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Israeli Company wants to commence charter flights to bring Israelis tourists directly to Zambia

Economy Israeli Company wants to commence charter flights to bring Israelis tourists...

Lumangwe water falls in Mporokoso , a must see especially during the forthcoming Expo slated for November 2018.

Israeli big destination Management Company, Eshet has expressed interest to commence charter flights to bring Israelis tourists directly to Zambia and Zambians to Israel for pilgrimage.

Speaking during a meeting with Zambian Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda in Tel Aviv, company President and Chief Executive Officer Kramer Ephraim, of Eshet tours is conducting charter flights to various destinations in Africa and the world as well as sending groups on regular flights.

Mr. Ephraim said Eshet would start sending tourism groups on regular commercial flights to Zambia directly as at the moment their clients travel to Zambia via South Africa and Zimbabwe then connect to Livingstone.

And Dr. Banda said the deal would benefit both parties as Zambia has a lot to offer as a tourism destination of choice such as safari, diverse waterfalls and adventure tourism.

Dr. Banda said the challenge has been opening up more connectivity to Zambia and that is the reason the Ministry is discussing with seasoned and established tour companies like Eshet tours to open up the sector.

He also also invited Eshet tours to the Zambia Travel Expo (ZATEX) scheduled to take place in April, 2019 and Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA) would facilitate local logistics for media and travel agents that would attend ZATEX under Eshet Tours in order to appreciate the diverse nature of Zambia’s tourism offering.

Israel records about 7 million annual travels abroad out of a population of about 8.7 million people.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Ministry of Tourism and Arts Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe.

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    • Every thing is WANTS no actualization – we WANT to export goats, we WANT to order cheap oil from Saudi arabia, we WANT to export teachers to Madagascar, we WANT to export waiters to UAE now is Israel company wants to bring tourists. want want want – we want action

    • @Enka; there’s actually no difference between Israeli’s and Arabs. They both treat black Africans the same. Check out another documentary on BBC and see how Israel’s treat farm workers from Asia. When an Israeli shakes your hand, you have to count your fingers after!

    • Chattering planes directly to Zambia….

      Open your eyes, investigate what Israel is doing in Zambia most especially our resources.

      Those planes will be there to fly out your resources, not to see mundawanga where there are no animals excerpt empty cages with anaimal tags.

    • ok let Israels come and then you see what will happen in the next 10 years ,israel will simply push you out of your country like the way the did to Palestinians build wall and tell you that this a promise land,after galuni is part of them look at how vast land he has………………..

    • To them you a just a kushi “nigger” they are also very racist! Dogs are treated better than Africans in Israel.

    • @Chama! Then take yourself first! We will learn from you when you become a slave and desparately cry via online wanting help to come back to Zambia. We can learn from your experience! Try being a domestic servant ASAP!

  1. Israeli are Arabs if they can’t be good neighbours with Palestine what else can they offer? Charity begins at home.

  2. Israel is not a Holy land its Sodom and Gomorrah, It’s the PARADISE for Prostitution, Homosexuality and Drug Abuse. Once the they start coming in to Zambia, Zambian women will be trafficked for prostitution and forced labor to brothels in Tel Aviv and around Israel.

  3. This reminds me of a beautiful story written by Raffi Berg of BBC… “A holiday village run by spies”. Way back in the 70’s, they (the Mossad) built a holiday resort on the shores of the Red Sea, in the Sudanese Desert. Oblivious to the government, this resort was a base for Israeli agents on a secret mission… Beware!

  4. Hi, my friend sent me this article. I’m from Israel, when first reading this article I was extremely happy but then I was reading the comments… Gosh, a direct flight from Israel to Zambia, exporting thousands of USD from Israel to Zambia which going to improve Zambia (this is also how its works in Israel and other nations) and still the Zambian comment here, think that the Israelis are going to steal your nation/womans/lands whatever you think Israeli going to do. I hope this flight will not happen. We don’t need to visit place who hates us!!

    • I’m an Israeli living in Zambia and I have you tell you that you are wrong. Most Zambian I know are very kind and respectful. Don’t judge by internet comments…

    • Din, Ive been visited in many countries in Africa as a tourist (Kenia, Tanzania, botswana and South Africa) and I want to tell you – I always felt welcome. Don’t know if I will have the same feeling in Zambia after seen the way they hate Israel and Jews. I prefer enjoy again in Tanzania and Zanzibar 🙂
      And it’s time to tell you, come back home. ???? ???? ????????.

    • You should try… Zambia is a great place with a great people. Again, don’t judge from web comments, it’s a foolish way to act. Judge by visiting and meeting the people face to face. Don’t change the point of this article, which is communication and love, to politics and hate. Peace.

  5. If British Airways can’t afford direct flights to Zambia, I can’t see this happen in our Generation. May be the next one after us.

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