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My Desire to develop all parts of Zambia is being hampered by some opposition MPs-President Lungu

Headlines My Desire to develop all parts of Zambia is being hampered...

President Lungu with  Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta
President Lungu with Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta

President Edgar Lungu has said that his desire to develop all parts of the country is being hampered by some Members of Parliament that choose not to work with his government for fear of being reprimanded by their political party leadership.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta in Mwandi yesterday, President Lungu said it is Government’s desire to develop and improve the lives of Zambians across the country.

He said the government is ready to continue partnering with the Mwandi Chiefdom to foster development in the area.

The Head of State said this is because traditional leadership like the Royal Establishment in Mwandi is pivotal in fostering development.

And Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta has thanked the government for several developmental projects being undertaken in his chiefdom, which include Mwandi, Mulobezi and Sesheke districts.

The Senior Chief cited the opening of a district hospital in Mulobezi and the setting up of a nursing school in Sesheke as some the projects that will greatly benefit his subjects.

Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta has however appealed to President Lungu to intervene and ensure the Sesheke – Livingstone road is worked on.

He said the road, which links Zambia to Namibia and the rest of the Southern region, has been in a deplorable state for a long time.

President Lungu, who was accompanied to Mwandi Palace by some cabinet ministers, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila and senior government officials, is expected to open the newly built district hospital in Mulobezi before addressing a public rally in Sesheke district.


  1. I doubt the intelligence of upnd mps. Are all of them bewitched or something is wrong. They are reprimanded by a person who has never held any position in the political arena. [email protected]@n1sm is real mu upnd.

    • The Evil humble man. Zambia is really cursed to have this man in state house.
      We needs leaders NOT rulers
      Zambia needs leaders NOT dealers

    • What a dull President we have its the same rhetoric every time…he is not even ashamed in PF strongholds he says if you dont vote PF no development will come your way. I mean how can such deceitful people even dialogue with anyone, if you truly wanted to develop Zambia you wouldn’t be rushing to RSA hospital for a basic check up…when it comes to development you rush to the Chinks to give you money for overpriced projects built by Chink companies. Meanwhile you are using our own money recklessly on VVIP jets and overpriced Firetrucks….just the mark up from 3 firetrucks can buy a cancer diagnosis machine for UTH.

    • Why is the opening of a district hospital at elections time? That is campaigning using government resources

    • As for you, you just confirmed your dullness.
      It shows that you are completely ignorant about Democracy.
      Go back to Primary sch.

    • Develop the PF strongholds first like “Luapula” the poorest province, then the opposition strongholds will see that you mean right. Renovate UTH the main hospital in Lusaka (PF stronghold) first, then we will see. For now it’s just cheap talk Mr. President

    • What sort of calibre does this man have?

      You just need to go across the Namibian border with Zambia and see for yourself who that country has developed in the past few days. Beautiful hotels, a university to name but a few. But look at the poor site of Sesheke just a few metres away from Namibia Mr President?

      God bless Zambia.

    • I wonder where all these PF ministers are sleeping camped in Sesheke, they are probably going into Namibia paying via GRZ accounts in lodges there without shame!!

    • What’s your mine seller going to do for Zambia imwe ba Southern province? The good thing is that he will never rule zambia

  2. We have a serious problem, that problem will grow as long as the opposition sees everything that lung is doing as wrong. our mindset needs to change. The problem is we hate each other so much and even him the president has contributed to that…he needs to tame his cadres build a good public image unfortunately that’s not the case.

    • You have hit the nail on its head. Zambians ulu pato is too much. Killer mindsets will change as time moves on, dont worry, The young generation are thinking differently and in the right direction

  3. Mr. President, this is no excuse and please let be known that TAXPAYER MONEY IS PAYING YOU AND PAYING FOR DEVELOPMENT ACROSS ZAMBIA. I am not sure what you mean by anyone whether opposition or not hampering development. You are in control of the treasury and they are permanent secretatries on the ground who should be non partisan but work for all Zambians.

    • Chagwa tabula kabepesho. Excuses excuses. The opposition does not control the treasury it is selective development agreed in cabinet that has failed you. No single opposition sit with you to plan to buy fake fire engines how do you blame innocent opposition?

    • That is the deceitful message he uses when he is in rural areas …he looks forward to these alcohol infused shouting on the stage to cadres…when it comes to serious issues like why he is keeping a corrupt ministers who has been caught for the second time he starts going round in circles…Sata was blunt in his approach in 2013 and categorically stated that he doesn’t want anybody near him associated with corrupt activities; this Lazy its a problem to utter such words when you are surrounded by rot.

  4. I am tired of this excuse as a campaign message, each time he goes to an area which government has neglected due to deliberate and selective allocation of funds e.g CDF, he is quick to undermine the commitment of the opposition MPs. Many opposition MPs have been on various medias begging for development in their areas and even in areas with PF MPs, they are equally crying foul e.g. Petauke and katete and even close to his home area, villagers had no option but to vote for an oppostion Councillor.

    • He runs his mouth about his desire to develop using loans but will never tell you how he intends to payback without overtaxing people …a chunk of money today is going to debt servicing yet he still wants more as he has nothing to show.

  5. That’s Edgar Lungu’s euphemistic language for “some opposition MP’s are doing too good on their job of checks and balances”.Of course he had to dress it up as a negative.

  6. Is it the MP who takes development to an area or government? Why do we have permanent secretaries? These are technocrats who oversees development agenda for the government in their respective jurisdictions. The MP is simply a representative of that area. Is the president saying that all the places where they have MPs are developed? This is a lame excuse which should not be entertained but rubbished with contempt that it deserves. Development should be taken to all areas of the country regardless of the political clout prevailing in that area. Zambia is for all of us.

