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High levels of corruption should be blamed on President Lungu-Msoni

Headlines High levels of corruption should be blamed on President Lungu-Msoni

All People’s Congress president Nason Msoni says the latest released ranking of the global corruption index falls is an indictment on the President Lungu lead PF administration with regards to the fight against corruption.

In a statement, Msoni said the high level of corruption automatically in President Lungu’s government makes him ineligible to re-contest for the coveted office of President of the Republic of Zambia.

“The reported increase of Corruption in Zambia as highlighted and depicted in the latest released rankings of the global corruption index makes extremely sad reading and is a serious indictment on the Presidency.
According to the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index released by Transparency International on Tuesday, Zambia remains among the world’s most corrupt countries, with a rank of 105. Zambia had a score of 35 and was placed 18th in Sub-Saharan Africa which is ranked as the worst performing region in the world,” Msoni stated.

“In view of the seriousness of the indictment it is now incumbent upon himself to come clean and demonstrate that these sustained accusations against him and his administration are baseless and unfounded.

In the circumstances keeping quiet is not an option as the allegations are too serious to be ignored.On the basis of such serious crimes committed against the Zambian people he is automatically ineligible to re-contest for the coveted office of President of the Republic of Zambia.It is apparent that the Presidency has failed to tackle and to deal decisively with the question of Corruption in government.”

He adds that the high level of corruption vindicates former Foriegn Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba who resigned because of corruption.

“The lack of the political will to fight corruption is apparent by the lack of action on individuals accused and cited by the various institutions such as the Auditor Generals report and indeed the Financial intelligence centre report. Clearly, the report has effectively vindicated the two former Cabinet Ministers in the PF government who alleged corruption in the PF led government which is presided upon by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”

“In the circumstances President Lungu bares the highest responsibility as the custodian of public trust and citizens are expecting him to start addressing these embarrassing international indictments against him and his government,” said Msoni.

The opposition leader was reacting the latest release of the corruption pperception index which was released yeaterday by TIZ.


  1. Idi00tic thinking…!!! You mean its Lungu who goes round instructing people to steal? You are just a frustrated, disgruntaled, jealous nashala neka opposition leader…!!!!

    • From being a destitute living in a garage of then MMD Chawama MP Sichalwe (2009) to becoming a multi-$ Billionaire, Lungu is the alpha & Omega of corruption.

      Lungu lives in the pockets of Chinese who have given him a cut of almost all road contracts & other infrastructure projects. Bribe payments are made into foreign bank accounts in Dubai. He owns property in Swaziland, Joburg, Dubai.

    • It is easy to blame only politicians because we know them & they air in public light. Of course as our leaders we expect them to lead in fight against corruption. However, truth is that us citizens are even more corrupt. We are the ones in the forefront of bribing officials. We bribe procurement officers both in GRZ & private sectors to get ahead. We bribe to get jobs. We don’t teach our children about integrity being our 2nd nature. And this is same community our politicians, civil service, police, etc come from. Let us not be holier than thou & blame only politicians. They are probably better than most of us because of checks & balances. The rot is actually in our societies which are the breeding ground of corruption. Let us change our selves first! God Bless Zambia

    • It goes without saying.
      If the president had taken decisive action against the several scandals that have been exposed, no one would have excuse to blame him.
      But instead, he and his government have shielded and defended those who have been found wanting. The way that they reacted to the FIC report is a case in point. Another one is the 42 for 42.
      Mr. President, the buck stops with you. We will always remember you as the most corrupt president this country has had. It doesn’t matter how much propaganda you put out there. FTJ tried it. Rupiah tried it. But people see through the facade.

    • Our president has no moral compass.

      He is an embarrassment to our country.

      How much money is enough Mr. Lungu?

    • Yes, he will stand corruptly through the corrupt CONCOURT. We know he can win with the help the Corrupt Electoral Commission of Zambia. WHAT A LEGACY.

  2. Nason people have just become too sophisticated. Take a look at the USA . It has slipped from the to 20 less corrupt countries. There’s just too much underhanded deals going around the world. In fact according to Yahoo news Zambia is not even mentioned among the most corrupt countries in Sub Sahara Africa. That doesn’t mean there’s no corruption in Zambia. It’s there and I am sure Msoni is one of those engaged in corruption. ..eg giving money to a council employee so that he can approve your plot or plan application or paying a buyer for business.

  3. As an opposition you should tell us the way you can fight corruption when voted in the highest office and not waffling like that Mr. Msoni. That’s why we don’t have strong opposition in Zambia. All what you know is to criticize we want an opposition who who can give solution to the problems we are facing, other wise we shall continue voting for the PF since we know that even if we voted for you, you will not going to change anything.

  4. Ni pompwe Lungu, no excuse there…. the chap is just a common thief, if he can steal from a widow, what do you think he does with all these Chinese un audited loans

  5. Lungu sits at the head of a corrupt administration as the “king rat” who has accumulated wealth beyond his imagination six years ago! Even his spouse has assumed the same mentality (going a jolly jaunt with a 25 man entourage to USA and not bat an eye lid!!). Unfortunately, his family has been inculcated in the vice too! Tasila is a protégé by the number of properties they have acquired over the time the father has been in office. A day of reckoning is nigh.

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