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Agarwal reassures Vedanta’s commitment to KCM and Zambia.

Economy Agarwal reassures Vedanta’s commitment to KCM and Zambia.

Vedanta Resources boss Anil Agarwal
Vedanta Resources boss Anil Agarwal

Vedanta Resources Group Chairman Anil Agarwal has said his company is still committed to the 50 year vision at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and ultimately the development of Zambia.

Mr Agarwal was speaking on Tuesday in Lusaka during his visit to Zambia where he met with Republican President His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu at State House as part of his plans to promote regular stakeholder engagement with governments in countries where Vedanta operates and garner support for the benefit of employees and the local communities.

Mr Agarwal congratulated president Lungu on his tenure and the economic growth in the country that has been experienced under his leadership. He also discussed the new fiscal regime in place and the need to relook some of the elements to ensure growth for the mining sector and the entire Zambian economy in general. He praised President Lungu for the good economic climate and his exemplary leadership.

The Vedanta Chairman said he was committed to fulfilling the US$1 billion pledge he made during his last visit in 2017 and that he wants to ramp up production at the Konkola Deep Mine in Chililabombwe, the future of KCM. To date over $300 million has been invested in KCM.

Mr. Agarwal said the Vedanta Group is determined to grow business across the globe and Africa continues to have special focus.

He is scheduled to commission the Gamsberg Zinc project in South Africa on 28th February this year which will be officiated by the South African President and Group Chairman.

Mr Agarwal later had a meeting with the KCM Executive Committee (ExCo) where he wished the team success and called on all employees to put in their best in order to turn around the company.

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  1. And we are supposed to be content about this?

    We need our mines back… it might not be now, but sooner or later, we shall get them back. We need to increase our shares in the mines.

    Either accept the increase or start preparing to leave.

    • It is not a matter of getting the mine back,but for once this man must start telling the truth. When is he going to turn around the balance sheet of KCM by liquidating what he owes suppliers and contractors. Chingola and chililabombwe residents will not eat the promises, they need to be paid.

    • I hope no one was sweet talked by this snake oil salesman. We need to grow balls and stop being nice to every foreigner who comes to eat masuku on our heads. The guy is not good for our country’s growth, that I can assure you.

    • It was the biggest mistake for Levy Mwanawasa to sell KCM to Vedanta. These cr00ked rac!st Indians bought KCM for $25million & hv made over $4 Billion every year for the last 15 years.

      See Agarwal’s video of him mocking LPM & zambian pipo on you.tube.

      The zambian management team under Jordan Soko was doing a sterling job before LPM sold it for a joke of $25m post-dated paymnt.

    • Hon Musukwa minister of mines has his hands oiled with kama cool U$2m like he did to his colleague Christopher Yaluma from this crooked Agarwal. This is how bad Agarwal is..!!! Hon Musukwa is now gone absolutely quite on issues of KCM. Very sad..!

  2. Vedanta Resources Group Chairman Anil Agarwal says his company is still committed to the 50 year vision at Konkola Copper Mines. Of the US$1 billion pledge he made during his last visit in 2017, only $300 million has been injected… No wonder KCM has been left just a shell, struggling to pay workers and contractors….and you call that a 50 year vision, really??????

    Give us a break!

  3. He knows we are gullible, he knows he can say anything and we will believe. Don’t you see official statements from sitete house quickly describing all meetings with everybody as a success.

  4. The President should not entertain this man. Government needs to frustrate KCM to a point where they should pack up and leave. Yes, jobs will be lost, a few of our people will die. But which nation doesn’t sacrifice a few of its citizens for a better future? This is war!!! We’re fighting an economic war and we need to be strong! Otherwise, tukalapelela muli, mwamoneni!

  5. ECL bale mumyanga mumatwi kuli uyu kuluku. Mwanawasa fell ply to this scam back, careful Mr President with this folk tongue, he is venomous.

  6. Comment:for how long this Indian ***** bn telling lies about his commitment to kcm.. it’s high time we got over with this man.. come at kcm and see for yourself how we miners are suffering from almost anything even personal protecting equipment is no longer in place,overtime pay nothing, salary increments nothing, paying suppliers nothing.. please give us a break..

  7. This **** Anil Agarwal just talks …was he not the one who pledged billions of investment at State House yet he can not pay anyone on time. I wonder why any sober minded President would invite this crook.

  8. Argawal strikes me as a crook and I’m left dumbfounded how he manages to convince all govt. officials he deals with. Look, he has left suppliers and contractors to go begging – not just for peanut jobs, but also their legal financial dues after performing their side of contract. This guy must go.

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