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Excessive force by the State Police must be condemned outrightly in a functioning democracy

General News Excessive force by the State Police must be condemned outrightly in a...

The Broken door of the Guest House where PF cadres were residing. Door damaged and forced open by Zambia Police
The Broken door of the Guest House where PF cadres were residing. Door damaged and forced open by Zambia Police

The Golden Progressive party says the excessive force by the State Police must be condemned outrightly in a functioning democracy.

Party President Jackson Silavwe has also called on the Government to institute Police Reforms to transform this vital state institution into a professional, efficient and accountable police service that exudes the confidence of the general public.

Mr. Silavwe said given the evolution of political violence in the country, the rapid dismissal of the Sesheke Police Officers has set a terrible precedence in the fight against this cancer.

He said the Officers and Government reactions were both excessive.

Mr. Silavwe said the gruesome pictures from Sesheke Parliamentary by-election campaigns depicting the bloody confrontation between the State Police and the ruling patriotic front cadres left many right thinking citizens terror stricken.

“In the quest to give the Police a human face, the people of Zambia have emphasised on a ‘Police Service’ and not a ‘Police Force”, Mr. Silavwe said.

He noted that the dismissals have sent a clear signal to the rank and file of the Zambia Police of “Touch not the ruling party cadre or you will be fired”.

Mr. Silavwe has since demanded that the dismissed Police Officers must be re-instated and alternative punitive measures be meted.

He said the Sesheke fiasco is a clear demonstration of political leadership which is divergent from the deeply held aspirations of peace and oneness in diversity.

Mr. Silavwe said it is leadership failure from both the ruling and the opposition political parties.

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  1. Ba Silavwe, today we hear you comment, how come when it is your fellow opposition being brutalised by ZP we v never heard from you? No please let us stop critising ZP doing their jobs when they had to defend themselves from drunk armed cadres. What we should all be looking for answers for is who brought those cadres into Sesheke? who armed them who booked and paid for them in that guest house. What some people are saying is demorolizing our Police officers. imagine being trained to keep law and order and then having unruly thugs put into a honourable uniform and armed and they must dictate to trained officers? it is a shame a big shame on people like you.

  2. PF are but a thug theiving party lead by a fraud convict , lungu who moves with a bible in his back pockets ready to dupe the masses of his holiness , …..corruption, political violence and the corruption of all systems of governance have never been as high as now with lungu…..

  3. Comment:
    on opposition all is well police is doing it’s job on the ruling party it must be condemned. Bwana Silavwe don’t say it just to please the gods. Right or not your condemnations has come at the time when it can’t be bought by majority. For your own information democracy doesn’t mean ruling party it includes even booty leakers like your. Brown envelope worshippers like you, even a blind eye can see what is behind your condemning. We are tired of belly politicians like you. Anyway I can’t crucify you much for opinions are like tears even the brave soldiers in the Ituli forest fighting for what they don’t know have their own tears cry someday. In most cases I advise people like you to keep quiet than exhibiting your ignorance in things you can’t understand.

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