. The second part the investigation was to get voice calls and emails Kalusha was sending to the Caf officials on the Qatar campaign, if Kalusha in trying to convince the Caf officials had talked of pledges to give them money if they vote for Qatar, they found none. They tried to check kalusha’s accounts if he sent wired money or any transfers like through money gram or western union or any suspicious money transfers from money transfer companies, they found none, they also…

  27. @razor continue part 10.
    they also did a thorough account check ups of all the caf officials who voted for Qatar if they had any suspicious money in their accounts transferred from strange accounts during the campaign for Qatar up until fifa announced Qatar as winners…if they had links with Kalusha as well in any way, they found none. After all these analysis and investigation, they came to a conclusion that Kalusha had nothing to do with the corruption charges slapped on him. But instead they only found him with an internal fifa codes of ethics issue which was just an organisation violation which was in fifa article 16…talking about receiving gifts in form of cash while serving as a fifa….by virtue of him freely receiving an appreciation for contributing immensely in making…

  28. @razor continue part 11.
    in making Africa through Caf to vote for Qatar Bin decided to offer him a gift and kalusha being an African and in particular a Zambian, he accepted the cash gift because to him he didn’t feel it was a bad thing because Mr bin was just appreciating his hard work which most of us do…for instance assuming am your friend and when you willingly convince your company why you feel i should join your company to your superiors or panelist, then out of your eloquent explanation the recruitment panel decide to go with your idea and i end up getting a job through your eloquence and after knowing that you immensely supported me and in my normal circumstance i would feel indebted to giving you a token of appreciation, do you know that if i give a gift in form of cash as a…

  29. @razor continue Part 12.
    as a good gesture the moment the employers discover that or your fellow panelist end up knowing about it, they would punish you for that or even suspend you. you would be violating the codes of ethics, it actually applies to all companies, its a global employer ethics which should be enshrined in all employers employment manual as mandatory unfortunately whether done in good faith or not, you are violating codes of ethics. there are a lot of people who have and actually still doing that in helping their qualified friends for that position. though they qualify for the job,one should not support his friend to get a job mainly because he has been promised a gift thats a violation he should support on merit not because he wants to receive a favor. thats basically…

  30. @razor continue Part 13.
    basically what they found kalusha with. out of 100%, 90% have come across such a scenario whether direct or indirect.
    Back to Kalusha after finding him with a violation issue not what they earlier found him with? they had no option but to immediately cancel or rather lift his sentence and welcomed him back in the fifa family and restored his freedom back in order for him to participate in all sporting activities, we all know that a person who has been cleared from bribe issues and corruption allegations is the only person who can be called back with immediate effect by a governing body in the sporting fraternity, no corrupt officer can be brought back before a full sentence or ban unless in form of a pardon, we all know in kalusha’s case it was not a pardon…

  31. @razor continue Part 14.
    not a pardon but a lifting and canceling of his ban thats why they said that we have partially upheld Mr Bwalya’s appeal request after doing our investigations and analysis. What was Mr bwalya’s appeal? it was about vindicating himself by telling them that he was innocent he didn’t do nothing wrong, what were there findings? they for sure found him clean on the bigger case which led them to ban him from participating, corruption charges and bribery issues were big criminal cases, after investigations and analysis they discovered their early findings was not what it was on the ground, he was clean they only found him with a minor issue which may happen to any one out of ignorance thats why they immediately lifted his ban sentence and just gave him a fine on…

  32. @razor continue Part 15.
    fine on violation matter which was minor to them. the only thing they still stood on was that since he violated article 16 he still needed to pay a fine. if they still considered him guilty of those allegation why did they write him a congratulatory letter saying that your appeal was successful? successful of what if still guilty? we should analyse each statement before making our on conclusions and putting them on the media for people to read. This article violation is the only reason that made them give a fine of 10,000 from 100,000, remember that the 100,000 fine was falling under a different charge which was on issues to do with bribery and corruption charges, now after clearing his name on bribery and corruption they had only found him with a violation…

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