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Musenge now writes to the Registrar of Societies asking for the suspension of all NDC activities

Headlines Musenge now writes to the Registrar of Societies asking for the suspension...

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has written to the registrar of societies under the Ministry of Home Affairs to suspend all party activities of the NDC Party.

In a letter to the Registrar of Societies Mr Musenge stated that a faction within the party has emerged whereby some person are masquerading as executive members of the party.

As per the NDC Party Constitution Mr Musenge is;

  1. The Chief Administrative Officer of the Party who is responsible for supervision, coordination and efficiency of the day to day activities.
  2. Responsible for Party organization and mobilization.
  3. Secretary of the National governing committee also know as the Central Committee.
  4. Maintain the party register of members from section to the national level.
  5.  Responsible for constant liaison with all party structures and,
  6. Responsible for keeping records, minutes and correspondence of all meetings and decisions.

But despite the Constitution of the Party Mr Musenge said that the Former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been organizing party meetings at his residence without the knowledge of the party.

Mr Musenge has further stated that Mr Kambwili is not a member of the party.

“He is not a member of the party. It has also come to my knowledge that the said person is appointing people to hold positions in the party yet I have no clue on their membership”

“I am reliably informed he is planning to hold a National Governing Committee meeting on Saturday. The planned meeting has no blessing from my office as Secretary General”

With the above Mr Musenge has emphasized that all activities being conducted by the Former Roan Member of Parliament are a contravention of Article 23 of the Party Constitution.

“Unless action is taken to stop the on-going above cited, peace, welfare or good order in the country is likely to suffer prejudice contrary to section 13(b) of the Societies Act.

“In view of the foregoing, I write to seek your offices intervention to suspend all party activities until above the above cited illegalities inimical to section 13(b) are sorted out”.

Last week Mr Musenge terminated Mr Kambwili’s contract as the NDC Party consultant on the basis that; He was going against the party laid down rules and for showing traits of racism.

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    • Here is a perfect illustration of why our politics is such a joke. It’s like a nightmare which we cant wake up from. We have people who lack principles. They can be bought at the right price. But anyway Mr Musenge needs to eat I guess. Mr. Kambwili is also a joke. It’s good he has been kicked out of parliament. We are happy to have him making the noise he does, but he must never be anywhere near power.

    • Fwebene – everyone knows they are involved that’s how Zambian politics works even them will be destroyed the same way as they have no integrity or honour similar to MMD …the only thing holding them together is taxpayers money and corruption.

    • The end of Kambwili, this. Now this NDC will be like MMD with its factions. No 1 will take them serious. Kambwili will look like the clown he is.

    • Ping Pong Party….i think dreaming if free so let these morons continue dreaming of forming government one day….

    • ”ukuselela uwamatako ayakulu kukupoka ichipuna” that’ what the wise Bembaz say. Musenga thought that by bring the loud mouthed Chimbwili on board his party was going to grow faster.look at what has happened to you now, only the King Cobra was able to tame the fat leoperd and i feel for HH and company. Non of the Alliance members will tame Chimbwili him if they are not going to give him the presidence in 2021

    • Looks like these Politicians cannot survive without tax payers money…now fighting and exposing their dirty corrupt minds….Unfortunately its all Politicians….they all have a common agenda which is looting and inflicting more misery on the poor

    • Yaba!
      Where do I start from commenting on this issue?
      Okay, CK is a spirit of confusion in NDC just like Nevers Mumba of the MMD, Kalaba of the DA and double h of the UPNDEAD.
      Spirits of confusion.
      Thorns in the political flesh.

    • Aliens of confusion – double h of UPNDEAD screwed Sakwiba politically, Nevers is screwing Mutati, Kalaba got screwed at DA and CK is screwing Musenge. Just get to conventions and subject yourselves to some kind of vote. Hands up voting or otherwise. That Guy guy almost screwed ECL.
      Chiluba screwed mwanawasa to the post as MMD top, Chiluba then screwed SATA for Mwanawasa.
      KK did some screwing back in time. Even at our places of work, there is alot of screwing and being screwed.
      Screwed or get screwed. That’s how the game goes. No wonder CK clung to PF. He knew what was coming his way. Indeed how can an SG fire a leader? It is circus, isn’t?
      So SG Musenge is simply saying if you screw me, I will switch off this Party through the Registrar of Society so we all get screwed.
      But I say,…

  1. This is what tax payers money can do to an hungry political leader of a political party struggling to buy tires for his car .

