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GBM still UPND Vice President and he will be HH’s running mate in 2021-Katuka

Headlines GBM still UPND Vice President and he will be HH's running mate...

HH and GBM smiling to supporters at the UPND Card Renewal exercise
HH and GBM smiling to supporters at the UPND Card Renewal exercise

Opposition UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says party Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba is still and will remain both the UPND Vice President and its running-mate in the 2021 general elections.

Reacting to a social media reports up purporting that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has replaced Dr Mwamba with National Democratic Congress Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili as party vice president, Mr. Katuka said the story was not only false, but misleading as well.

Mr Katuka said the UPND is an organized party that has a well established channel of decision making.

The UPND Secretary General said there has never been a time when the National Management Committee (NMC) convened to discuss matters bordering on replacing Dr Mwamba with Dr Kambwili because UPND remains intact with Its Presidency.

He appealed to all well meaning Zambians to dispel the rumours circulating on social with the contempt it deserved.

He said he has been going around the country and that everywhere he has gone, the people have always endorsed the candidature of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba as the running mate in the 2021 elections.

He said if there was going to be any such decisions or changes in the future, the party would communicate such in a way commensurate with the party’s laid down procedures.

Over insinuations that the UPND has already settled for named candidates for the now vacant Roan and Bahati constituencies, Mr Katuka said the party would notify the members of the public once the adoption had been made.

He was flanked by Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs, Patrick Mucheleka and Deputy SG for Administration, Gertrude Batuka Imenda.

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    • I really don’t know who advised HH and UPND.Clearly, there are two main issues that UPND need to consider if they were to make a difference.
      1) HH has not done enough to exculpate himself from Privatization – This shadow is following him. I am not suggesting he is guilty, but just saying, many people have been brainwashed and made to think HH was responsible. Check out how, the like of Francis Kaunda, just a few months ago made an attempt to clean their hands, but HH has not done enough
      2) The internal election – Any form of election, would have helped HH a lot.
      If he doesn’t strategically address these two points, come 2019 will not make a difference.

    • The Delusional Dictator HH and his fellow Delusionals are clearly insane. If HH the DD was concerned for Zambia then this time he could back a candidate with a better chance of winning and then help Zambia that way.
      United Party for National Delusionals is always accusing ECL of being a dictator when clearly the dictator is HH. Zambians have rejected this guy because he is a purported privatization thief, has a personality of a boiled egg and isn’t a great orator. Watch Bowman become president in all his kabova glory and The Delusionals will still be fielding Mr Boiled Egg.

  1. Ba Katuka please, you have gotten so soon when Banda was shocked at eleventh hour. Are you sure the party discusses the issue of running mate!?!? Yes it may not be CK, but definitely, GBM is not gonna be the running mate. Ba mwamba icikwanka Ba cimona kumampalanya. Utulo balala notwamubiyo. Ati inkaya mailo abalecungulo. Careful na bakatyetye mwenda mwalimwa. Nalanda kanofye nganimwe ba cipelelo.

    • So in short UPND is HH and HH is UPND? This clearly shows what we must expect from UPND if they came to power. No democracy. They have not had any internal elections for the party president since 2006.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if when they came to powr they changed the republican constitution to ban elections and make HH life President with sweeping powers. This is something that you guys who support UPND must ask yourselves. To me even PF are better in this area, even though their elections are also chaotic and rigged. But atleast they have them.

  2. That’s if Katuka your God Almighty who can foresee the future. Our lives belong to God who like a chicken owner can choose which chicken he would slaughter for dinner. Not wishing anyone bad luck but just reminding you that anything can happen. …even defection before 2021

  3. Are UPND not supposed to have a convention or General Assembly as Double H likes to call it? So it’s true UPND doesn’t practice democracy. Now I understand why people call HH ‘the demigod’. Atleast rig the convention in his favour like PF does, not wamuyaya syndrome.
    The demigod once elected may turn Zambia into another north Korea or Zimbabwe, were he will demand worship.
    UPND Bible chapter 2 vs 1, “all ye members shall follow the un-electable messiah, for he is the only that can lead you to greener pastures”.

  4. A law should be passed requiring all parties to hold fresh nominations ,fresh elections of their flag bearers instead of always repackaging old stale chibuku & kachasu without sterilizing the used bottles.

