PF lost due to voter intimidation and will petition the Sesheke results

PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has said that it will petition the Sesheke parliamentary by-election owing to violence, intimidation and brutality by the opposition UPND.

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila said that the PF lost the election in Sesheke not due to unpopularity in Western Province, but because of the intimidation of voters by the UPND.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka, Mr Mwila thanked the PF membership in Western Province and the campaign team for enduring the situation in Sesheke.

Mr Mwila has also congratulated the PF membership for scooping all seven ward by elections across the country.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has called on the Police to undertake investigations into the violence that occurred during the just ended by-elections.

ECZ Public Relations Manager, MARGARET CHIMANSE said that the commission has noted with regret the violence that occurred during the elections in Sesheke, Lundazi and Mufumbwe.

Ms CHIMANSE said the commission is concerned that such violence makes it impossible for the electorate to freely exercise their right to vote.

She said in a statement to ZNBC News that the Commissions mandate is to conduct free and fair elections and hence the reliance on law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order during elections.

And the Commission has strongly urged political party leaders to take responsibility and demonstrate leadership by condemning political violence.


  1. Ikaleni fye Ba Mwila. It is now water under the bridge. If 2016 petitions are still pending before courts of law, and technically there is only 1 year six months before parliament is disolved, what the heck are you saying?
    Bembas say mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika

  2. Davies Mwila transported thugs all the way from Lusaka and equiped them with brand new pangas to go and kill in order to win Sesheke byelection. Mwila is now ranting that they were popular since they danced Dununa reverse with their party president. He will petition and expose his evil acts as the world has seen pangas from his home team. Mwila saw nothing wrong to send those stupid boys from Lusaka to go and terrorise people.

  3. I have heard the President condemning violence from both his party and the UPND which is good. But the bottom line is that he has the key to stop this violence. And also Police need to be retrained on how to control masses – you never start controlling crowds by starting with force – NO NO NO. HH also has to improve by condemning violence in his party ,so far he just condemns the other side’s violence. And we also have people who need to be counselled – look at Sunday Chandas’ tone – always confrontational, this breeds fertile ground for our directionless youth to be fighting.

  4. comrade Mwila and PF just concentrate on working towards 2021 general elections.ESPECIALLY in PRO-PF provinces and areas , work for the people tirelessly. PF is still STRONG on the ground ONLY for some people were disappointed because of some pocket issues of corruption,streets evacuation of city traders and weak government plans on under class society e.g farmers , retirees etc.Otherwise PF is STRONG ON THE GROUND because of its existence of NORTH-EAST CORRIDORS .

  5. Please note that this issue of Police stopping opposition Presidents going into areas where the Republican President is, is completely unlawful and unconstitutional. It is the duty of the Police to police both parties despite them being in the same area, unless the Police are telling us that they are completely incompetent to handle. If this is allowed, it is unfair and disadvantaging the other parties. I even hear that HH should have followed orders, no he also had lawful business there, there should be no preference of one over the other being in an area NO! As long as there is reasonable distance between them. I don’t like UPND and PF but lets ensure that there is justice all the time. We should not do things that are not backed by the law.

  6. These PF are real cry babies ka …..trying to play the victim …..

    Can you do also let UPND and other parties petition where you have won ???

  7. Just shu.t up! Go back to your drawing boards(if you have any). You lost because your methods are not working, Zambians have seen through them and will not be fooled anymore. Win with fruitful deeds and not intimidation.

  8. Those results should be nullified. ECZ should have disqualified UPND party and PF. However, UPND was the one behind violence.

    ECZ seems toothless. The problem is that a woman Magritte Chimanse has no capacity to deliver on that level. She was given that position because of her beauty not her capacity.

  9. Davis, we did not hear your voice when the UPND girl was shot, we did not hear your voice when the UPND woman was stripped, not even a whisper at the criminal killing of a young university student. Today you condemn the police for carrying out their proffessional duties. Let the police act against the violence that comes from your party. Wht take thugs from lusaka to go and maim and kill for a PF vote? Well done ZP your force needs to take over from the thugs that have been armed and to wear the noble uniform of ZP a job well done. Mwabombeni ba ZP THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. bA mWILA ENJOY EVERY DAY YOU ARE IN POWER BECAUSE SOON WE WILL SEE YOU IN A ORANGE OVERALL.

  10. ECZ should have commented earlier before elections. Not after. Anyway, can’t blame them. Biting the fingure that feeds you is unimaginable now. With principles no human being can manipulate… Only GOD can use us. Amen


  12. Its *****ic for any well reasoning person to put the blame on pipo who hold no power of command. Don’t hide behind your finger you will be embarrassed coz we are not fools not to tell who’s behind these violences.your days are numbers

  13. Grow up and move on old man. Why can’t you congratulate the winner and give a concession speech. That was was going to be the greatest vote winning gesture than every time taking voting like war.

    You politicians are evil and divide peace loving poor Zambians.

  14. You will petition and obviously the biased concourt will rule in your favour and nullify the seat thereby causing another by- election which will be so close to the general election that it will be pointless to even win. Why wasting everybody’s time and resources.

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