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President Lungu warns against politicizing the constitution making process


President Lungu in Chilanga during the Keep Zambia Clean Campaign
President Lungu in Chilanga during the Keep Zambia Clean Campaign

President Edgar Lungu says the Republican constitution is supreme law of the land affecting all Zambians regardless of their political affiliation and should therefore not be politicized in the process.

President Edgar Lungu has therefore urged Members of Parliament not to politicize the constitution making process because the document is for all Zambians.

Mr Lungu says it is important for parliamentarians to think beyond their political affiliations when dealing with legislative issues such as the constitution.

“ Drafting a constitution that suits a political grouping could be dangerous for the country and its people as it is same law could be used against those who drafted supreme Law once they change sides,” he said.

President Lungu has since encouraged various stakeholders such as the church to participate in the constitution making process.

He said all interested stakeholders will be welcomed to participate in the crafting of the constitution so that the document can be refined.

The Republican President was speaking to Journalists in Chilanga District today, shortly after conducting Zambia clean, health and green campaign exercise which has been going on every last Saturday of the month.

Mr Lungu made an impromptu visit to Chilanga Town to participate in the cleaning exercise at Twatasha market along Kafue Lusaka road near Munda Wanga Gardens, this morning.

He took time to help pick garbage behind the market shops as the whole front area of the shops was clean.

The President who earlier showed his satisfaction with the cleanliness of the area, however expressed disappointment after he discovered that the place was operating while the toilets were locked.

He took to task Council Chairperson Ann Brown, Chilanga MP Maria Langa and District Commissioner Edith Muwana who earlier on bragged that the district was the cleanest in Lusaka province.

Chilanga MP Maria Langa disclosed that the Town has not recorded any case of cholera this year so far because the Town has heed positively to government’s Keep Zambia clean, green and healthy campaign.

The President also visited Chilanga health center and interacted with staff and patients in the wards before touring Katandabale Market which is just in the vicinity of the health facility.

President Lungu later on toured Munda Wanga Gardens where he implored line Ministries to find a way of reviving the park by way through public private partnership.

During its hay days, Munda Wanga used to house over 40 bird species and about 200 individual animals in its wildlife sanctuary.

The President also took over an hour’s stroll into the park under the guidance of Munda Wanga Park Ranger Hendrix Sambiana to see some animals such as lions, Warthogs, Wild dogs and monkeys among others.


  1. No more signing of the constitution with your eyes closed, we are tired of these constitutional amendments. And why is Lungu the only one ‘keeping Zambia clean’ while everyone is watching?

    • So why did you sign the incomplete wrong thing naimwe?
      That cleaning up streets and cleaning up of constitution will never complete, someone things was elected president of cleaning up.

    • He seems the only one cleaning up because he does not put systems in place for cleaning , or see to it that his ministers put in place such systems , on purpose, so he gets a photo opportunity to show he is working when he needs to dupe the masses

    • Incompetence at it’s best. There’s no effective sanitation system put in place by these incompetent clueless leaders. And so the only thing they can do is pretend to be cleaning every last Saturday of the month. It’s like pretending to be a Christian only on Sunday, and the rest of the week you live like a pagan. The photo opportunity being played out is getting old already. Put an effective sanitation system in place.

    • Zambian politics is primitive and self-centered egoistic enriching adventure. None of the politicians and their minions are in politics to work for uplifting the downtrodden, rather all of them use them as vote-bank to enter statehouse and parliament and then treat them as their Bonded Slaves, throwing crumbs at them while the Elitist Politicians led by Monarch President live in luxury, globe hopping and shamelessly taking away the last morsel from the plates of peasant farmers, workers, street boys and girls, children, mothers, sisters, daughters, parents, grandparents, retired and destitutes.
      Shame on Media Savvy intellectuals, busy taking partisan stand and not thinking and working for the majority of Zambians living in abject poverty!

  2. This is all LAZY LUNGU is good at collection rubbish at the same place every month as he and his team have lamentable failed to implement policies. I mean even the wheel barrow is brand new…simply look at those idle people watching him including security…doesn’t that tell him something about the waste of man power when he is doing such roles.