  7. He is right. How do you expect the president to know what people need if their mp is quiet? Have you ever heard mwandi upnd mp speak about the sesheke – kazungula road in parliament? Upnd mps are anti development in their respective constituences. They want people to blame government so that pf is not voted for in 2021. Very poor strategy.

    • What do you think a Provincial Minister does…or a District Commissioner role which has been polluted with cadres.

  8. Funny excuse. The whole lot of the president saying such makes me wonder if he is the right guy to lead this great country. Is he not the same man saying he will take development to all corners of Zambia and today ati MPs are hampering progress when the same MPs are crying that their provinces are neglected.
    Beer and leadership dont mix well…
    And that Minister will be attending high powered meetings locally and abroad as a thief being investigated. Just how free will the donors be to work with someone arrested for stealing. The country is rotten to the core now!!!!

  9. I don’t understand why our President says things like this. Why should a government programme depend on the MP of an area? How do MPs prevent the government from repairing the road from Kazungula to Katima Mulilo?

    • He can say such things as he looks down on people in rural areas as illiterates …you think he can say this in CB or Lusaka …its 2019 and he is still singing the same song he sang in 2015 when billions of borrowed money have been wasted. ..the man can even do a routine medical check up in UTH even his minister had to rush to RSA for a bruised arm what chance have poor people got…he is lucky the opposition has poor strategy; they want to be beaten so they can go to the Donors and cry.

    • MPs are critical . Problems mps think the first priority is to please their party presidents..They will condemn anything and never make any recommendations

  10. Wht type of a president do we ve banee? This man still believes tht very story he cooks up with setlle well us. Mwailasha! Come 2021 pipo will teach u a lesson. If u think yo cadets n fake police will still pipo’s votes againagain, walobswaloba ilyauma

  11. Lies, lies, lies! How does an Opposition MP hinder development in a plural society like what Zambia espouses to be? Lie! How do the Opposition MPs hamper development – just how do they do that? Lie! An MP who refuses to be paraded by the Party holding the Executive Office, cannot by itself jeopardise development, Lie!

    The job of an MP includes: Representation of the Electorates, Government Oversight, Legislation of Laws, and Appropriation of Resources. PF must not hide its failures on other Wings of Government. After all, MPs are also Government leaders! ‘One Zambia, One Side’!


  13. With due respect, your excellency, everything starts and ends with you. If you did it in Dundumwezi where you have very little support, i guess nothing can stop you from doing it anywhere. Away from that, your excellency, the current violence we are seeing is really disheartening & depressing. it takes just one sincere sentence from you to end all this. Kabimba used carders to oppress others, it was the same group that hounded him out of PF. Please save us from the violence coming from especially PF who feel untouchable

  14. well why can’t you pass a law of members of parliament and mayor’s or council chairpersons to be recalled and replaced if they are not exercising their duties and delivering the much needed development

    • I’m voting for him this time around. Lusaka has changed!!! I want to see these flayover roads, dual courage roads, military hospital, nuclear technology, airline, I hear in Zambia you can perform kidney transplant now, he has the vision . The problem of you people is that to have a vision is to grow maize only

  15. Edigar Lungu has finally capitulated, he is not a president of the whole Zambia. Out of his own admission that he is un able to develop the whole country because to his understanding wherever an opposition MP represents that area, Lungu is not president of that area. Shallow understanding of democracy.

  16. Koma awisi Tasila boza muleke. A dream stop sending your wife on shopping trips to the US under the pretext of receiving fire fighting equipment. The money she used could have tarred the Sesheke-livingi road. Kodi kamwendo munjila ili mu banja ?

  17. Koma awisi Tasila boza muleke. And stop sending your wife on shopping trips to the US under the pretext of receiving fire fighting equipment. The money she used could have tarred the Sesheke-livingi road. Kodi kamwendo munjila ili mu banja ?

  18. What’s the work of the mp? Is it just to oppose in Parliament or to work with the govt in Identifying developmental projects in his or her constituency? This is what upnd are missing!

  19. Akaboko kankonka akabiye. utwana twankashi twayakene lubala. utulo balala notwamubiye. ukupesha chibola kumupengwilamo. Let them remain deviant in everything. President is not saying they should not vote for whoever they want, but not working with government!

  20. Such misfortune to a country happens immediately the Head of State, Commander in Chief and Father of the Nation loses his role and enlists himself as a Chief Cadre of a political party.
    I don’t ever remember the best ever President of Zambia, Levy P. Mwanawasa involving himself ‘mu vaupuba monga ma’ by-elections.
    All I remember Mwanawasa (MHSCRIP) was his appointing even MPs from all parties into Cabinet as the Father Of The Nation.
    Now you find a Commander In Chief moving with a battalion of combatants to just go and gas his own people!!!
    PF is really a CURSE to the democracy of mother Zambia.

    • @ James
      Of course Kitwe, the HUB of the Copperbelt is PF Bedrock and have some good sleep because better roads and new and modern infrastructure is is on the card pa Nkana in particular and Copperbelt in general, so relax . Watch the space. ????

    • But what happened to that half a billion dollars that was released to tar roads in CB by Chink company just before the general elections of 2016?

    • Tebufi mwebantu you can’t drive into buchi kamitondo Kwacha bulangililo because there are no roads there. Welensky left some roads but PF do not care about citizens living here

  21. HH the greatest free mason has overshadowed his followers with satanic power so that they don’t think like human beings but like mosquitoes. The job of an MP is to lobby for development from govt, don’t talk about governance if you know that you are totally empty as UPNDEAD. MPs are voted for to bring development to the people in terms of health, education, roads and food issues. Not just insulting ECL and send bees and lightening to innocent pipo, Sons of the devil *****s.

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