The British American Tobacco Zambia (BAT) has saluted the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) for instituting stringent measures aimed at curbing the elicit smuggling of inferior cigarettes into the country.

BAT Zambia Managing Director Godfrey Machanzi says the step taken by the authority should be commended as it will enable legal businesses to operate profitably.

ZANIS reports that Mr Machanzi, lamented that the country has been losing huge sums of revenue due to the surge in cigarette smuggling.

He reaffirmed BAT Zambia’s commitment in supporting the efforts of ZRA in protecting local companies from substandard smuggled cigarettes.

Mr Machanzi was speaking in Lusaka yesterday, during the launch of the “Youth Access Prevention” campaign programme.

He explained that the campaign is aimed at raising awareness among retailers not to sell cigarette products to minors under the age of 18.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) has commended BAT Zambia for launching the awareness programme.

ZACCI Chief Executive Office Prisca Chikwashi said the move taken by the company, will help to safeguard the health of minors.

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  1. Cigarretes should be banned altogether. Companies that manufacture and trade in cigarretes should be closed. Let them divesify into something better not these killer cigarretes.


  2. Yes cigarette companies should be closed with tujirijiri companies as well.We are pretending to be a Christian country but immortality and alcoholism are at the highest level in the world.


  3. I dont believe in closing companies to control adult behaviour Those who smoke are happy to die let them die. Those who drink tujilijili are happy to drink, let them drink. so one is being forced to drink or smoke



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