All officers involved in the brutal assault of party cadres in Sesheke will be fired-Kangnaja

Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja

The Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kangnaja has disclosed that the Service will fire all officers involved in the brutal assault of party cadres during the Sesheke by-elections.

“Any police officer who took part in brutalising political party cadres in Sesheke on Tuesday will be dismissed from the service,” he said.

The Human Rights Commission has condemned police for excessive use of force to respond to perceived or actual threat to breach of peace by Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres.

Earlier PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has said that his party is engaging the Zambia Police over the beating of its members by some officers during voting in Sesheke constituency.

Mr Mwila said that the move is aimed at finding a lasting solution to the matter. Mr Mwila has told ZNBC that the PF wants to be exemplary in the Bahati constituency parliamentary by-election.

He has since urged the UPND to ensure that its members do not resort to political violence.

And UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka said his party is calling for national dialogue aimed at finding a lasting solution to political violence.

Mr Katuka said the UPND wants an end to the violence that happened in the just- ended Sesheke by elections.

Meanwhile, PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri said that she is disappointed that civil society organisations have remained quiet over the brutal beatings of PF youths by police in Sesheke


  1. PF shouldn’t have ferried Inter City cadres to Sesheke to brutalise people. This resulted in a response from UPND cadres. You really can’t blame the Police for beating them up. These PF cadres are a law unto themselves, Police can’t control them.

    • This man is very f00lish.

      The PF cadres have been harassing citizens for years, and now that the police have shown initiative and impartiality, you want to fire them? Nonsense.

      Leave these brave police officers alone. It is you that should resign.

      In fact, give these Sesheke police officers medals!!!

    • Fire the upnd police officers hiding in the uniforms. These are the same police officers turning the name if the government into mud. FIRE THEM hh will employ them.

    • Mr IG but all along they have been brutalizing apposition, NGOS and other members of the public they have not been fired. Just because the brutalized PF cadres then they get fired! You have just proved to every one what they have been saying that you do NOT apply the law equally.

    • Because PF cadres where beaten it has become an issue? Opposition cadres are beaten all the time and you are silent.
      Your juniors are sending you a message my friend. And you had better take his or else you have more shocks coming

    • Gary nkombo was brutalized by police for protesting the arrest of HH , was any police fired ?????

      We can only say PIG and the PF thugs at statehouse , your time will come…

      To the police and oppressed opposition , stand firm…..

    • Wow but Ba Kanganja kanshi…. Why should PF fire officers? Don’t know where this is going.
      But he should be clear, what about officers who beat up UPND cadres?

    • Kakoma Kanganja the IG is hiding his inefficirncy by threatening to fire officers who beat cadres from Kanganja’s camp PF. Kanganja failed to bring order in Solwezi despite being there. Kanganja has failed to take the same action when worse beatings have happened to the opposition and students. You cannot entirely blame corps without thinking about them confranting dangerous criminals who were armed with pangas. Kanganja must be ashamed of himself to be such a biased IG who has proved beyond reasonable doubt that you cannot protect citizens because your allegiance is to PF and the command of PF thugs.

  2. aimed at finding a lasting solution to the matter?? There will never be such a solution until the Police are freed from political machinations. The Police must work independently relying on their professional understanding of the law and not on any political party

    • The country has gone to the dogs.
      You mean Kanganja doesnt know that the officers should be charged and get a fair hearing from the Police And Prisons Service Commission?
      This statement puts him on the spot.So how many policemen has he so far fired in this fashion?

    • Kanganja is a circus, he should resign over the police who deliberately killed UNZA student Vespers Simuzyila and injured others.

  3. IG Kanganja must act now or get fired.
    Those cruel offices acted very badly!!Am sure they wanted to impress Kainde,so please fire them all!!

  4. This man is very f00lish.

    The PF cadres have been harassing citizens for years, and now that the police have shown initiative and impartiality, you want to fire them? Nonsense.

    Leave these brave police officers alone. It is you that should resign.

    In fact, give these Sesheke police officers medals!!!

  5. In a different situation i’d be applauding this statement; for example the UNZA issue in which Vespers was killed, but in this case this is utter kak from the P.I.G

  6. I. G. sir, why are you compromising your position sir by allowing a party member to dictate to you what should happen to your officers carrying out their duties. Sir how do you allow cadres to rule over you? thugs.? No sir, you cannot compromise trained officers to be ruled and governed by these low lifes. If the police had beaten UPND CADRES THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THIS REACTION FROM THE PF. My advice to you sir is to step down since it seems your position is not relevant and you can be dictated to by a party secretary general This sir is with all due respect. For the officers that gave those cadres a taste of their own medicine I SALUTE YOU ALL.

  7. This piece of sh!t IG who can even think, what a moron u only act because it is PF cadres, this is all that AIDS infected Mwila who probably went to tell this useless prick PIG to act

  8. No one should touch those police officers. When it is UPND suffering at the hands of PF, be it hackings, be it severe beatings, be it shootings, no PF official raises a voice. i never heard Mumbi or Dorah or foolish Mwila talking over the shooting to death of Mapenzi Chibulo or gassing to death of Vespers Shimuzhila. Are there two types of citizens in Zambia under PF? Now PF is at the receiving end and rightfully so due their thuggery, PF is complaining. Courts will reinstate those police officers because evidence of PF thuggery is simply overwhelming. The police did a good job neutralizing PF thugs.

