PF calls for political co-existence in Mongu after a fight over operation of a bus station

PF,UPND,MMD and FDD campaign materials symbolising unity along Umodzi Highway in Chipata
PF,UPND,MMD and FDD campaign materials symbolising unity along Umodzi Highway in Chipata

Patriotic Front (PF) members have called on all political parties to co-exist for the promotion of unity, peace and security in Western Province.

Western Province PF Chairperson, Charles Mutukwa has advised all political players in the province to be tolerant of each other and allow peace to reign.

Mr Mututwa said political instability is a recipe for retardation of the country’s development thus, the need for various political parties to embrace peace.

The PF Chairperson was speaking in Mongu when he held a dialogue meeting with both Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) members in the region.

Mr Mututwa has described the crash which occurred between the ruling PF and UPND parties over the operation of the main Mongu bus station on Thursday and Friday last week as unfortunate.

He said police have instituted investigations into the matter adding that, anyone who will be found wanting will be dealt with firmly irrespective of which political party they belongs to.

Earlier, Western PF Provincial Secretary, Mulenga Tembo said peace and unity is the prime base on which development is anchored and has since called on police in the area to heighten their operations to ensure that the safety of citizens is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, some Mongu residents have thanked the PF leaderships for the dialogue meeting adding that, the stance will reconcile the two political parties and restore peace and security in the province.

Kelvin Mukunda, a market chairperson was quick to advise all political players not to be divided on political grounds but develop the country


  1. For Upnd kanofye litente. The way I see it there’s a new party that will dislodge the PF and that will make the Upnd even more bitter.

    • Charles Mututwa for President! Kwena apoyatampila democracy yes muno Zambia I haven’t heard such wisdom from the PF or UPND top leadership I. E Lungu and Hichilema. This man knows we are all Zambians. He is the kind of leader we want.

  2. How can that when the police officers enforcing the law are being victimised for arresting the violent PF thugs.

    If Lungu and his PF continue on this path then I can promise PF and Lungu that their days to plead for dialogue with the opposition party is coming in the near future. For Lungu feels there is no need to talk dialogue because PF has an upper hand.

    If the police can only protect PF cadres then we the opposition have to think about forming our own military group armed to the tooth to take on the PF police and its cadres.

    Our freedom fight will soon be relaunched if Lungu grows big headed and continues to prevent the police doing their job professionally.

  3. PF Officials and their cadres are the perpetrators of violence because they feel they should be feared as they bully citizens around since they think nothing can happen to them as their party is in power. But let these violent PF Cadres be taught a lesson from now hence forth. Any violent PF Carder should be bitten. Bit them.

  4. Give praise where it is due, this PF Provincial Chairperson Charles Mukutwa has exhibited rare maturity, let’s not fight but resolve problems together.
    If upnd and PF behaved themselves there would no police bias or brutality etc to worry about. Do police normally brutalise peaceful people? No, if so, very rarely. Now these trib als in both upnd and PF everyday its police this police tha, twatendwa you idyoots and your sponsors!!
    Especially uko kwine ku western, we just hear and read rubbish from there!! Blocked motorcades, police want to kill me, now even witchcraft bees lightning etc, shameful province sha!!

  5. This advice will go on deaf ears, PF cadres do not listen to any advice. They don’t respect rules, laws,regulations. They marched to parliament without any regard for the law and nobody has ever said anything. Untouchables eeh for now but time will come to account always comes, Nthawi izafika

  6. The PF want to make bus stops and markets in western province unmanageable by councils …..want to put PF thugs incharge like in Lusaka and CB ……

    People of WP , do let let PF thugs control your public spaces , you will be held ransom to extortion and corruption by those thugs who control bus stops and markets….them extorting money from you , the public , is their payment from PF for acting as PF activists and enforcers ……

  7. Police must be professional and Zambia now needs a third Political Party that will not behave in the way these two are behaving, and get elected to office in the next General Elections.

    PF and UPND are a bad combination for Zambia, and what with the failure by Police to be professional.

  8. Now that the problem occurred in Mongu which is not their stronghold they are talking about co existence and dialogue. If it was in one of their strongholds by this time they would have brutalized everyone including the police.

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