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Zambia to procure modern equipment for the Army

General News Zambia to procure modern equipment for the Army

President Edgar Lungu confers with the Newly appointed Zambia Army Commander Lt. Gen. William Sikazye (l) and Defence Minister Davies Chama (r) shortly after the swearing in ceremony at State House
File:President Edgar Lungu confers with the Newly appointed Zambia Army Commander Lt. Gen. William Sikazye (l) and Defence Minister Davies Chama (r) shortly after the swearing in ceremony at State House

Defence Minister Davies Chama says Zambia is in the process of procuring modern equipment for its defence forces.

Mr. Chama says this was done in order to keep the defence forces abreast with modern developing trends in ground and air warfare capabilities.

He was speaking in Johannesburg, South Africa in transit to Cape-Town where he will be attending that country’s Armed Forces Day on invitation by his South African counterpart.

Mr. Chama said officers have been trained in operations depending on threat analysis.

He added that Zambia is collaborating closely with other SADC countries as Zambia is the current SADC chair on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation to maintain peace in the region.

Mr. Chama mentioned that this was being achieved through Joint Permanent Commissions with member countries.

He added that about 800 Zambian soldiers and military observers have since been deployed in different countries on the African continent and beyond to help maintain peace.

Mr. Chama said the soldiers have been deployed as part on a rotational basis as requested by the United Nations.

He observed that some Zambian peace keepers have been deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Lesotho, and Southern Sudan among other countries.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa, Naomi Nyawali.


  1. Yes, because we need more guns and tanks etc… in Zambia. If a fire truck costs $1million in Zambia what more a tank or helicopter??

    I hope Zambians enjoy eating dust and drinking spit.

    I have a PhD.

    • Corruption Version 10.1 … the army is not openly audited and now the PF are raising money for 2021. Too many shoddy deals in the defense forces. By the way the rarely even issue competitive tender so this modernization of the army means purchasing some luxury planes from Russia among other nonsensical purchases one would like to imagine. Dammit these people !!

    • The allocation to defense in Zambia is always generous despite threats around us diminishing compared to the past however these PF neanderthals have even reduced funding to health …. as they continue to fly in droves to RSA and India for treatment. VERY ANNOYING

  2. What foolishness is this when schools do not have basic necessities? Misplaced priorities all the time, it is so painful and not even laughable anymore with these dimwits

  3. Honourable Minister, please also look into the General maintenance
    of the army barracks.

    Its a appalling to note that some barracks do not have security fences
    around them. Clearly, that is a defensive porosity to start with.

  4. Here comes corruption on this arms procurement, since military procurements are all secret , there is going to be looting on another level, with this lot… ,mark my words

  5. Cant the first lady broker some free deals where the USA can donate some of their old but state-of-the-art (in the Zambian context) military equipment?

  6. Whatever this nation did to deserve this kind of leadership.Arent we supposed to be talking about austerity measures?We are simply sank as a nation,military equipment is not supposed to be a priority to us as a nation…

    • Zambia deserves what it is getting. Zambians voted for PF not once, not twice but 3 times!! So this is reaping what you sow. Zambian like to be poor so they keep voting for PF.


      I have a PhD.

  7. So the small arms they procured in 2017 were only for State House Paramilitary guard unit?
    It would be nice for Zambia Army, ZNS and ZAF to have modern weapons, especially heavy weapons. We really need to modernise them.

  8. What a waste, and what is the level of threat on our country and from whom. Imagine the military expenditure in the past and what the equipment has been used for.

  9. I think medical equipment will be a MUST, NOT NOT army equipment. We are spending too much on medical bills in SA. Priorities PLEASE.

  10. Are we at war? That money can better be spend on specialist doctors instead of people being flown to South Africa and India.

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