  9. When PF cadres beat opposition cadres its tolerated but if opposition cadres retaliate then the whole PF camp is annoyed. Am just using common sense which everyone should use. These guys are so evil.

  10. When UPND where killed and other people you never thought of firing the police, but just because the police grabbed dangerous weapons and they have beaten pf caders then you say you want to fire all those police who was is not fair kanganja.

  11. No matter what we call those lads beaten up by police, they have rights too to be treated in accordance and balance of the Law.

    I like police, I don’t like to hear of them being fired. Imagine the training that goes into training them. The cost. Also it’s counterproductive for us citizens as it means indirect cutting of police available on the Street to our detriment. They should be suspended pending further training in dealing with rioting, violent emotional citizens.

    Sacking police does not happen easily in Western countries, even after they kill civilians. Suspend on full pay.

  12. For your own information, Kaizer and Amos are already drafting your dismissal letter. How many times have cadres from the opposition been brutalized and you fired nobody?

  13. I am not a Police Officer but why is it that we condemn everything a Police Officer does. When they don’t respond, we condemn them and call them all sorts of names. We even accuse them of being PF Cadres, unprofessional, even calling for the resignation of IG. Today the Police have done a commendable job by inflicting violence on violent people. How else where you expecting them to respond to these terrorist? We have failed as a nation by raising these children in this manner. The Church although being too vocal now have also failed to instill discipline in these children becaues there interest is only tythe nowadays. Bwana IG, SPARE THE POLICE. FOR ONCE SHOW US THAT YOU ARE THERE AND NOT A CADRE. When are you going to protect your men?

  14. The IG needs his mental capacity to be checked,what he was suppose to say is ,those pf cadres who wore police uniform will be dealt with as its a serous crime to impersonate ,and second he would have outlined what his best plan of action to deter future violence during elections.WHAT DID THE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY REPORT SAY ON VOTING PATTERN AND VIOLENCE?why is it that in opposition stronghold bye election ,violence always occur and yet ku pf stronghold its opinion is pf wants to grab those opp.seats by force as there hope is intimidating the locals .

  15. These cadres can be a nuisance at times. I commend the police for the job well done. Those officers need to be honored for executing their duties with distinction. They deserve a promotion not ifyo ulelanda kanganja.

  16. Great move from the IG. Those police officers are very tribalist and protectionist of UPND tribal party. Teach them a lesson.

  17. To HH and the UPND , embrace those brave officers for protecting the citizens of WP against the tyranny of PF cader brutality…….

    Mobilise the fired police as UPND activists….

  18. Why fire them when they work according to their training? Problem with of you want police to work for you not for the Zambian people. Wish to have soldiers in Zambia like wise Zimbabweans soldiers to take action. I was a full supporter of pfools Sata’s time now I don’t like pfools.

  19. IG sir, you can not fire someone for doing his job and working under instructions. The head of state said the police must deal with those perpetrating violence regardless of political affiliation. A supervisor who cannot defend his junior who are merely trying to bring order in our country is not fit to continue holding that position. Be bold enough & resign to show us that you are really concerned

  20. It’s the IG himself who should be fired. By taking this step he is trying to send a message to the entire police service that they should just keep favouring the PF and look the other way if they (PF) are at fault or else this is what will become of them using firing of sesheke officers as an example.

    • He should understand the natural law that, ‘viokence begets violence’ Aonekela Ati Ni PF cadre Uyo boss. Stella Libongani was the best

  21. Those police officers averted a near catastrophic situation by disarming those panga welding thugs, hadn’t they been stopped in their tracks, they would have caused mayhem in Sesheke and World news would have been on the deteriorating political situation in Zambia, Armed gangs do not deserve compassion at all. Look at innocent locals they hacked before that. The police who need to face charges are ones who shot at and unleashed teargas on locals including babies, those are straight crimes against humanity. These thugs need to be sent a clear message that there is no room to masquerade as policemen and brutalise innocent locals displacing them very their homestead. You do not hear of youths coming from the Country sides coming to attack voters in the Cities, this has to stop. Those…

  22. Meanwhile, PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri said that she is disappointed that civil society organisations have remained quiet over the brutal beatings of PF youths by police in Sesheke.good job police of sesheke,Chimbwi phiri you don’t care about upnd people they are human being like you pf *****s

  23. police where trying to restore honour and credibility in service, otherwise it will get worse. The intention of carrying weapons and pangas’ was to cause destruction, serious injuries and instill fear. Those ain’t kiddies toys or teddy bears they were carrying/welding to be treated lightly.

  24. By firing those hero policemen IG is sending message that the thugs are untouchable and he will potentially make his own work very difficult, policemen will be reluctant to put a stop to thuggery and innocent people will continue suffering and being maimed, in the end local communities will also be left with no option but to arm themselves.

