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Zambia Police Arrest UPND MP for stealing 110 bags of maize meant for relief


Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo
Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo

Opposition UPND Sinjembela Member of Parliament Mubika Mubika has been charged and arrested for theft of over One hundred and ten, 50 kilogramme bags of Maize.

The bags of maize are property of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit and where stored at the Shangombo Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depot in Western Province.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed the arrest of Mr. Mubika 45, to ZNBC News today and that the law maker was detained at Chilenje Police Post.

Mrs. Katongo explained that the theft is alleged to have occurred between August 9 and 10th 2016 in Shangombo. The Sinjembela law maker has since been released on bond.


    • Ridiculous! Assuming this is true, Zambians will be replacing bad eggs with bad eggs. What have we done to deserve this stup!dity?

    • So opposition members should just be looked at. Please a crime is crime regardless of your political party . Police officers please do your work. Don’t listen to bad eggs.

    • If he indeed stole he must be prosecuted. MPs are not appointed but elected. So Mps can not resign before the case is concluded because their status can not interfere with due process. But a minister has power to conceal documents and intimidate subordinates in order control and interfere with due process and thats why I strongly support the view that chitotela must resign or be suspended until the case is concluded.

      What I think is that PF is struggling to front a narrative that both PF and UPND members are corrupt in order to save PF ‘s image. This explains why opposition Mps are being arrested for supposedly historical crimes which should have been investigated then. Now with the passage of time, police will struggle to aduce the evidence in court.

      But why arrest him now when…

    • But why arrest him now when PF had a chance to do that in 2016 and block him from standing for elections. Any way to PF theft of public money is not a crime to warrant dismissal.

      This move by police to arrest UPND MPs smell of a cocontion of intimidation and deception which is politically motivated.

      But again the vetting of politicians in Zambia is not up to scratch because if it was Lungu would not be president today because has track record of stealing his clients money using deception.

      All these cases must be concluded quickly to know what the truth is.

    • I remember years ago when I worked with one Somali guy who always bragged to me that he made into UK as a refugee after selling a truck load of UN relief maize ….I detested this guy but he didn’t understand why and thought I was jealous of his entrepreneurship.
      I detest thieves and lazy people!!

    • Kindly embark on the speedy trial and put him away. Let him resign, he is a thief. Stealing from the poor is as good as killing those same people he is said to represent. SHAMELESS kleptomaniac. Speaker please decare that seat vacant.
      The chaps ALWAYS want to frustrate Government’s effort of alleviate poverty. All these chaps understand is WALKING out of parley and do wrong things out there. Shameless kleptomaniac.

    • Zambia Police PF can not arrest Chitotela the thief, arresting Chitotela is like arresting president Edgar Lungu. Chitotela does dirt work for the president, for now he can not be arrested.

    • I hear Mwata Katongo has apologised to PF for beating those PF cadres they found with matchets. What nonsense from policespkeswoman.! Katongo Must apologise to all opposition they have teargassed and brutalised. Why police are scared of illiterate Davis Mwila and Kabova Kampyongo? Nonsense.

  1. So even a Tonga can steal? Are you not the ones who say Bembas are the thieves.
    There storries that Tongas are the biggest thieves, they cattle etv

    • When did Mubika become Tonga, and assuming he was Tonga, which court has convicted him of theft other than police witch hunt on opposition MPs ? PF thinks that by this, they can induce a bye election in Western province and hopefully win so that they can meet the 2/3 threshold to change laws in their favor in Parliament. Zambians will not allow that!

    • What has the tribe got to do with thieft, grow up and look at issues and not tribe. Yes Tonga or bemba are only human. So deal with yourselves.

  2. PF police please spare us this nonsense. Chitotela is a thief just accept. Looking for cases among the opposition won’t change public perception about corrupt PF.

  3. Ala! So trib.als are in it too? So we now have “Honourable” Chitotela and “Honourable” Mubika Mubika to resign?.
    And this crime was committed a day or two before 2016 elections, did the “honourable” use the maize to bribe the villagers and win his seat? Uuuhhmm, this seat is candidate for nullification and by election. Problem is that trib.als will retain the seat by lightning and bees: witchcraft I mean to say. Where are you Jay “trib.al” Gay?

  4. Psychology of UPND stooges kuti wa papa !so this area member of Parliament decided not to give RELIEF FOOD to starving citizens because of his HATRED FOR PF government and ECL right?
    Ever with SMALL PSYCHOLOGY. Ipayenifye ne nsala after all you don’t appreciate,US IN 6.5 provinces are ok.

  5. We have a very emotional police force, such that when they come up with such cases i patiently wait for the case to be taken to court. Are you telling me it has taken Zambia police almost 3 years to investigate a 110 bags of maize case. Imagine a cyber crime case, how long would they take. At the end we find out the maize reached the intended recipients, only maybe someone didn’t check the records thoroughly.

  6. Am very disappointed with most of the coments, so short of objectivity. Pipo look at every thing with a patisan approach pliz take off the partisan spectacles and be objective above all be patriotic our country is bigger than your small political parties you are affiliated to. A crime committed must be mated with an arrest and if found guilty punished,a crime is a crime regardless of who committs it or party they are coming from. Just some days ago an MP resigned for stealing a sandwich then u can make stealing of relief maize as a Small thing be serious and neither is chitotela issue small .

    • i doubt it if that theft occured here,how can an mp resign if he is yet to appear in court,thats why here we say innocent till proved guilty not the other way round,the prosecution team have to proof the allegation,2 yrs simple traceable bag of maize.kwena pa zed

  7. Zambia police lately have been doing their due diligence. Arrest these thieving politicians. Even that PF copperbelt minister soliciting our young women.

    • The theft was not known. Check the Auditors report and the cases being followed mainly 2 to 3 years. Is it your assumption that after many years one can get away with murder? News is news when the happening has come to light.

  8. Comment: cheap politics of always fault finding instead of delivering development to the nation but the pf government is always behaving in the worst childish ever and throughout panicking as if they are still in the opposition. please the leadership of pf requires wise advisers to the top authorities otherwise the advers sarrounding the top authority are all self-centered and with personal vision and heart for developing the nation. Zambia in dangerous position.

  9. There bakatongo quick actions since its the opposition, what abt chitotela huh?mwaikalila pashabanenu trying to diversify people’attention to something else,nonsense.

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