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The story of over K1 million toll fees going missing is not a new-Finance Minister

Headlines The story of over K1 million toll fees going missing is...

Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe
Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe

Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe says a story appearing in some sections of the media that over K1 million toll fees under the National Road Fund Agency are missing is not a new.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe says the matter was originally trailed through the Government’s internal audit processes and later the Office of the Auditor General in their 2017 report. It is not a new case.

She says in this case, the reported losses were related to minor system configuration challenges across toll booths and toll stations.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said steps have been taken to ensure that correctional measures are implemented so that any system related losses are prevented now and in future. My Ministry will continue to monitor the situation and conduct integrity checks on the system from time to time.

“I have instructed the National Road Fund Agency to conduct a briefing with the media and other stakeholders to ensure that clarity is given and further feedback from the public obtained on matters incidental to toll gates”, she said.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said as stated previously, the Government’s tolerance level to the mishandling, abuse and loss of public funds is at zero.

She added that where reports of verified infringement of the Public Financial Management Act, 2018, are ascertained, her Ministry will not hesitate to evoke the necessary provisions in the act to protect public resources and institute remedial action.

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  1. The way public funds are being plundered in the Christian nation, it’s like there will be no day of judgement. Come quick Jesus Christ!

    • It is good that PF ministers are also blogging with us at LT.
      @Ndanje Kakisi said something about stolen money. So kanshi Ni true story, even Maggie knows about it.

    • Madam Mwanakatwe even if the funds were lost as a result of technical oversights the govt is still too extravagant in its expenditure at the top level, the luxury SUVs some costing up to K1million yet these vehicles are abused and often don’t last beyond 5 years or are bought by senior officers at a fraction of their original cost after only 3 years some being bought even as low as K20thousand yet the same vehicle was purchased at above K400thousand, salary increments and allowances for these senior officers totalling 5000 plus senior civil servants in various ministries, govt institutions, depts, security wings, defence, judiciary, legislature (both ruling and opposition MPs), even the chiefs are now on of this senior govt payroll. Which nation on the planet of this earth can develop…

    • Ctn… Which nation on the planet of this earth can develop like this? What magic formula that defies logic of not being so wasteful that you are applying will work when everywhere else in the world it has been shown that such wastefulness will only lead to an economic meltdown and turmoil. The argument many Zambians are making is why should we pay tax when our funds are being abused, even if you say no one has stolen to me for you as a minister to go and approve the purchase 20 luxury Landcruisers from Toyota Zambia, plus salary increments, when my local clinic doesn’t have medicines, local primary school is lacking teachers, my town centre is riddled with potholes, feeder roads to my farm are impassable even in the dry season, our prisons remain death camps due to underfunding or…

    • Ctn… our prisons remain death camps due to underfunding or just a lack of concern, is the same as stealing from me a taxpayer. This is just legalized stealing kwasila and karma madam is a very real thing.

    • Why wait for Jesus ??? Jesus is not coming in your lifetime on earth ..God has given us free will and power to place and remove these chaps. Kuya bebele that is all this is all about …You want to tolerate thefts and abuse of your money and just wait for heavenly punishment. What if after plundering these same chaps pray for forgiveness and it is granted them while you have suffered all the while ?

    • Of course madam minister of theft and overtaxation; the story about Lungu and his PF thugs embezzling funds is not new.

      Lungu and Kaiser together with other top PF thugs have been stealing tax payers money for ages.

      Lungu must go end off.

    • Introduce electronic payment and it’ll eliminate corruption. Require drivers to buy smart cards that they can use to swipe at toll booths and Stations, instead of giving hard cash to some corrupt guy sitting in a toll booth. And this should apply to all other forms of tax payment. Discourage people using hard cash when dealing with government ministries, including the ZRA. Have businesses pay their taxes online using credit cards or direct bank transfer. Wake up.

    • The worst enemies of the state are thieves and plunderes at low and mid levels of government function. They leave by corruption no matter what government is in charge they hold the keys to the resources. No pronouncements will deter them. Thats where Zed bleeds

  2. PF ni ba pompwe, these morons just don’t see or hear about money they will loot it with impunity while poor people are being taxed from head to toe, the party of thieves, even their ka president robbed a widow ba pompwe imwe

  3. Ubomba mwibala ,alya mwibala . These rascals have learned from E.C Lungu and his many trips where he gets per diem and his eSwatini mansion.

  4. She says in this case, the reported losses were related to minor system configuration challenges across toll booths and toll stations.

    This is a confused woman. Is this a response you can give?

  5. Trivializing K1m backs !! Mama this money can pay farmers on FISP who have not received inputs up to now but they have contributed ma K400.

  6. Mwanakatwe says government’s tolerance to abuse, losses, mismanagement and thieving of public money is at zero. What a lie by this girl! You thieves you are busy eating very well on daily basis with our money, while we languish in abject poverty. We’re even unable to send our children to school because you have taken all the money to yourselves!
    You steal toll fee money on daily basis you thieves. And you think you are clever.

  7. PF government needs a serious radical revolutionary encounter by all well meaning Zambians to show them that we are now fed up of their silly behaviour of running our country recklessly.

  8. Comment:ba pf naimwe mwanyanya y always u,it’s too much now were is the President in this land? I miss macheal chilufya sata,mwanawasa levy may the rest in peace

  9. Dollar Siliya says harassment and abuse of journalists in Zambia is a simple misunderstanding, Margaret Mwanakatwe says loss of K1 million is nothing to Zambians- Women

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