Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo

The Ministry of Home Affairs has refuted stories, circulating in some sections of the media alleging that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has directed senior police officers to arrest and prosecute the four dismissed Sesheke police officers.

Public Relations Officer, Nephas Chifuta has described such stories as false and malicious.

Mr. Chifuta has warned that publication of false and malicious information is an offence which attracts severe punishment under the laws of Zambia.

He says Mr. Kampyongo has never held any meeting on the outcome of the Sesheke Parliamentary by-election with either senior police officers nor Ministry of Home Affairs members of staff.

Meanwhile Mr. Chifuta says the prosecution of criminal suspects is the jurisdictional mandate of the National Prosecution Authority -NPA- and not the Minister of Home affairs.

This is contained in a statement released to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

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  1. We don’t trust anything this government says. It’s full of lies and very inconsistent.
    Civil Service has been high jacked by carders.


    • How about the caders who stoned the helicopter that was carrying the opposition members who tried to go and campaign in the last election campaigns no go area of Shiwangandu constituency, were they ever arrested?


  2. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do since you say they assaulted PF cadres? I’m not calling for their arrest but when individuals are believed to have committed a felony, you arrest and sue them.


  3. Kampyongo you still have time to be nice to people, if not I hope you are investing abroad, either Dubai, South Africa or Uk so that you can move your family when the PF is voted out of power in 2021. Your boss ECL is immune from prosecution, he will retire nicely in Chawama while you are facing the music



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