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Guy Scott causes a stir, publishes Sata’s death certificate


Some Zambians have taken to social media to condemn Former Vice President Guy Scott after it was revealed that a chapter in his hard hitting political memoir contains a copy of late President Michael Sata’s death certificate.

The book “Adventure in Zambian Politics, A Story in Black & White”, has left some Zambians outraged to find Mr Sata’s death certificate has been published.

According to the death certificate published in the book, President Sata died as a result of Carcinoma.

Carcinoma is a type of cancer that starts in cells that make up the skin or the tissue lining organs, such as the liver or kidneys. Like other types of cancer, carcinomas are abnormal cells that divide without control.

The book also discloses the state officer, who witnessed the document.

The document was signed by a pathologist Simon Hughes from London’s King Edward VII hospital.

The book is selling world-wide and can be bought from Amazon for $45.

Some of the readers have taken to social media to describe the move by Dr Scott to reveal death details as un-African, unethical and in bad taste.

Dr Scott writes that “Those who had knowledge of his condition could and should have made very different decisions.”
In the same book, Dr Scott said he obtained a copy of the death certificate by paying 10 pounds.

In the UK, death certificates are considered public documents.

“Guy Scott has done a good thing letting us know what took our head of state. For me it brings me closure…. And also reveals what kind of vultures surrounded the President in his sickness and ultimate his death,” twitted @MaceWimbu
And Youngson Ndangwa wrote, “Wow! And was this supposed to be a state secret? For how long was our president in this state and one begins to wonder what effects this had on his execution of state duties. How much of those final-days decisions were made by him? Interesting read, a must buy!!

Political Commentator and academic Sishuwa Sishuwa wrote, “Guy’s memoirs raise many fundamental issues. e.g. They tell us much about the politics of succession and demonstrate the need to discuss difficult and delicate national issues such as the health of presidents with much more transparency and openness. I highly recommend the book.”

Eugene Makai wrote on Facebook, “Causes of death are public records. Even here in Zambia before you get a burial certificate, you have to share documentation with the Council, so what is so special? The late President died in the UK and these records are accessible. Dr Scott’s work is valuable because it gives the future reader indisputable evidence rather than the conspiracy theories we are used to.”


    • And they wanted to mislead the people that Sata was killed when everybody knew Sata was sick long before he became president. He used to collapse, the government of Mwanawasa once evacuated him to S.A. Rupiah MMD was always pointing to his sickness when it would be reported that he collapsed at his rallies.

    • Birth certificates, death certificates are public govt documents and can be accessed by anyone. Condemning Dr.Scott as ” unAfrican” is ignorance of highest order but very common among us unexposed and unread Zambians.

    • Just like we will all know what will kill one of our prominent political leader. It is Chemaine Muzo that he was flirting with ku Chilanga.

    • I don’t know what’s more outrageous; the cost of the book or the need to include Mr Sata’s death certificate in it. Mr Sata could have died of bubonic plague for all I care but that is for his family to know.

    • It’s a good book. Worth a read. Got it on Christmas days thanks Nick.

      On these cert nothing wrong with that.



    • Apologies for being off topic people but please watch this video its so painfully embarrassing for the government just google this text – “Zambian first lady spends fortune to receive used fire trucks” it is so painful to watch this video, what is wrong with Zambia kansi?

    • This Guy Scott, even the title of his book sounds like a 1950s colonial era adventure novel. Zambians were taken for 1diots by this Guy for too long.
      So what he is saying is his involvement in politics was an adventure, this 1diot was a minister, a veep and even a President for heaven’s sake so he was busy having adventures all of that time?
      Guy Scott just shut up please we know you want to sale your book but the more sensational you make things the more of a sellout which you are is the what the world will see. You are a traitor and I believe your late parents were more helpful and genuine on their love and concern for us Africans than you with your fake silly Zambianish accent try to be when you speak to us natives.