    • @kongola twibe, I thought I was alone on the thought of the devastating effects of corruption. Never let people you wouldn’t entrust with a corpse to be near power, you risk having the corpse infected with VD.


  2. Are these opposition parties we can have faith in? Can they really come and take care of our interests if they came into power. Cheap useless leaders .

    • This generation of politicians is a disgrace…don’t be foooled thinking PF is different just because they are enjoying taxpayers money take that away and you have been without a hive and a queen.

  3. Comedy indeed. NDC is Kambwili just like PF was Sata (MHSRIP). He created NDC with abena Musenge and today they are turning on each other. They should just talk and move on. CK has made NDC popular with his bad and direct language. The language most Zambians like to hear from politicians!!!! Sic!!!
    This is disaster for them all. None of them will gain and the end of NDC is near.

  4. Finished. Ba Musenge you are going nowhere without kambwili. NDC is what it is today because of kambwili. You have missed it Ba honourable

  5. Musenge on the introduction of the NDC announced that he Musenge was just like John the Baptist who was only paving the way for the Messiah. Who’s this Messiah? Is it Kambwili, I wonder.

  6. This is what it means using emotions to form a party not to provide alternative worthy leadership but to revenge for having been fired. Worse enough using someone’s characteristics to influence people. Tafibomba!!! The end result is what is happing with NDC. CK and MM got fired, wanted revenge, and CK thought acting like Sata would help him, alas, mwacita over pal! They say give one a rope to hung oneself. Just exactly as said.

  7. Ba Musenge how much have you been paid. Baya fye tabàsha baonaula. Oh but of course it’s part of the package to destroy NDC. Musenge you are shameless. Anyway ni sebana wikute.
    Fact though is that ndc will stand. You are not the main factor. You are careless Musenge that’s why you lost your Constituency

    • So each time a person exercise their rights it means they have been bought? If it’s so then even GBM was bought? Come on people this is a free world.

  8. Musenge is indeed a dullard. That racial stunt pulled by CK was meant to popularised NDC , that stunt rings a bell with the millions of unemployed Zambians.

    The PF can condemn CK all they want but the millions of unemployed Zambians like what CK did….

    • You are dull, I now understand. You don’t even know that the people who work with Kambwili are Indians?

    • Spaka examine all deeds of Kambwili in all the ministries he was appointed from the time of late MCS and see what he really stands for. Recall the confusion he almost caused at UNZA over the commonwealth guesthouse. Words are cheap just like some of us see how cheap HH’s words are. You can literally read through his mind.

  9. Birds of the same feather flock together.
    Musenge and CK are both same even
    Their reasoning.They are both going nowhere.Just making headlines.

  10. Mr Musenge don’t expose yourself like this, political life is very easy to permanently destroy if you don’t play your cards right, look if you are really NDC and have problems with pronouncements within your party, you have avenues within your party to complain through, it is only when you are not NDC that you should run to outside channels like you are doing, be NDC and act NDC and thus seek redress though NDC, otherwise we shall not doubt the stories coming out that you are now feeding from PF crumbs under the table which is very bad for a man of your stature.

  11. NDC u wanted just a bomb to burst which yourself planted. What we know a consultant is not the owner of the organization. That is y Kambwili was still a pf until now the speaker of national assembly declared it. NDC u must ask Kambwili to pay joining fee into yo party if he wants. A consultant is not a leader of an organization. He does only what he was engaged for and leave. NDC u thought u were very leaver by hiding in the consultant. Late me tell u NDC. U r going no where even if u remain the only political Party in this country u still cannot win to govern. U only need to be governed. NDC consultant can break national laws at any time he wants. What kind of a party is this who has such a consultant. Consultant is like a counselor who can help to leadership the direction to take…

    • What worries me is that in their quest to remove the PF people have failed or are simply pretending not to see the insincerity of Chishimba Kambwili. Kambwili secretly forms a party with Mwenya Musenge but publicly takes the PF to court to challenge his expulsion from the PF. What would be the motive of such childish manuvers? People think by having Kambwili on their side will enhance their chances of beating the PF. On the contrary it will just diminish even the iota chance they had. Kambwili is very unstable in the mind, you never know what he’ll in a space of milliseconds. He can destabilize a well functioning entity.


  13. One USA congressman a Mr Meadows once called for the deportation of Barack Obama “back to Kenya or whatever it’s “. Yesterday he was asked if he wasn’t a racist and what was his feeling on this. His answer : THAT WAS SOMETIMES BACK AND I WAS TRYING TO WIN AN ELECTION. Politics is the only profession that allows people to use anything dirty in order to get employed.

