Someone facing corruption charges should not be flying the pride of the Zambian flag -HH

Mr Hichilema with other opposition figures at Lusaka Central Police.
FILE: Mr Hichilema with other opposition figures at Lusaka Central Police.
Mr Hichilema with other opposition figures at Lusaka Central Police.
FILE: Mr Hichilema with other opposition figures at Lusaka Central Police.

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says President Edgar Lungu should immediately remove his Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela from government in order to allow for fair prosecution and adjudication of the corruption charges levelled against him.

Mr. Hichilema says President Lungu does not remove Chitotela, the public will have to believe the view going around that Chitotela cannot be removed because he is an agent of Mr. Lungu in the massive corruption going on at that ministry.

“We state so because Mr. Lungu’s defence of those facing corruption charges clearly shows that he too is a beneficiary of the same but he must be stopped by citizens”, he added.

Mr. Hichilema says Zambians cannot allow a situation where someone facing corruption charges is flying the pride of the Zambian flag representing the country at both local and international levels.

“Clearly, Mr. Lungu’s conduct shows that the arrest of Chitotela is just a public relations show whose aim is to hoodwink the international community and our citizens. There are several people who have been removed from their positions on mere suspicion of financial embezzlement or other misconduct and are awaiting their cases to be disposed of”, he said.

He said the UPND is also aware of grand corruption by senior PF government officials which is depleting the country’s funds, this too must come to an end but if not, all those involved in this corruption syndicate will sooner rather than later be held accountable.

Mr. Hichilema has appealed to the Anti-Corruption Commission and other Agencies to be relentless in their pursuit to protect public property and finances from criminals masquerading as government officials or PF agents and that when in government we will even empower these bodies to operate independently and safeguard our country’s resources.


    • Let us not be dull, if you are a politician in Zambia and you do not place money offshore, the PF will kill your ambitions. Sadly for the PF, HH has $1bn networth, do not be deceived, he has a lot of money!

    • HH and Milupi are rich yes, but their crooked way of making money is same as Buffet or Bill Gates!! classic.
      But the PF way of life using issues is becoming boring and lost value.
      They were campaign in Range Rovers, instead of land Rovers in Sesheke
      They show pictures of empty-clean glass floors of some Utopian design pictures, and say they belong to Chimese. How can Eric build better houses than HH?
      The house for Rupia Banda, not even a bird seat of it. How will they be cleaning that glass house in next 10 years?
      You will see what kind of pictures will come out of Chitotela’s corruption.
      GBM has fought his life with Inter-City thugs, and he deserve to be called millionnaire, but the other day he told us that some ministers are 50% richer than GBM. Meaning, If GBM has $100, a…

    • I hate to say that HH is right on this but I will even take it a step further and say just like HH should never be allowed to rule Zambia which he personally looted during privatization.

      End of story … Let’s roll.

  1. True. I was also shocked to see pf cadres singing praises to him at court ati bosi,bosi,bosi, how does one on tax payers payroll equivalent to school bursaries claim title of BOSS , are these the pro poor policies of pf.

  2. You have been called tribalist running a tribal party and this has been effectively used to flag you down by the corrupt. They have amassed enough wealth through corruption, hoodwinked citizens to believe in the label that you are a thief and tribalist. They do not want anyone to assume power and expose them. Now, 60 percent citizens are beginning to realize that they are safer in the hands of a ‘tribalist’ than in the hands of a selfish and corrupt leader who is destroying the future of generations to come. How can the Republican President, sworn unto protecting the constitution, fail to suspend or fire a minister alleged to be involved in corrupt activities?Can I hear from those supporting this regime about how they see the future of their children. Is your conscience clear or seared…

    • Which 60% citizen are you talking about ? HH is still very far to win 60% of citizen in Zambia. Most of zambians know what HH wants to achieve. He has a lot of impending nkongole he gets from countries and mine giants promising them shares if he wins election in zambia

  3. HH should be the last person to comment on corruptions since he has skeletons of corruption himself. You and your uncle abused Cattle Finance Company.

  4. I hear you sir but gbm exonerated chitotela and he said its just political.

    In short according to upnd vip chitotela is being hunted for trying to challenge lungu.

    Can you trust this political party

    • GBM said it was political because of the magnitude of his charges, drop in the ocean. Concealing property suspected to be proceeds of crime, this charge is a joke. Chitotela has stolen a lot and its there for everyone to see. Wake up Zambians, as diggers put it, this is more of loyalty enforcement.

  5. @ musona that’s because HH is a tribalist, secondly that’s because he privatized many Zambian assets cheaply when better offer’s were available, thirdly some of the government assets HH sold to himself, of course shallow minds will argue that was HH the government, little do you know it is at many times the government subcontracts to do different jobs like make roads, supply food to prisons, building projects and yes privatization. it means the government entrusted Zambians like HH to do a good job, but I’m afraid HH stole from us

    I’m transcendent and I approve this message

    • Transgender….Lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners who stripped all the equipment and shipped it out of the country devastating whole communities in Lusaka ….

  6. HH is brainless for he says this today and turns against the same tomorrow.He was very happy when he corruptly got money during privatization, but today he is crying loudly because he watches from the distance.He wants you Zambians to put him in state house so that he gets the little that was left for us.

