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SA’s youngest multi-millionaire visits Lusaka this weekend


SA’s youngest multi-millionaire Sandile Shezi
SA’s youngest multi-millionaire Sandile Shezi

South Africa’s youngest business tycoon, Sandile Shezi (27) with an estimated net worth of $2.3 million is expected to visit Lusaka this Saturday.

On his international tour dubbed Think like a Billionare, Shezi says he will teach Zambian entrepreneurs on key principles of growing a business.

The business seminar will be held at the Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel from 10:00 Hours.

Shezi wrote on his Facebook page that he is excited to be visiting Zambia for the very first time.

“I’m so excited to finally be in Lusaka for the first time this Saturday. My Think like a billionaire tour will then take me to Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Dubai. I’m going to be sharing 8 key principles that have used to move from selling muffins to making millions. Tickets are free, so book yours now on our website This tour is tailored for individuals who are looking for opportunities to multiply their money in 2019. Visit, click on tour bookings at the top to view dates and venues,” said Shezi in his post.”

The self-made business magnate obtained a National Diploma from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) majoring in Public Relations, and applied communications.

His business acumen started at a younger age as he used to sell muffins at his school and he later used the money to trade forex while he was still attending school.

He made some risky decisions. When friends gave him tuition fees for the year, he took the entire amount and started trading online.

Shezi and his long time mentor George Van der Riet, being a trade master with trading experience in excess of 15 years, partnered up to start Global Forex Institute.

SA’s youngest multi-millionaire Sandile Shezi
SA’s youngest multi-millionaire Sandile Shezi

But his rise to stardom has not been without controversy.

In 2015, South African Economist Mike Schussler criticized Shezi and his approach to business.

Mr. Schussler said some companies that train people in currency trading, like the one belonging to ‘SA’s youngest self-made millionaire’ are actually selling ‘bullshit’.

“It’s a trick. It’s all bullshit,” he told News24.

“A lot of the people who sell these courses… the majority [of their courses] are schemes to fleece people out of money.”

Schussler told News24 that people who sold these courses were not good traders, but rather good salesmen.

“Proper money traders… don’t try to sell software and training programmes and they don’t flaunt their money,” Schussler said.

He said few people who provided courses in forex trading actually made money from trading.

“If they did make money, we would have heard a lot more stories of new millionaires and billionaires.

“If I was making that much money, I wouldn’t want to advertise it because SARS [The SA Revenue Service] will come.”

He said these trainers often used invented stories to make their companies popular.

“They portray themselves as wealthy. They dress in expensive clothes, they pay for models to come for photo shoots, and they go to Avis and rent expensive cars,” Schussler said.


  1. I have never heard of him simply because I take my inspiration from other well established people. However a lot of people can learn from this guy. I have brothers and friends who outrighly would ask me for $5000 to start a new business project when they have never even sold a muffin in their lives.
    Be careful though prospective attendees, tickets maybe free but you will be sold BS literature telling you how to become millionaires. Tafibomba!

  2. Just like the Heritage Coin scam, this could also cause a lot of people to lose money. Can BoZ please caution this Chap before its too late.

  3. Success is like belief: each and everyone of us has a path and as we traverse it it curls up behind us. It is hard to sell someone your success formula or your belief system and expect it to work in exactly the same way. Create your own Chapter 1 and leave those who are already on Chapter 10 alone! I don’t know what else to say to help the clueless…

    • True @Ndanje – now we see why so-called prosperity salesmen (aka snake oil salesmen) become mega rich after peddling their own success stories. Gullibility is the foundation of many a cult.

    • @Ndanje, footballers/athletes in general will probably disagree with you. Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan all followed the same path: identify your talent, work REALLY REALLY HARD at it and don’t do for free what you’re very good at. Beware of limited thinkers in your realm, readers.

    • 3.3 I’m sure I didn’t say that only one footballer can be rich while others cannot be rich. What I meant is listening to the young millionaire can’t make you rich. As you rightly pointed out one must identify one’s talent or potential. …what made this chap cannot necessarily make me rich. ..his talent is different from mine.

  4. It is funny how those who make a few buck go straight to showcasing. Stay off the radar, turn that into a $100m and you can start your trip-sessions.

  5. No millionaire will ever tell you how to make millions, its delusional, instead they are making millions on you.The boy has just read some self help books, now trying to be a Napoleon of our time, think and grow rich stuff, hell now, you cant teach us how to hustle, we hustlas by nature, we grinding like derick rose on 50 point night, third eye wide open on you cons.

    • Yes it is like somebody asks you to give him money so that he can multiply it for you. You think a person who has this knowledge of multiplying money can share it with you.

  6. we are strong already, we make paper longer than scottie pipens arms, only weak minds need to be told what to do, I dont remember bill Gates, or warren buffet attending such, hustling should be coded in your DNA.

  7. I believe this guy because have manage to earn $160 in only 8 days others making $500 daily just investing my cash it’s real just need to look for a genuine company, it’s real with FX trading corporation if want to join don’t hesitate [email protected]

  8. How foolish of zambians that they are fascinated by people that are millionares, no wonder the leaders show misplaced priorities. Our youth should be brought up to be inspired by hard work and accomplishment, not by titles of millionaire or billionaire .

  9. mIKE Schussler is actually right, alot of these people providing free seminars actually make money by selling a course of a book. Genuine Rich people rarely yteach you how to make money

    • I also see that Schussler is making more sense than this little boy. Who needs counselling on money making when the basics of getting rich are plain for all to see: take what you already have and multiply it through hard work and vision. What have we done with our resources as a nation? We continue to sell them out cheaply instead of multiplying – that’s the first lesson we need to learn before we can all dream about being petty millionaires.

  10. I think we are missing the point. It is not that you go through exactly what he did but to learn lessons from what he did and then formulate your own path. Ba Zambia, it is as simple as that.

  11. George van der Riet
    A reformed jail bird, changing the world in his own unique way, is what defines George Van der Riet. He is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in South Africa falling into the list of the famous millionaires thanks to Forex trading. Born and raised in Cape Town, he is now 39 years old. He spent most of his young days in the country then later relocated to London to further his studies.

  12. Zambian people please why are you so bitter about positive things? I can assure forex trading is real and it’s just like any other business, like it’s said they are risks and you can either make losses or gain entirely. What it means for you to attend a business seminar done by such a Person or any other entrepreneur is that you go there and grasp the idea and you think outside the box. The reason why we feel seminars are a waste of time is because we want the life of the speaker or we want things to happen to us the way it happened to someone but we forget tothat realize is that we are different people with different talents, preferences, tests or abilities. Discover what you are good at and use what you have learnt in your field. Forex works and people can think like you are using…

  13. Truly, Whithcraft is real in Africa,
    But Me, I have failed to understand how a millionaire (2.3m$) teaches people to be something he is not ??? “Think like a billionaire”.
    Isn’t he a day dreamer?

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