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Vice President Inonge Wina back in Zambia after medical check up trip to India


Vice President Inonge Wina on arrival from India at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka on February 14, 2019. Pictures by Lloyd Sibajene ZANIS
Vice President Inonge Wina on arrival from India at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka on February 14, 2019. Pictures by Lloyd Sibajene ZANIS

Vice President Inonge Wina has arrived back in the country.

Mrs. Wina was in India for a medical check-up.

The plane carrying Mrs. Wina touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 14:30 hours Zambian time.

Mrs. Wina was received by Permanent Secretary in the office of the vice President Stephen Mwansa.

And in an interview with ZNBC News, Mr. Mwansa said the vice president is ready for work.


  1. A plane carrying Mrs. Wina?? Can only
    – private chartered.
    Next time be more clear, almost got heart attack. Because I go straight to read.
    “A plane carrying body of…”

    • Lusaka, Zambia: Twenty people are missing after a boat capsized in bad weather on a lake in northern Zambia, a government official said Thursday.
      Luapula provincial permanent secretary Felix Phiri said the vessel was carrying more than 40 passengers and goods when a storm struck Lake Mweru, on the border with DR Congo, on Wednesday.
      “So far 20 people are feared dead but 21 survived. Marine soldiers managed to save some lives while three managed to swim to safety,” Phiri told AFP.
      The boat had left the town of Nchelenge and was heading for some small islands on the lake when the accident happened.
      Source: AFP

    • These fooools continue to waste our meager resources. Their way of governance is complete animal farm style. They shamelessly go out of the country for medical checkups, while the poor Zambians go to hospitals that lack medicine and modern equipment. Can you imagine what the people of India think about us because of this ? Our politicians running there for medical check ups? Are there no competent doctors in Zambia? Or you mean we don’t have modern equipment in our hospitals? If so why don’t you make that a priority and start planning on how you can build a modern hospital instead of talking about Lungu’s new State House? Such incompetence. Vote these clowns out of office in 2021.

    • While HH and Mahtani sponsored Zambian-Witch-dog was dishing out lies that Wina’s condition has worsened. HH is wicked as are all associated with him.

    • I think for regular medical check ups she doesn’t need to go to India. If it was for specialized treatment we can understand.

    • Breaking news,
      I remember in 1988 when I was a young boy (teen).We were more than 10 traveling from Kashilu village on the island to Kashikishi .We met a treacherous storm and people who were paddling told us to stay together so that it will not be very difficult for people to find out dead bodies.We should learn to thank God for the blessings,eve the air we breathe.

    • This woman is such a kind hearted lady. I pray that her trip to seek appropriate medical attention was successful. God bless mama Inonge. However,vas a nation this habit of flying abroad for medical attention should open our eyes to how we have failed the medical sector. instead of spending millions on Luxury SUVs that have no use except being smashed by senior govt officers on lonely roads in the early morning hours let’s spend money on our medical sector. But alas wisdom and common sense to a f0.0.l is like asking a hippo and crocodile to be friends.

  2. Two weeks for a medical checkup.. these lies never end. They never learned from old man’s Sata’s death…anyway Death certificates never lie.
    I wonder how much we have spent on this old hen…

    • ..old hen? Jay jay, this is a dear mother, a sister, an aunt to some people. And above all an elderly person who deserves respect.
      with the time you have spent in your adopted home, you should know better that your western models are very particular about privacy on matters related to illness and even funerals.
      RESPECT! despite the differences in political affiliation should be paramount

    • Bo Inonge I would encourage you as VP, mother, grandmother, sister, neighbor … to dedicate your last years in insuring our health system is fit for ALL. Health tourism must be stopped at all cost. Don’t join the likes of former President Robert Mugabe who was reportedly paid US$4 million in medical expenses towards the end of 2018.
      The weekly Independent reports that the money was paid through RBZ which alleges that it does not have adequate foreign currency to fund critical sectors of the economy. 
      Mugabe was first paid US$1 million upon his departure for Singapore in October but later contacted government from the South-East Asian nation complaining that the money was inadequate and requesting a further US$3 million in November.
      The report says he requested balance was paid…

  3. Are there no Indian doctors in Zambia that can carry out a medical check-up? As if there’s anything to smile about when you arrive from a trip which demonstrates nothing but lack of trust in your own country’s health institutions. You ought to bow your heads in shame instead.

