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Full Press Briefing By Amos Chanda on Sesheke Violence



  1. You wonder why that utterly lazy coward Edgar needs a civil servant to go and talk about such political issues involving political violence…he should be the one in the forefront hosting a press conference and discussing these issues to the nation. Is
    Is this Lazy man going to stay until 2021 without holding a Press Conference or Briefing…what type of a lawyer is this who cowers from national platforms this head of state has made more addresses at PF Rallies than at State House to the nation. Why would anyone like him would want to stand again is just beyond me…you lack responsibility and accountability!!

    • Quote: if two people are having a dispute, the angrier one is usually wrong. This is because anger clouds judgement.

    • This Amos just like those guys who analyze Zambian football in bar. Just making noise.
      The way Milupi brought up those names is nothing compared to when this Amos accused Kambwili that he killed that guy he named in Chililabombwe. And that Kambwili smashed a guy with a metal rod who is now handicap. Kambwili is nice man how could he drop those allegations by Amos.

    • Its no surprise most of these silly boys never get any other jobs after being Press Aide….look at the arrogance of this boy Amos…he is there insulting the people who pay him leave this to Sunday ****ing Chanda you are a civil servant.

    • President Lungu is a political genius. The Delusionals have tried their best, especially the Delusional Dictator HH, to provoke a public response from him by making outlandish allegations but he has largely ignored them. It takes a lot of maturity and self restraint as a leader to not act in haste and show “them “ who is president.
      ECL knows better to not lay with D0GS or fight with P!GS.

    • Lungu is afraid the ICC might indict him like Albashia of Sudan who is still on big wanted on charges of crimes to humanity.

      Chanda s out bursts show that Lungu is rattled by this ICC move and he is shaking and having sleepless nights.

      When chickens come to roost Lungu will have to sacrifice most of those mentioned to cut a deal for him self.

      Even Lungu knows that what happened in Sesheke was deeply troubling and this day and age it’s hard to hide it.

      To clear PF s image PF must invite foreign media to cover Bhahat elections. Without doing this PF is in deep shot.

      The police in Sesheke reacted the way they did because one of their officers was hacked with a panga in the head by PF militia. PF went too far and almost killed police.

  2. Aos it is good that you have invited the ICC human rights etc because you have opened a pandora s box. It is not the one that invites that will be vindicated but the state of affairs will be presented from both sides. Who are you really to be calling the opposition foolish? right now statehouse is your guardian angel and let us hope it will be there when you stand in the dock alone. The president should address the nation not you.

  3. What is that so-called Human “lights” person doing at this briefing? It will be an opening window for opposition to claim that he is compromised.
    Watch this space

    • Where does this civil servant find the audacity to utter this words
      “The President will carry on with the business of governing, and he cannot be bullied to go onto a table with people whose brain is the size of a rat.”

  4. Is it the existence of purported video evidence of police and PF aggression against upnd that is making statehouse worried ???

  5. Amos the devil, what a cursed family the brother stole social cash the young brother is hallucinating, why all the stup!d articles and press briefing’s if nothing is wrong…. Amos your mother is satan

  6. If you thought buying a plot in Swaziland was not bad enough .Now this ! Tax payers money being used to sue people speaking the truth .

  7. How irritating amos is. He speaks english as if his speaking bemba making his nonsense sound even more nonsensical. Presidential spokes man indeed, what an embarrassment

  8. Lets hope that the ICC cinds substance in pur quest so that they come and do an independent assessment. Who evee os guity must be put in the open so that rhe other should be vindicated. We need to forcus on moving on to more beneficial issues as a nation. Not this bickering day in day out.

  9. Ati the president cant be bullied to go on a table with people who have brains the size of a rat.Clearly dialogue is beyond Lungu and that is what PF is worried about. By the time they realise that Lungu needs dialogue it will be too late.Dialogue cant result in reduced violence that is all that PF have,so the only thing left will be dialogue to save the great leader,but it will be too late..

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