Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya welcomes Champions for an AIDS Generation leader former President of Namibia Hifikepunye Pohamba

Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has called on the Church to continue championing health promotion and disease prevention through their effective platform by providing Information, Education and Communication to congregants.

The Minister espoused the health transformation agenda of supporting human focused development in tandem with the National Development Plan.

Dr. Chilufya said this when he called on Archbishop Dr Alick Banda of Lusaka Archdiocese in Lusaka yesterday in a bid to strengthen partnership between the Catholic Church and the Ministry of Health.

The Archbishop stated that the diocese is looking into appointing a health manager to serve as liaison between the Ministry of Health and the diocese for enhanced collaboration in the provision of health services.

Dr. Banda said the diocese is running hospitals and hospices which require material support from government through the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Chilufya assured the archbishop of the Ministry’s support to the health agenda by the diocese further pledging to provide personnel and drug supplies.

This is contained in a statement issued by Ministry of Health Head of Media Relations Stanslous Ngosa.

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  1. Ministry of health has doctors some of them clinical specialists in the diplomatic service, doctor at cabinet office as liaison officer and now liason officer with the church. Are we not misplacing health care providers in these administrative positions with no clear terms of reference? Just thinking!


    • I have always stated this …in developed countries you will never see a Doctor at cabinet ministerial level, this is a misuse of the profession. Go to ministry of health you will find loads of doctors behind the desks working as PS, Deputy PS…they should be all in UTH including Chilufya himself let Public Administrators do that job.
      It seem all doctors crave for those positions as they are unappreciated as doctors …just look at how much MPs are paid and how much corrupt Chilufya has stolen.


    • PF is trying too hard to kiss the Catholics.
      The Catholics are supporting Kalaba.
      The Catholics are in the national dialogue camp.
      PF go to your National House of Prayers with your Joshua Banda and disgraceful Sumaili.


  2. When Churches start talking about rampant corruption at Medical Stores and MOH that is limiting the poor obtain much needed medicines and when the voice their concerns at the increase of medical tourists like Lazy Lungu to RSA being funded by Taxpayers …he will start saying Churches should stick to religion.



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