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Shiwang’andu DC warns people practicing black magic

Rural News Shiwang'andu DC warns people practicing black magic

Shiwang’andu District Commissioner (DC), Evelyn Kangwa has warned people who practice black magic in Shiwang’andu to desist from the act.

She said this following a bizarre incident were a wizard fell off from a magic plane on Monday this week.The suspected wizard was in the company of four other wizards who were on a mission to bewitch a resident of the district.

The incident happened when the five suspected wizards had a conflict after one discovered that their target was his relative, prompting his comrades to push him off the magic plane.

The District Commissioner has therefore, urged people practicing black magic not to take advantage because there is no law patterning witchcraft.

Ms Kangwa stressed that there is need for Government to come up with a deliberate law to curb the practice of black magic in the district and the country as a whole.

Ms Kangwa lamented that the levels at which black magic is being practiced in the district is alarming, adding that, nearly every day, she sorts out issues of witchcraft.

She further said she is worried that people are leaving in fear and that the practice of black magic has contributed in hindering development of the district.

Ms Kangwa said witchcraft is real and has therefore, urged the clergy to always ensure that churches hold overnight prayers frequently.

Meanwhile, Muchinga Province Police Commissioner, Joel Njase has also confirmed that 5 suspected wizards have been arrested by the police in Shiwang’andu for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

Engineer Njase said the 5 alleged wizards are currently on police bond and that investigations are under way.

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    • PF are so scared of witchcraft, they will never forget Sesheke.
      However why did the PF drop the Witchcraft Degree program?

    • This is what draws Africans backwards!
      The DC is sorting out witchcraft related problems on a daily basis! What a country!
      And to think these are the same people singing alleluia on Sunday claiming Zambia is a christian nation is just baffling. Little wonder any body including crooks from Nigeria will come calling themselves prophets conducting fake miracles and you believe them because you already believe in witchcraft. Think people if witchcraft is truly as powerful as people claim, with the level of hatred in zambia half of the people would have died already !

    • Ms Kangwa lamented that the levels at which black magic is being practiced in the district is alarming, adding that, nearly every day, she sorts out issues of witchcraft.

      She further said she is worried that people are leaving in fear and that the practice of black magic has contributed in hindering development of the district.

      Ms Kangwa said witchcraft is real and has therefore, urged the clergy to always ensure that churches hold overnight prayers frequently.

  1. I appeal to the witch doctors to unite and use their powers to send PF, UPND and the rest that do not have the interests of Zambians at heart to the Middle East to work as maids, drivers and waiters.

    • We witches like definite targets, like above, mission was targeted.
      Lightening is not good, it’s inaccurate as of Luapula ones. Need some perfection, like any science.
      Remember Sesheke lightening strike innocent cadres, like in Syrian civilians. Not good.
      We can send a swam of bees again, but that will not close PF or UPND. Then what’s reason to target their leaders, they have no specific wrong. Besides they have also have defense, like they say Sikazwe is in charge of witchcraft affairs to someone.
      So end up fighting with Sikazwe who has no value.

  2. lmfao!
    to those of you who believe in voodoo , you’re no different than those f ools who believe in these fake pastors and their very poorly orchestrated magic they call miracles
    as an African, I would rather worship the waterfall gods than the fake blue eye and blond dude jesus

    • @Mukolwe, King Leopold ii of Belgium killed more than 10 million Congolese and mutilated millions more (amputated limps, fingers etc). When the whites intruded, Africans were not Christians so IF Witchcraft really has power do all these things, they would used it on the colonisers. Apartheid in S Africa yet the blacks had muti and witchcraft. In Zambia Mshala Adamson was claimed to haunt KK after Independence with witchcraft. Where was Mshala during the struggle for Independence? He would have tormented the whites until they fled. So it is clear witchcraft is just fear, people make up stuff to back it up.

    • Us witches are like computer bad guys who are about distraction like creating viruses.
      We are too few witches and we don’t SHARE knowledge we call IFISHIMBA. We are selfish and yes we fear others to attack us.
      Whites include King Leopard witnessed so many witchcraft acts, such as rain in dry season or lightening.
      Shaka too killed most of witches instead of using them. He only kept those who had magic of his interest. Instead of lightening on whites, he preferred to go invisible. But when in invisible state we can’t use spear or anything physical, muscles don’t function same.
      I have no time to bewitch one of you.