  14. This is the silent/invisible hand of the Kongola Twibe government. They know how popular CK is here in Roan; without violence, intimidation and all hogwash political antics Kongola Twibe don’t have a chance in Roan. Kambwili will whoooop them hands down in the by-election and that will be the beginning of their downfall on the Copperbelt.
    Musenge on the other hand has just end was left of his failed career.

  15. I can see Harry Kalaba,s DP outliving NDC for the simple fact that DP is humbly structuring just like Sata, s PF

  16. Most of these political parties are formulated around individuals. The tone of the letter is quite discouraging. The most pronounced pronoun is the word “I” A leader who always excludes others in decision making is not worth being called a leader. Pronoun I indicates pride and no regard for others. Musenge cannot make a good leader. There is too much pride and arrogance in him according to the way he has written this letter to Registrar of Society.

  17. A classic display of “dog in the manger” syndrome by Musenge. The absolute case of the absence of leadership qualities. This is a “disaster” that should not lead Zambia even for a single day or the country will be up in flames (Edgar Lungu has been leading us on the same trajectory). THis is the reflection of the inadequacy and mediocrity of leadership we have had that has given rise to clowns like these who think “even I can lead” if the incumbent wears type of leadership is “one size fits all”.

  18. This is what happens when you have alot of recycled politicians. Harry Kalaba is right to embrace new blood only. Its time we did away with recycled politicians who have not provided any solutions to our problems as a country but rather have continued to enrich themselves. Zambians must surely come together & chase these rich recycled thieving leaders.

  19. When you form a party or a club or grouping, Alliance in Opposition with different ideologies, just to get at someone, this what happens and its no surprise that Kambwili, wherever he goes, he causes chaos and havoc. Its very clear now in the minds of Zambians that HH and Kambwili cant accept to be led by other smart, intelligent and sober people but they only see themselves as the Alpha and the Omega. This myopic perspective of world view is nothing but wasted time, effort and energy. These two chaps, HH and Kambwili are politically dead and buried and those wasting time clinging to them will have themselves to blame. A self-centred man cannot be a president of a country and this what is HH and Kambwili are. Sad that some few brothers cant see this reality.

  20. ”ukuselela uwamatako ayakulu kukupoka ichipuna” so says the wise Bembas. Musenge aitile imbwili yamulya. he thought by bringing on board the loud mouthed Chimbwili his party would grow faster. and that’s the mistake hakaivotela is just about to make, naena fyonse ni ”tiye mukati” it’s either he also lucks integrity or he has no advisors or he is desperate after failing 5 times or he is simply a mumbwa-mumbwa.

  21. @ Spaka you are right.
    Musenge has been brought but we will see how he will end. He will be used and then dumped. Musenge is useless

  22. Kalaba is also recycled. He is just coming from the system he created that has put us in poverty. In fact only Chiluba went into politics unrecycled. But what did he also give us. Nothing.

  23. Aliens of confusion – double h of UPNDEAD screwed Sakwiba politically, Nevers is screwing Mutati, Kalaba got screwed at DA and CK is screwing Musenge. Just get to conventions and subject yourselves to some kind of vote. Hands up voting or otherwise. That Guy guy almost screwed ECL.
    Chiluba screwed mwanawasa to the post as MMD top, Chiluba then screwed SATA for Mwanawasa.
    KK did some screwing back in time. Even at our places of work, there is alot of screwing and being screwed.
    Screwed or get screwed. That’s how the game goes. No wonder CK clung to PF. He knew what was coming his way. Indeed how can an SG fire a leader? It is circus, isn’t ?

    • So SG Musenge is simply saying it you screw me, I will switch off this Party through the Registrar of Society.
      But I say, head to the convention. Let the people decide through the ballot.

  24. I feel for Musenge, with all that weight how do you feed yourself if not to sell yourself to PF

  25. Chishimba cannot be in two political parties in the first place. PF MP and NDC consultant??????????? just choose one. As for me Mwenya is right. There should be order in all political systems in Zambia. ” Chimbwi afyile intangalala”.

  26. Thanks for that SG Mwenya Musenge. Just do the right thing and ugnore trib.als like Jay Gay. You have touched his nerve by taking action against Trib.al Hacks ‘ally Chimbwili. Trib.als!!! Awe sure!!! The extent of their silliness is astounding!!

  27. So you trib.als anyone who does not speak what you want to hear has been fed by PF. And anyone who speaks his mind or what trib.als do not want to hear is an enemy of trib.als a.k.a. as upnd. What kind of reasoning is that? Trib.al reasoning of course.

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