  25. I do not support thugs in PF. Those panga thugs got beating of their lives. I think they deserve it. The thuggery behavior being exhibited is denting the image of the party. Surely today, was there a need for those dirt thugs to broke MPs on their way into Parliament? iwe Kanganja don’t fire the police officers, yet future you will be made to account for such ill informed decisions.

  26. Let me warn thuggery groups and their sponsors, don’t ship those thugs to Luapula, otherwise they will return to Lusaka in Ash. In Luapula, we don’t run away from thugs, we beat and Ash.

  27. Ee-ee/ our army commander General is now using very high sophisticated military tactics over innocent Zambian civilians, I know such tactics are the ones he got from UNITA rebels.where are those soldiers trained from? I suspect those are commandos from mushili barracks who have never been to war now they are blood thirsty. Why did our beloved president used the military in stead of the Zambia police? Does it mean our military has taken over our police responsibilities? The government must fire this commernder who ordered those commandos to perform such brutality, therefore, my suggestion is that, our government must only call for UN peace keepers to handle any elections in Zambia next time since our police service are not trained for such election issues. Before, this, expands to other…

  28. The president should finally wake up to the reality that he presides over affairs affecting all Zambians and not just PF members. He should also realize that it’s not possible to be liked by everyone in this life. People should be allowed to freely choose their representatives unlike what is currently obtaining where we are being forced to side with the PF. Let him prove his popularity by allowing free and violence-free elections. All cadres should be banned from attending campaign gatherings and the police should be allowed to work professionally. Ba PF mwatuchusha pafula.

  29. To those Zambians of good will, I ask you to support these brave and peace loving police officers financially, psychologically and spiritually because they have heard the cries of masses and the calls for peace and love during elections or no elections.
    We supported bashichilufya baSata donating pounds to see change in Zambia
    We a bash violence as means to get elected. We a bash violence as means to to silence the right to chose what you want at free will
    We a bash violence as means to instil fear and sense of feeling hopelessness in our own country that God gave us
    We a bash violence as means to instil fear , uncertainty and panic amounting persecution, voiceless coercion and intimidation
    Zambians of good will sit down and deeply reflect on why have you found yourselves here?…

  30. These Police officers were beating PF members because of political aligning that had just been rescission into politics of Zambia.The truth is that BEMBAS/ EASTERNERS will always bond and work together because of chimbuyaship,this is fact of modern day social-relationships in Zambia.Especially in politics and workplaces.TONGAS/ LOZIS have also established mutual friendship of all levels.NO wonder those it was very difficult for those LOZI COPS in uniforms to support PF regardless of everything.what happened in Sesheke is not going to die natural death. Revenge is awaiting for UPND obviously in pro PF places.Dismising of those UPND- in – uniforms is good so that others should learn from them.

  31. Why so much violence under current PF? A failed govt resorts to all sorts of things to hold on to power so what may. There is no shame or limit in whatsoever they want. Nepotism is the first hallmark of a failed state, 2: corruption and bribing ill hearted individuals paraded themselves to character assassinate those who are not with them. 3: The separation of Govt branches is suffocated to ensure the rule of law is broken into categories those in power and outside the corridors of power. Institutions that are key to maintain the rule of law are there to serve the elite, the powerful and those associate with power. 4: Having seen they have achieved these things and no one or organisation or church mother bodies are asking why are we here? 5: The power corrupts absolutely and it not in…

  32. Any torture, ill-treatment or brutalization of citizens – in situations where this cannot be justified in the name of national security or where there has been no due process of law should be condemned. The problem comes when the condemnation, actions and so-called justice is selective. On how many occasions did we ‘hear’ of threatened action against the police when it involved the brutalization of the opposition? Having a taste of our own hypocritical medicine now, are we? Pathetic each time and every time. Loads of continuous nonsense from PF mouth pieces like Kanganja and the like. Justice should prevail ALL the time, then violence will be quelled.

  33. Of course that police station must be full of trib.als. Good to dismiss them.
    On the other hand , ooking at the impunity of PF cadres who think they are the law and can do anything including driving on the wrong side of the roads and mountingh illegal demonstrations anywhere, this should serve as a lesson to their leaders all the way to the top to instill discipline in those vagabonds called party cadres.

  34. I hope that Jay Gay can learn from me regarding truth, fair play and magnanimity.

    Same to other trib.als, or else I will banish them to Dundumwezi where other trib.als reside.

  35. How about the officers who killed Mapenzi Chibulo and Vespers Shimuzila. No comment ever since from IG and yet innocent lives were lost. What an immature way of trying to keep a job

  36. He is a equally a PF cadre that’s why he is holding that IG position. Why would he want to fire all those officers that beat up the pf cadres for misbehaving?

  37. All of you don’t seem to know the law. it’s against the law to beat up offenders or kill them by the police no matter what they have done. The police should not break the law by their over zealousnes no matter who they are dealing with…those policemen should be fired so that a clear message is sent to all

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