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Msoni urges government to reconsider decision to lift maize export ban

Economy Msoni urges government to reconsider decision to lift maize export ban

Farmers in Moyo chiefdom of Pemba district found knitting the 50 Kilogrammes bags of maize for sell at one of the Food Reserve Agency depots in the area.

All People’s Congress Leader Nason Msoni has urged government to reconsider its decision to lift the ban on the export of mealie meal.

Mr. Msoni said the rain pattern being experienced in the country is a clear threat to Zambia’s food security as the maize crop has failed due to drought.

He said it will not make economic sense for Zambia to sell mealie meal now and later source it from other countries at a very high cost.

Mr. Msoni wondered whether government has done a due diligence to determine the possible effects of such a move on the food security of the nation.

He said policies that are aimed at benefiting a few individuals and in this case the millers must be avoided as they will be costly to the nation.

Government yesterday lifted the ban on the export of mealie meal.

However, Millers who have accessed government subsidized maize from the Food Reserve Agency will not be allowed to get import permits for mealie meal and state security Agencies will also remain on alert in strategic cross boarder points to prevent illegal exports.

Zambia currently has in excess of 700, 000 metric tonnes of maize grain stocks and government is convinced that the country is food secure and mealie meal prices will remain fairly stable.

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  1. You are making a lot of sense Mr Msoni, also talk about Prime TV which has been suspended. And remember there is no substitute to Prime TV, may be international news channels. Prime TV has very balanced reporting for a private TV. ZNBC is all about PF, how very sad and imagine I will never be UPND or opposition. I am liberal, neutral and happy

    • In pf its raining heavy, and there will be a bamper harvest so in pf the export is excellent as it will result in mo money in there pockets .

    • