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Proposals for the recent changes to the mine tax regime will be dealt with on a case by case basis


Zambian Delegation at the Mining Indaba with FQM deligation
Zambian Delegation at the Mining Indaba with FQM deligation

Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, Richard Musukwa has said government will accept proposals case by case any concerns regarding the recent changes to the mine tax regime.

Speaking when he met First Quantum Minerals (FQM) DIirectors, Hon. Musukwa advised that particular concerns should be brought to the attention of government.

Mr. Musukwa said government had a duty to develop the country from resources that were available.

FQM director, Philip Pascal said they would submit concerns regarding the new tax changes.

He said Kansanshi Mine would particularly be adversely affected by the recent tax changes because of the unique circumstances such the gold export tax.

He said that FQM had invested $5billion the last twenty years in the mines at Kansanshi and Lumwana in NorthWestern Province.

He said over the years, FQM had paid over $3.5 billion in taxes.

Hon. Musukwa is at the 25th Africa Mining Indaba being held at the Capetown international Convention Centre.

Today President Cyril Ramaphosa will grace the event with Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo.


    • Am just wondering why lungu avoids such important meetings,so that he can go and tell off those mine owners that they need pay taxes fairly,,,Kaya mwe! ,,,,if It was that meeting where married men go to admire little girls’ breasts in Swaziland, lungu would have been the first one to arrive there

    • @Ndobo Kikikiki leave abena Edgar alone. How do you expect him to understand price of Uranium of Lumwana? PF get swindled. Let HH help him on this.
      But if it comes to millie meal smuggling, PF is only one understand price of maize to Congo and Malawi.

    • Emmanuel Mwamba and Chris Mvunga officiated at the Joburg memorial of late Chimwemwe Mtonga on Saturday 2nd Feb. at Craighall Park’s Martin de Porres catholic church. The two struck me like very humble men.

      I don’t like the message they are conveying from this communication though of “ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS” as it exposes them to grand corruption …

    • The mines in Zambia have all different operational challenges. Therefore, they need to be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    • The so called Zambian delegate has been humbled. They sat and listened even watching HH presentation on the big screen like to lundondo. Kikikikikiki. How can you go to the so called international indaba only to go and listen to someone you despise and hate so much when you can just engage him at home? The same idiocy you show when you seek treatment abroad only to end up in the hands of the brain drained doctors from your cisushi country.

  1. I thought Pius Kasolo said exactly what Phillip Pascal is saying here. Whey did Kasolo lose his job then?.

    Zambia will die of ignorance. None of the people at the Mining Indaba is a mining guy, demonstrating that Zambia is willing to die of ignorance. Francis Kaunda collapsed ZCCM. But now he is allowed to attend the Indaba on government’s ticket? What a circus.

  2. What case by case basis, this is an avenue for corruption!! Why should FQM be worried about gold exports when all we hear about is copper, copper, copper eeee… non of these mining houses even reports on Cobalt and other minerals in their arguments!! CRIMINALS THEY ARE!!

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