    • #1.6 usaus

      Her calculations are way off…..a chartered plane was used to take the 25 man Esther lungu commission…..add another $150,000 minimum….

    • @1.6 usaus. Thanks for sharing! Awe twasebana, mwandi! The comments are on point. Iyeee, bati tuli ba ndwiii, chachine!! Retired Fire trucks!!!! Ridiculous! 1996 Fire trucks. Already out of service!!!

    • I for one used to call the old man Sata Deadwood as we knew he was sick …but those around him due to greed hid this information to themselves…we are stuck with that Lazy man in State House because of this.
      Sata in his day used to go through a brick of cigarettes..not surprised about that “bronchopneumonia”…this man was in severe pain but they shielded him for years…George Chella boy now wants to posting articles about governance.

    • The rigging dynamics
      Sesheke PF violence coordinator calls for reinforcements
      4 February 2019
      In this audio, PF violence coordinator in the Sesheke parliamentary by election only identified as Mwanza is heard calling for 70 + 70 reinforcement from Kanyama and Lusaka’ Intercity bus station.
      Mwanza is calling for more funding and thugs to go and beat up Sesheke residents whom he refers to as ‘ba fontinyu’ (uncivilized, dirty

    • Some say it was Viagra overdose, that’s why his uncle BY Mwila objected to a postmortem. Others say he was poisoned through Emmanuel Mwamba. Only God knows

  1. Even in Zambia, death certificates are public documents, they are just like passports, birth certificates, NRCs, and record of birth document.

  2. I see no controversy here. Death certificates are public records even though we want to pretend so such on matters of death in African cultures. what is wrong with knowing what killed the head of state? In fact, should have been told to the Nation a long time ago given the fact that Sata was died NOT as a private individual but on Govt ‘dime’ (taxpayers tab.)

    • The currency, ZMK, Peter C Njobvu is talking about dosen’t exist and therefore not possible to use it.
      I would give him the benefit of doubt if he wrote “ZMW” …

  3. Its good that we know and all is settled. Death does not just happen, one has to be sick before they die or befallen by a calamity, so what is their to hide? We need to have access to this book here in Zambia, make 200zmw instead of US45. Our economy is in bad shape.

  4. Those condemning the release of the death certificate are just total typical villagers, do you know how people speculated over the illness of Sata, and do you know that this release actually sets the record straight. we are not villagers who see death as a mirth which is not supposed to be discussed, death is for all of us and setting the record straight is the most civilized way of dealing with causes of death, so for you villagers who think it was very wrong to produce that certificate, just know that your brains belong to the early stone age.

    • @Samulindo: Please do not make villagers appear duller than people in the urban areas!
      As regards villagers, they spell out the cause of death during ‘ISAMBO LYA MFWA’ (ORAL DEATH CERTIFICATE). This is the open sharing about the cause of death by those who nursed the deceased.

    • It’s a memoir. In civilised nations, when you get old, you compile a memoir which speaks truth before you die.
      Go read Tony Blair’s and other high standing public figure’s.
      It’s not to make money but to put records straight.

  5. At funerals here in Zambia, when reading the history of the deceased, it is common practice for family members to share with moaners details on the cause of death per death certificates.

    So what is fuss about?

  6. Those condemning Dr.Scott,don’t attend funerals,let them attend a funeral either in an urban setup or rural setup, the mourners are told the cause of death of the deceased by either the master of ceremony or the family spokesperson. And to add onto that, on the death certificate the cause of death is indicated. To you Dr Scott I say job well done.

  7. No secret under the sun! Just be honest for once you black African Zambians!
    Thanks Guy Scott for bringing closure to this matter. At least we know how his chain smoking cost him his health and life in the long run!
    Mungabise matenda koma simunga bise malilo! I think those who were hiding the illness of our president and over-working him against medical advice should be ashamed and we should open an inquiry on why these wolves worked our president to death!
    I personally have closure now on my president’s death! MHSRIP!

