Opposition UPND MPs walk out on Chitotela in Parliament


Opposition Members of Parliament this morning walked out of Parliament when Housing and Infrastructure Minister, Ronald Chitolela stood to respond to questions during the Oral and Answer session.

The MPs walked out of the house on two occasions when Mr. Chitotela was asked to respond by the House Speaker.

Leader of the opposition Jack Mwiimbu said the MPs are resolved that they will continue boycotting Mr Chitotela’s answers in Parliament in order to press for his dismissal.

Mr Mwiimbu said the MPs will not allow Mr Chitotela to address the House when he is facing corruption charges.

And UPND Kafue Member of Parliament Miriam Chonya said the MPs could not listen to a minister who is a suspect in criminal cases.

In the first instance, the opposition MPs walked when Mr. Chitolela was responding to Shang’ombo Member of Parliament Mubika Mubika who asked him on the construction of communication towers in his area.

The MP’s also walked out when Mr. Chitotela was responding to Manyinga Member of Parliament Robert Lihefu on the stalled construction of a police station in Manyinga district.


    • In a decent society chitotela would not have waited for the president to fire him but rather step down on his own. He is the one putting pressure on the president by not doing the moral thing. This is tantamount to someone who has been losing elections and yet fail to step down and allow others to try.

    • It had to take us tell them what to do.
      If we didn’t say send bees in parliament, these weak MPs would be listening to that idyot on a Friday.

  1. In the first place why ask him questions if they don’t want him in the House? Even if they walk out do they honestly think Edgar Lungu will succumb to their desires?

    • Ba Realistic Person:
      The question was submitted along time ago for the Ministry to prepare an answer. Could be even 2 months ago. The Ministry has only come back at this time to give the answer in the House. Please acquaint yourself with Parliament Procedure.

  2. Even me I walked out of my lodge when I saw a thief before me. I said yaba pompwe mushibila nsala what are you doing here. I want straight to my bank and asked my bank balance. Ngawandibeda mebo.

  3. Nonsense who cares?They can walk out as many times as they want but still they wont achieve anything!!!Let these dull UPND MPs walk away from HH too for appointing corrupt GBM as UPND Veep!!!

    Tell me honestly,WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHITOTELA AND GBM OR BETWEEN CHITOTEL AND KAMBWILI?These are all the same corrupt politicians!!!It is a pity that us Zambians have short memories!!!GBM gave himself huge contracts when he was defence minister.Kambwili equally gave himself huge Govnt contracts and built several executives flats in Luanshya.Harry Kalaba have built many flats in Makeni using money he got via corruption!!HH corruptly got rich with FTJ Chiluba through PRIVATIZATION!!!THE LIST IS ENDLESS!!!INDEED BEMBAS ARE RIGHT WHEN THEY SAY “BAKOLWE BASEKANA IFIPATO”,KKKKKKKK!!

    • @NJIMBU:
      At least GBM was the only MP with the guts to resign when Michael Sata was doing all the nonsense about Chitimukulu’s succession. Unfotunately the Paramount Chief has no guts to thank GBM for his sacrifice. Any way GBM is a family member of the Royal Establishment. I am sure he understands what is driving the Chief.

    • @Shiwa-GBM is still corrupt whether he resigned because of his uncle. He abused ZAF privileges by sending his relatives to Kasama everyday with ZAF aeroplanes. He awarded himself and family all the contracts in the armed forces. It’s absurd how praise him now that he has crossed the floor.

  4. Sharia Law should be introduced in this nation. People steal with no shame at all. There masses are too gullible in this nation. A thief should not preside over issues of the nation. There is no moral standing for a criminal to be cheating people. In this nation, we tolerate a lot of criminality. How do we allow a thief to be standing and address our honourable parliament. This Christian, no sense, should be abolished. Christianity does not allow thieves to go scot free. We are not supposed to hide under the sacred name of Jesus, when in our hearts we know that we are thieves. Jesus does not allow thieves in His presence. The presence of God does not allow thieves. Thieves are supposed to be in hell. This Chitotela man should be in jail.

  5. I used to argue with people over Chitotela and I insisted in the past that he was pure and hard working, until BOOM right in my face, a toll gate was 43 billion kwacha(non rebased) on the kitwe ndola dual carriageway , then I woke up from slumber.

  6. My only problem with the UPND walkout was that the questions were asked by MPs from UPND itself. It raises questions about the sincerity and seriousness of these MPs who asked the questions. Could it be that the questions were merely meant to trigger the walkout and were not well-meant?

  7. This government yaba lungu has been infiltrated upnd at work so that they can weaken the PF,just unfortunately the president ddint realise it bwangu.they are weakening him using the law.i was so shocked in court to discover that the people who have been Persuing this case from acc all of them are Tonga’s the arresting and prosecuting team is just comprises with all Tonga what is that mean to you?

    • truth be told, such comments are really unfortunate, how has tribe come in here. So in your foolish wisdom all Tongas are UPND

    • Please stop this tribal thing. I wish I could get into politics just to sort out this tribal problem we have. Arabs don’t like us whites don’t like us and we want to fight each other, really?

  8. I support their actions, but I can assure you that as soon as Chitotela is dumped you will see how HH, Kambwili, GBM will be giving him moral support each time he appears in court. I can assure you this will happen. Chitotela has been given enough rope and if he’s man enough he should resign so that he can adequately prepare his defense. It will be bad when the flag is removed from his car on court premises after he’s been found guilty.

  9. It is only ECL who does not see anything wrong, even his own Ministers must be shocked at how their corrupt colleague is still in Govt.

  10. If anything Upnd and kainde are most corrupt these are the corrupt people who have moved from mmd to UPND via PF with their corrupt minds and use Mr chitotela to resign and join them as they did to gbm and others

  11. Upnd too much corrupt misused cdf no development in their communities. These are the recycled corrupt materials from mmd to UPND via PF

    • acquaint yourself with parliamentary procedures. All questions been answered were submitted last year. Unless it was an emergency question which can only be allowed by the speaker

  12. There is nothing that is going to happen to chitotela so these MPs better get used to him. The whole investigation is a smoke screen which Lungú wants to show the world that even his nearest and dearest can be investigated. If this was a genuine investigation he would have been fired already.

  13. This is the right place to boycott. I do believe these MPs have ready the OF’s constitution. The PF’s constitution is very clear. I hope you guys(UPND) will make yours easily accessible and not locked somewhere in the Stanford University website for the British to read. That is part of your Accountability to the Zambian people who vote you in power.

  14. Chitotela faces serious charges. Morality, common sense and due process demand that one stands aside while charges are either proven or thrown out against them (we don’t even have to go so far as to argue whether he falls within the ambit of ‘public officer’ as defined in the ACC act – which requires one to be suspended) There are numerous examples where this regime has wantonly ignored the rule of law, justice, common sense and civilized procedures. Yet the powers that be stand on ant hills everyday and proclaim that they stand by the rule of law, process and democracy – virtues they do not even know the meaning of. They are embedded in their own self-indulgence politically and in opportunities for self aggrandizement. We are cursed with this lot.

  15. These trib.als are deceiving each other, are they not the ones who asked the questions on both occasions? Trib.al Lazy Jay Gay, please advise your trib.als.
    Of course I think Chitotela must go, but I don’t think that I want to listen by trib.als or worse still be led by trib.als either in Parliament or in State House!!!!. Your opinion trib.al Jay Gay? Consult trib.al MPs if you wish.

  16. Mr Lungu should for once listen to the cries of the people calling for him to get rid of Chitotela. Mwanawasa used to listen to us and that’s we so dearly miss him. He should clean up his government of all thieves and crooks.

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