  5. There’s no smoke without fire. HH might have appointed CK.
    They have just backpeddled temporarily.

    • I agree with you completely. There was huge outcry on social media yesterday when the article appeared. They now want to behave as if GBM appointment went through management committee when he was equally handpicked by HH.

    • Yes why should Katuka be giving us unsolicited answers. Are there undercurrents suggesting something?

  6. Stop calling BEMBAS thieves because you need their vote.

    That aside GBM has no bemba support. Why did her daughter lose in kasama central.

    If you arr looking for tribal balancing look for a sellable Bemba.

  7. HH wamuyayaya. GMB does not look like he will make it to 2021 though. At the rate he is losing wait, nothing will remain of a human being by then. So it is very clear that there will be no internal elections in UPND until 2021. #Only a Tonga will rule UPND.

  8. Go for a convention bane. This is why we need our constitution to have certain clauses and amendments such as Intra-party democracy. One cannot just impose himself/herself as the sole candidate or running mate based off the amount of resources they have. This is why we do not have proper leadership and a proper opposition. Infact, we have the worst dismantled opposition in the history of opposition and we expect our country to develop. Just came to my realization that Given Lubinda has been Kabwata MP for 18years. HH has stood for presidential elections on the UPND ticket 5 times, that’s like 13 years minus the time he took the realm of the UPND leadership. Guys lets be serious!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are not personal to holder positions. We need to limit the number of times a Presidential and…

  9. The general denial by Katuka on the untruthful story in circulation is not satisfying as he is quoted as having shared the information. Would it not be helpful to identify the origins of the misinformation and take them to task on where they got the facts? Propaganda is at play and if not frontally challenged the seeds of doubts will sink deeper! Katuka does not need to take a winding road to warn party sympathizers that UPND is under incessant attack by political foes whose agenda is to sow discord and mistrust in the party leadership! False statements that are aiming at portraying disorder within the party must be rebutted as fighting bulls! Please step up!

  10. A tonga party UPND seeking the help of bembas to enter state house-a thing which wont happen!!!
    Bembas do not follow politicians blindly.So whether GBM or Kambwili will be HH’s running mate,still HH will lose in bemba speaking provinces, the way he has lost there since 2006!!!Its like HH do not learn.What Zambians or bembas want to hear is a person who will develop Zambia.WHAT WILL BEMBA BENEFIT IF KAMBWILI OR GBM BECOMES VICE PRESIDENT?NOTHING BADALA!!!So let HH market UPND manufesto unlike talking about bemba names here.Many bembas support PF because this party has developed Zambia and not that it is led by a bemba or an Easterner-no!!HENCE HH,PLEASE STOP DEPENDING ON TRIBAL POLITICS!!!Mr Sata gave us hope messages about how to improve our daily lives,hence voting for him in 2011!!LET…

  11. For heavens’ sake just hold even a sham convention and endorse yourselves. The UPND is turning out to be an undemocratic institution were positions are handed out and the behest of the Supreme Leader who himself has not being subjected to Intra-party elections.

    • You are daft. Don’t generalise and stereotype people. Every tribe has bad and good people. As for you, you just happen to be a bad person regardless of the tribe you belong too. Some of you treat tribe as if its an academic or professional qualification. No one chooses what tribe to be born in.

  12. Ngaba Mwamba niba doctor wafinshi? Grade seven kuti aba doctor? Maybe doctor wa nkonya ( doctorate in beating and insulting workers and his wife)

  13. Tongas are good. All this is due to politics. Targeting plot one, using all means.Pangas,tricks, violence etc

  14. Kambwili is meant to divide the PF vote, he cannot be adopted, but he is useful right where he is. Watch just how close Roan will be and you will see.

  15. Which is the lesser bad choice – PF or UPND? Which is the rock and which is the hard rock? They both are the same. Time to have a say in our fates, mates.

    CK with his diarrhea mouth can only work with HH and UPND for a little while.HH is not SMART enough to handle CK’s choleric nature.CK needs a super melancholic figure with gifted political intelligence to lead him.
    The only issue that can make HH and CK to form collabo is FRUSTRATION.If CK will fail to handle his frustration he will resort to join UPND.That is going to be a distraction for himself.ECL is very steady than ever president who lived in Zambia.He has handled UPND ‘s ANGLO AMERICAN very well since the death of MCS.His reign has been so difficult to rule because of imperialists forces who wants our mineral resources.They use HH .


  18. at every mention of upnd or hh and gbm as president and running mate aah diareah all over pf camps why

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