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No animals being airlifted from any of Zambia’s National Parks, says Director of National Parks


The Suspects in custody
FILE: South African arrested for trying to smuggle wildlife to South Africa by airlifting them from parks in 2015

Director of National Parks and Wildlife Paul Zyambo says there are no animals being airlifted from any of Zambia’s National Parks as being reported in some sections of the media.

Reacting to an article that appeared in the Zambia Daily Mail dated 15 February 2019, Mr. Zyambo said that some poaching syndicates have used helicopters in the poaching of rhinos in some parts of the region but not in Zambia.

He indicated that illegal activities in protected areas are sophisticated, transnational and that other equipment is used in such activities.

The article stated that Mr. Zyambo had said wildlife trafficking is sophisticated because traffickers fly into the country with helicopters and airlift animals.

It further said that people who were stealing animals were from other countries who fly in to drug animals and fly them out of the National Parks.


  1. I think our animals are safer and better looked after in country that value life it being for animals or humans. Here in Zambia we should just go back to our caves.
    Those who are supposed to be protecting our wildlife are busy making money by mass murder of these beautiful creations without life wouldn’t be quiet as beautiful as we know it.

    • When Kendrick Lamar said,

      “The reason that an elephant will regurgitate its breakfast is proportional to the forest’s cacophony, provided that an ignoble hullabaloo is maintained in the upper echelon of the homosapien’s intellect”,

    • Fact: some sapiens where airlifted from intercity, city market and black mountain to the plains of barotseland(sesheke to be precise) and where found with pangas , and some paid the price for shaking up the unshakable in sesheke.

    • What good move? He has no clue what happens at night in Parks…ask him where the wild dogs disappeared to in that Western Province game park

  2. I have no information about this animal airlifting syndicate but truth be told African countries have very unsophisticated border protection systems and landing strips in the middle of nowhere. We need to spend more resources towards electronic protection of our borders (not the foolish walls of Trump) so we can best be able to monitor activity. Call me for help.

  3. So, which one is which? Animals are not being airlifted or that wildlife trafficking is sophisticated because if this is the case, then Mr Zyambo is not in a position to know if animals are being trafficked

  4. Director without direction.This is the same chap airlifting animals.How can he deny the fact that animal are being lifted.Does he even know the population of animals?

  5. Better you investigate than just talk there is no smoke without fire cooperate with people bringing up this information they will tell you.
    You can not just dismiss what people are saying , there must be some truth in what are hearing from the media.

  6. The chap is just sitting comfortably in his office and denying everything without any facts as if he has radar in national parks

  7. “The article stated that Mr. Zyambo had said wildlife trafficking is sophisticated because traffickers fly into the country with helicopters and airlift animals”.

    So ZDF are sleep! Where is ZAF? Don’t they have radars?
    So anyone with a helicopter can fly in and out of Zambia unhindered!
    National security highly compromised!

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