Moxico Resources Zambia (MRZ), a company which has taken over the running of Kalengwa mine in Mufumbwe Town , says the shut mine will soon re-open as most of the ground works patterning operations have been done.

ZANIS reports that MRZ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Allan David says his organisation has become part of Mufumbwe as his company has taken over ownership the closed mine will soon be operational.

Mr David thanked the Zambian government and various stakeholders for all the support his company has continued to receive in various forms from the time MRZ started the processes as regard the reopening of the Kalengwa mine.

The CEO said he looks forward to more support from various stakeholders including the local people.

Meanwhile, Mufumbwe acting district commissioner, Patson Mulaisho says news of the reopening of Kalengwa mine is exciting.

“ The people of Mufumbwe and Zambia as whole cannot wait to see the commencement of operations at Kalengwa mine because the facility will bring about vast economy transformation in the district as well as the country in general, “ he said.

It is a well-known fact the investor will boast government revenue through payment of taxes, he said adding that there shall be creation of thousands of jobs both formal and informal as a results of the mining activities in the Town.

Meanwhile, Chief Mukumbi Chizela of Mufumbwe’s Kaonde speaking people has implored local people to start up-grading themselves in terms of education and skills in readiness for the opening of the mine.

Chief Mukumbi Chizela who spoke through his representative Lapson Samola, said it will better if most local people will be found with right qualification and skills at the time the mine will be recruiting workers so that they stand a chance of getting better jobs.

“ May I warn the local people against the vice of illegal mining at Kalengwa mine. Should anyone be found conduct illegal mining, they will be prosecuted according to the law, “ said the traditional ruler.

He encouraged his subjects to continue cooperating with the investors as the company has promised that the mine will soon be reopened.

Kalengwa mine is situated about 54 kilometers from Mufumbwe town centre.

Before the coming in of Moxico Resources Zambia, the mine was owned by Euro-Africa Mining whose operations stalled a long time ago.

Moxico is yet to operationalize Kalengwa mine after completion of the current exploration works.

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  1. corruption in MMD government stalled that Kalengwa mine.There has been issues in court for that property. hope this time around PF will not bring more confusion in that arrangement. Maybe PF cadres have teamed up already thinking its another black mountain.


    • You complete right the case is still in court witch we won last December
      So how is it possible that despite cord orders injunction they just continue to act illegal
      They removed the major shareholder iligal


  2. It’ll be interesting to see where they’ll offload the water that they will pump out because the mine is waterlogged. ZEMA must monitor the activities. Who’s behind Moxico? Is it Chief Jerabo Sharwi Fawaz? He’s very courageous, he deserves a medal for distinguished service


  3. The mine was originally owned by RCM who abandoned the mine due to falling copper and cobalt grades which did not justify the long distance of hauling the concentrate to the copperbelt.


  4. This moxico has received shares during a injunction and court case against the local shareholder s because they removed iligal the major shareholders and changes records at pacra
    The rightful owner is mr klein and mr Mulenga as major 65 pst shareholder and has won a court case agains the locals in the high court last December
    Now the locals are in apeal
    So how is this possible that they start mining is zambia with out law



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