  8. The problem is the govt tried to hide his cause of death, and that govt includes Dr. Scott. Dr. Kaseba obiviously knew since she was the wife, Mulenga Sata didn’t, if he did he would have cleared the air/speculations for the sake of public interest, or maybe he knew but chose to stay quiet because he wanted to capitalize on it with the strokes that the cartel that never was killed the head of State – his father. Even mouthy Kambwili went quiet. Maybe, just maybe certain members of the PF have greatly benefitted from Sata’s untimely death, that’s why they saw it fit to keep quiet.
    I remember how Brebner Changala and Edward Mumbi kept calling for an inquiry, instead they should have asked for the death certificate. Same goes for Mwanawasa, we would love to know what caused the stroke…

    • Same goes for Mwanawasa, we would love to know what caused the stroke the eventually lead to his death.
      Let’s see what the govt will have to say since it’s in the open now.

    • what exactly do you mean by ‘zambian watchdog vindicated’ the fake news site insisted that fred mumembe, summer kabimba and muzungu wopusa( as he was called by the small go of dundumwezi) poisoned the cobra. you think we have forgotten how you celebrated the cobra’s misfortunes

    • I wonder if they would take kindly to those who celebrate the death of the president of the Republic of Dundumwenze.

    • 14.1, the fake news site with its unprofessional and unethical reporting did mention that Ba Sata had some cancer like illness no wonder his being hidden from the public. The fact is the man was ill but people around him including Guy Scott took Zambians for fools. Note that I am not a fun of ZWD but their fake news comes to pass.

  9. Can’t waste time and money reading that crap from muzungu opusa who almost caused mayhem in our beautiful country and I still remember the misguided chaps who celebrated the demise of MCS.

  10. The guy is dead. confidentiality needed. ..this should only be so during illness where medical staff may not allowed to share this with non professionals. Besides I see the title of this article at variance with the comments quoted in it.

  11. for me this is closure and my heart can finally rest.we also need to know what happened to paul tembo, Wezi Kaunda,ronald penza, dean mungomba, Anderson Mazoka, Levy Mwanawasa and KK11.our country will never move on until we get peace and closure from these cases.

  12. Surely presidents are public figures. Their lives or deaths become public by the same token. Nothing wrong in publishing the death certificate of a public figure. After all a death certificate is a public document.

  13. Only with the onslaught of hiv have cause of deaths been hidden……before the cause of death was one of the first questions one would ask……

  14. I think Guy Scott has hoodwinked far too many Zambians. HH was right in calling him what he did. In my view, he could have EASILY said: Sata died of cancer of…….etc ” ACCORDING TO THE DEATH CERTIFICATE OF WHICH I HAVE SIGHT… I mean, when writing an autobiography of someone and say S/He was born in 19…., do you then also print a COPY of the birth certificate?!! Sleazy and slimy.

  15. Good thing what Scott did so as bury the
    Typical African mentality that when one
    Dies it is always this example should be followed for all leaders.

  16. This is the reason Mwata Kavindele advised for a probe into the death of a sitting President, so many stories were peddled including the poisoned pineapple. It’ll be interesting to read this book, I want to see if he has explained why he wanted the PF to go into that by-election without a candidate and he saw in Miles Sampa

  17. I have accessed Anderson kambela Mazoka’s death certificate since it is a public document and I paid 500 rands for it I will include it in the book am writing about succession in our party including the bedroom meeting between AKM/hh and Garry, the beating up of VJM at the funeral house and the infamous mapatiyzia formula and how saki and chisanga left the once popular party….

  18. I feel this begs the question; are the people we are allowing to stand for office fit for this kind of work? There is very little to no investment in or incentives for upcoming younger people who are capable and can actually run a country. What sort of people does Zambia need to run for presidency? I mean, are state funerals now going to become a norm??????