    • @Nostradamus
      There is no Human being who can fly, unless on an actual Plane built using Technology. Don’t listen to fantasy stories. You are speaking as if Witchcraft is an actual ‘science’ agreed by everyone. Witchcraft is inconsistent in that it’s whatever the person imagines. The less one understands the world, the more they perceive their Environment as being full of Witchcraft. The Owl, is feared by primitive all people (I used to fear it when I was in that class) SIMPLY BECAUSE it is a nocturnal (night) bed. The Developed humans studied all Animals, so they don’t fear it and other animals the most Africans believe are used by witches because they understand these animals very well. You google the Salem Witch Trials. “The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and…

    • … Why did Europeans and Americans believe in Witchcraft in the 16 century and now don’t believe? Back then Science was not advanced so they could not get answers. Old people with dementia who talked to themselves were automatically believed to confess of their witch activities. This still happens in Zambia, and even University educated people still don’t know dementia. Our friends in the West took a crack at this fear (witchcraft) and got out of it. We are stuck in there because the majority of Zambians and Africans at large have a very poor understanding of the world. Once we advance in Science, we will better interrogate our Universe and will drop this primitive superstitious belief.

  3. Someone falling off a magic plane is evidence that, that person is a killer. So there should be laws to prosecute these silent killers.Just release those wizards, why detain them as if you will take them to court? There’s no law to prosecute them.

  4. my bululu, you’re right
    growing up in my village there was this man, everyone was scared of him that he was a witch, no one would steal his fruits…, he used to do this thing, i’d walk about 10 steps and then do a 360 turn. Not sure what that was supposed to portray. but being curious and skeptical, twice i went after him…after he visited our village and did his 360 and was about to leave for his village i ran into the bushes and along the path to his village, on both occasions, he just walked never did his 360 not even once. when i told my parents i got a beating because i could be witched. every chance i got i’d go steal his ripe mangoes and guavas …and i am still alive
    shiwangandu has some fungi grew on some dead plants, those fungi glow in the dark. i went camping there as…

  5. That is why we will remain backwards forever ……a whole GRZ be living in crap…..the whites and the west probably leave us to belive this rubbish on purpose knowing it will hinder our development to first world status….

  6. Honestly Zambia is declared a Christian nation and we have leaders who believe in witchcraft? How can we ever develope and go forward with people who think this way? comment from the religious minister on this issue would be welcome and she would at least benefit her salary for a change.

  7. I’ve read some of the comments on here, and I’m shocked at the level of ignorance. Witchcraft my friends is real! Witchcraft is from the devil. Here are a few bible verses to read about what God says about it- 1chronicles 10:13, 1samuel 15:23, 1samuel 22:23, 2 chronicles 33:6, Leviticus 19:31 lev20:6, lev20:27, revelation 18:24, rev21:8, Galatians 5:19-21 Micah 5:10-12, Acts 19:17-20, Isaiah 8:19-22,Isaiah 19:1-4, acts8:9-13, Deuteronomy 18:10-14,Isaiah 47:8-14. Witchcraft is VERY real, repent and trust in Jesus my friends because when you breath your last, it may be too late. Don’t procrastinate do what’s right you will never regret it. It’s where you will spend eternity that’s at stake here.Satan has already been defeated by Jesus! Choose Jesus and have eternal life, choose Satan and…

    • Yes Witchcraft is real! The real question is whether Witchcraft has INHERENT power in and itself or whether it is just a superstitious belief. Just because something is real, does not mean we should believe in it. Stupidity is Real but should we be stupid. Witchcraft is real, people practice witchcraft. The problem is that both those who practice it and the onlookers/ victims attribute stuff that happens to witchcraft. It is like believing that you got rich because fake Prophets like Bushiri’s anointing oil. Bushiri’s oil is real, but it does not do what he and his followers claims it does. Same applies to witchcraft, you attribute a heart attack that was caused by a careless lifestyle to witchcraft.

  8. Are you sure the pushed him and they were five?Did you see the plane or it is hallucination.
    Maybe he is a patient – mental or he lost memory

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