    • True. The money he wasted on 23 vehicles accompanying him to Munda Wanga, not to talk about hundreds of party cadres fed at state expense and police officers lining up the route, and his unproductive time in short honeymoon trip to animal kingdom, would have cleaned the whole of Chilanga and surrounding area.

      ant-brain politicians.

  3. Look at Lungu who politicized the judiciary by warning them not to try Kenya style independent ruling now warning of politicizing the constitution process . Your hypocrisy stinks Lungu.

  4. “ Drafting a constitution that suits a political grouping could be dangerous for the country and its people as it is same law could be used against those who drafted supreme Law once they change sides,” he said

    Its alright for this LAZY LUNGU to say this as he knows he has majority in the house and his MPs are loyal to him than the people who put them in Parliament as evidenced with recent university meal allowances vote.

  5. This man should stop this stupid business of parading himself before the cameras picking up rubbish because it is not in his job description .His job is to ensure that the people of sesheke and Lundazi Emusa village have better schools and clean tap water .When will stop this nonsense .

    • And which council garbage picker has that full gear Lungu is wearing? Wearing just for pose. Give the workers that uniform and they will work.
      No wonder they don’t work because they are demanding for that kind of uniform but it is never forthcoming.

    • Mayor’s Secretary – those are just lazy excuses if you stated that they dont have trucks and are not paid on time I would have believed you…fact of the matter is that there are no polices even that rubbish he is throwing away can be turned into money through recycling but he is too dull to know that.
      Lazy Lungu is standing there being watched on like a child who is being watched by the whole family as he takes his first steps. look at pictures of Rwandan President cleaning/weeding among other workers not standing there showing gapped teeth saying look at me I can not believe I am President of Zambia I am a big boss look at me sure how did I become President.

  6. Hahaha ,Lungu you stink badly coz you’ve politicized GRZ projects by threats to with hold them from areas that don’t vote for PF candidates.

  7. Jay my brother note PF don’t have the 2/3 majority in NA needed to bulldoze their way in amending the constitution.

    • PF has 89 seats last time I checked add 4 MMD seats 1 FDD seats …and buy 7-10 seats off the independents does n’t that make 2/3 majority?

  8. Probably a case of bipolar disorder-2 sides of the same coin. One side saying things that the more dominant side doesn’t care about. Does the president really mean what he said about the constitution making process? I am asking because the current constitution was deliberately amended to favour him and his 3rd term bid.

  9. Even Bowman who used to do this has stopped as he knows now he is in Lusaka…but his boss is too dull he would rather let 50 people watch him pick up refuse

  10. Bwana Chagwa, your strategy is not working! You can wash pigs but they will continue wallowing in filth! Get technocrats to come up with a comprehensive waste management strategy that is sustainable, one that addresses the root cause of the problem – Lawlessness!
    Filth is a mindset problem. You need Carots and Sticks to manage this! Be ready to be unpopular. It’s not easy to change mindsets! But with the authority you wield, it’s easy!

  11. I think we should stop this idea of pretending to be collecting garbage when we should be directing the operations that make garbage collection more efficiently. How about another donation of garbage collection trucks, incinerators (with anti-pollutant filters) – only this time don’t collect 30 year old stuff… Awe mwe

  12. Just a correction to the President’s statement. It should to avoid “partisan politics”. You cannot stop “politicising the constitution making process”, for the constitution is the embodiment of our national politics, e.g. how the country shall be governed, it sets out how various elections will be conducted, how a president etc shall be elected, who qualifies. The consitution is politics itself.
    While I am at it, it is the same with the anti corruption fight, you cannot say it should not be “politicised” but to avoid “partisan” or politics in the fight, as zero corruption should be a major driver of our politics. Politics is service to the people, and corruption is the anti thesis of that service. So politics and corruption are two sides of a coin.
    All politicians, I…

  13. ….So politics and corruption are two sides of a coin.
    All politicians, I have spoken, so take note….. .kikikikiki
    Trib.als especially!!

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