  19. What a relief to finally know what claimed the life of our president.There is nothing wrong with publishing the cause of death.Go to wikipaedia and look up most prominent figures of history and you will see that they always state the cause of death.Ati Unafrican and unethical my foot..You leave on the least developed continent, you neglect the important issues and you want to complicate trivial issues, what kind of people are you?…

  20. For people not in the medical field, carcinomas are airborne and sexually transmitted. “Like other types of cancer, carcinomas are abnormal cells that divide without control”, in air, fluids (sweat, virginol) or indeed water. Beware, symptoms include loss of weight, loss of voice and multiple organ failure.

  21. What is it that Guy Scott want to prove? because he could have just said President Sata died on the said date. Sorry to those who are into group think mentality and suffer from acute inferiority complex who believe that what ever a white person says or does then it is true no… Guy Scott was wrong to publish that death record in his book. Critically thinking Guy Scott and his cartel friends are trying to bury what they know of what they did… at least to finish up the old Man because why would I publish a death certificate of my friend and of course without the consent of family including government because Late President was state property. Even using the western stands it doesn’t add up.

  22. In Zambia we want to keep everything secret, No wonder, we still have not seen the Gabon disaster report. For me it’s good disclosure because we’ve for a long time been wondering what could have killed our dear President. Some of us even thought he was silently mauled by his comrades. Kudos Guy Scott.

  23. This book makes sense and informs Zambians what goes on in political cycles of governments. Zambians are entitled to know how their head of state ruled the nation and cause of their death. Next Zambians would like to know is causes of death of late president Fredrick Titus Mpundu K. Chiluba. What was at the core of Chiluba’s governance. This to be followed by late president Levy Patrick Mwanawasa’s record of death and his legacy in governing Zambia.
    Late president Sata’s soul can not rest in peace, should see what he left behind is destroying the nation and peace is not with Zambians.

  24. From the reality point of view the Late President Sata MHSRIP,He last parliament address we all saw what the man went through to reach the door and the condition was not favorable.We can hate Scott all we want but the reality is what we know now.

  25. You know what??It shouldn’t even have taken Dr Scott to bring this in the public domain, excellence sata was a public figure- the head of state for this country, hence their should have been an inquiry into his death. And the findings were supposed to be realesed to the public. Look at this, when the president was sick taxes payers money was spent on him and infact a lot of it, it’s only normal that such information his availed to the people of Zambia so that they know what killed him. Why should only a few so called prevellged Zambians be availed this information when this man was the president of the country.

  26. Kudos, Dr Scott! Wonderful! I commend your work. This is how it should be. Even in the Bible, circumstances that led to many kings’ deaths are plainly disclosed. Even the death of our Lord Jesus Christ is disclosed in detail. The habit of lying about one’s cause of death is shameful! I, personally, disclosed the cause of death of my own father in church. We all die. And various causes of death abound. So it brings closure to the detrimental innuendoes that flew around about MCS’s cause of death. Its people steeped in superstitions who will find this unpalatable!

  27. @Samulindo: Please do not make villagers appear duller than people in the urban areas!
    As regards villagers, they spell out the cause of death during ‘ISAMBO LYA MFWA’ (ORAL DEATH CERTIFICATE). where there is open sharing about the cause of death by those who nursed the deceased.

  28. A new book is being published alleging Guy Scott is the Kim Philby of Zambia. Guy Lindsay Scott even went to the same university, for his economics, Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Is he a double agent????

    Harold Adrian Russell “Kim” Philby, was a high-ranking member of British intelligence who worked as a double agent before defecting to the Soviet Union in 1963. He served as both an NKVD and KGB operative Alma mater
    Trinity College, Cambridge
    In 1963, Philby was revealed to be a member of the spy ring now known as the Cambridge Five, the other members of which were Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt, John Cairncross, and GUY SCOTT. Of the five, Philby is believed to have been most successful in providing secret information to the Soviet Union.

      Has he been in the middle of our government and selling us out all along! Oh no.

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