    • When KK needed VIP treatment as a president he went to Maine Soko military
      hospital off independence av…these shameless theves6 like Lazy Lungu & Co just take and take not putting nothing back

  4. She goes abroad for a routine check-up? Either she is mad or the people who issued her press release think we are mad to believe she went all the way to India just to stand on a scale, have her BP taken, and do some blood work. Perhaps this is why so many people were jumping up and down recently about it being un-African and disrespectful of public officials to know anything about their health.

    Also, what happened to the austerity thing?

  5. Is the Inonge who has arrived back in zambia different from the one who was reportedly critical ill by watchdog this morning? Are the watchdogs really dogs or human beings? Why do they take pleasure in others sufferings??? Always wishing others dead and their own country in trouble????!!! Thank God the liers have been shamed…!! Welcome back Mama Inonge. Mulimu abenimina.

  6. Was there information about her having gone to India in the first place? I wish her well in her health – the issues that this regime refuses to come clean with relate to providing citizens and tax payers with information about what is going on with their public servants and why we continue with sending the privileged abroad for medical attention when the ordinary Zambian has to take their chances in ill-equipped shoddy government facilities. All the way to India for a two week medical check-up?

  7. You trib.als, obviously no one will give everything on the Veep’s medical trip to India. Let’s respect her privacy, what is the matter with trib.als kanshi?

  8. With no limp, i doubt if what we were told about her undergoing a minor lower limb surgery. From the way she was walking, the story that she went for hysterectomy could be true.

  9. Imagine Munene. What pleasure is really there in cerebrating someone’s dearth? Fake death becomes your big new surely? What country is this? Even if you hate someone who is a parent to someone, its not this way. And insulting a mother and a humble person like mama Wina really? GOD of Abraham you hear prayers even from sinners like me. Never allow UPND to lead this country. We have other sane beings in this country, grant them the opportunity to rule; that is @ an approximate time. For now PF is ok. despite the shortcomings.

  10. Where are we on the Police who killed Mapenzi Chibulo in cold blood? IG is now talking about firing police officers who just beat up the ever unruly PF cadres?

  11. 1.2 Yes I too was shocked. They think a death of their perceived enemy will take them to state house. Sata died 5 years ago and they celebrated but they are still a millennium away from state house.

  12. Why insult our Medical Doctors and facilities by going abroad FOR A SIMPLE MEDICAL CHECK UP..
    Seriously, this is nonsense.
    VP Running away from Shesheke loss so that they do not blame failure on the Queen.
    Especially after being briefed that the by-elections will be violent.
    SHE COULD HAVE STOPPED IT if she cared.

  13. Modesta imagine this ! The officers( actually cadres in Uniform ) who killed vespers,Mapenzi,choongwa,january 2014 massacre etc are getting promoted with improved perks.Those who beat up unruly and violent cadres in Sesheke should be fired.This IG is so scared losing his job that when you look at the track record of his decision…..When Soweto got burnt he rashed to livingstone to arrest some Tongas and Lozis and told us he had caught the arsonists.We can predict the names of those to be fired

  14. Look at how much government spending
    On medical trips abroad.if only government can bring those Indian doctors here we could save alot.we have
    Hospitals. We need specialist and medical equipment.

  15. I wish a zambian journalist would ask one of these clowns in leadership, what exactly they find wrong with zambian hospitals, that they leave the country for a medical checkup and wether they intend to fix that wrong.

  16. with all due respect, her honor, the vice president has had more pressure more than any other person in the current govt. Take time to look at how much pressure she has to take in parliament especially from the opposition. That job looks easy but it is actually tough especially when you have opposition MPs who very critical about everything. I for one would suggest she is given chance to rest if we truly love her.

  17. Nothing against Bo Inonge,it’s the system that perpetrates such waste of resources that is at fault. In this day and age specialists can diagnose,review and plan management without being in the same country as the patient. Complex surgical procedures and more advanced interventions are an exception. Our doctors are being undermined by this medical tourism. Because they can easily go to RSA or India politicians don’t see the need to improve or equip our hospitals. Our people deserve better.

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