  7. He is not even ashamed to see his nakedness. He needs to cover himself morally. The best he has to do is to resign on moral grounds. His nudity has been exposed to the public. A sane person is supposed to do a right thing and cover himself. His face and speech is full of nothing but shame. The little dignity that he has should be concealed by doing the right thing, resignation. He should not pretend to hide under the canopy of ignorance. He has been exposed as a shameless thief who is not supposed to be in public. That is the problem of having thieves whose wrongdoings sneers their conscious. If his conscious is upright, he is not even supposed to address the nation. Insoni ebuntu!!!!!

  8. Fimo fipuba. How do you defend people like Chitotela who are busy screwing you and your future? Think beyond your tummies and the little that is falling your way from the tables of these thieving leaders. It’s very important for a man to have principles and correct morals. What we are seeing are people who have lost shame and will defend anything related to the PF, no matter how ugly it is. This is really being brainless. These are wasted specimens walking on this earth.

  9. When MMD was campaigning in 1991, despite having intellectuals of the time, they couldn’t afford lavish campaign materials. 9yrs later 22 ministers proved to be so rich even to sponsor own parties. Supporters were now called cadres. 2011 PF didn’t have much campaign materials but today they can dress even trees like MMD’s RB. Today, cadres, are well dressed, well fed, empowered & armed. Some cadres are more less than employees to some Ministers – so rich to even employ. I fear if we are not having War Lords in the making. Some already look like War Lords except they are still in power. How can cadres go to Parliament to demonstrate without permit? These are informal employees of these “wealthy-from-no-where” Ministers whose faces already look like potential War Lords. Will God allow…

    • Poverty has turned the youths in this country into zombies, how do you describe someone calling his political representative ati BOSS, when in one European country one underperforming minister was thrown into a trash bin by citizens.

  10. Even a 4 year child can tell that the president is sidelining chitotela for reason known.If am found wanting at place of work with nail i should pave way for police to work or fired immediately

  11. corruption is corruption dispite commiting it some way back,so HH must not even talk about corruption is the viticm of the proceeds from the sale of mines,especially that he eyeing the highest position he should justify himself were he got that money.There is no classic corruption,smart corruption,good corruption mane it,corruption is corruption.Look at what happened to Coniscious Banda,is that not corruption.Wait for the court to do its a job.

  12. HH is a sadist who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers because of his greedy and bitterness let him bring back what he’s stolen that’s when we pay attention to him. For now it’s only his brainwashed UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress and worship him who can listen to his warped mind because of group think mentality.

  13. The President is not going to fire Chitotela because the Vice President for UPND said the minister in question was arrested because of his presidential ambitions not corruption charges and then you hear the entire President of UPND condemning Republican President Lungu,Guys in opposition please be serious with yourselves.

  14. Korapshoni siingasile if we pull in different directions. Let’s all pull in one direction.

    I propose that Zambia adopts “CHITOTELA” as a synonym for thief. Just like “Mwene Mutapa” was adopted for “Master Robber”.

  15. Life goes on. Not even HH can make a perfect man. There shall always be issues being born or those that can be brought back from the dead. Who thought that the jailed man could sink that low and commit such a crime and yet he was such a force in the UPND. What about when one builds a house with a banker, what do you think he is anticipating in life? Remember at the time these men were opening accounts outside the country the PF were not born yet. They knew well in advance that there shall never be a perfect Government as long as it shall be run by humans. Even when they themselves get into power, the offshore accounts will not be closed to bring the money here. Its safety catch.

  16. Pf defenders we need to agree on one thing. The goings-on in in Zambia are unprecedented. Kaunda used to fire ministers on allegations;Wanawasa ooooh that no-nonsense warrior how I miss you! Now Lungu for him it’s all about him
    ‘i won’t fire chitotela I don’t want to lose him’ ‘ I won’t allow you to make me lose power’ . You PF people HOW DO YOU GO TO BED EVERY NIGHT DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE? Where is your conscience?


    • You are really wacko. How do you expect a private a businessman to open up his books for public scrutiny? You zambians are really prehistorical. 25 years as you put it is long enough to acrue profits even for a dull person like you. The one who should explain his sudden wealth is Lungu.

  18. People who are always saying HH is corrupt because he has offshore accounts (paradise paper ) how much research have you put into this matter do you know what offshore accounts are for

  19. HH Comments!

    Does he qualify to tell Chitotela not to fly Zambian flag? Is it not trying to remove a spake in Chitotela’s eyes leaving a log in his own eyes? What is the difference between Chitotela and HH since no one can prove whether it was money from crime or bank loan or his own earning or money laundering he deposited in Paradise? Can he show the Zambians where he got that money? If not out of corruption, let him provide evidence. Who has demanded him to step down or not fly the Zambian flag as main opposition leader? How credible is HH to associate with Kambwili if he does see differences between Chitotela and Kambwili? Please fellow Zambians let’s be fair in dealing with our fellow brothers and sisters. Let us not be hypocritical in our behavor like HH. If Lungu has failed…

  20. “….We state so because Mr. Lungu’s defence of those facing corruption……”
    But this also, since 2016 you mean he just can’t mention the title “President Lungu”, not necessarily “His Excellency”. There must be a real problem for 3 Church mother bodies and ZCID to decide on the protocols… no wonder no dialogue will ever take place. Zambians will not allow such uncivility; and it does not work well for his ambitions too where civility is paramount for people to look at you as a potential leader.
    Lazy “” Jay Gay, please work on Hacks.

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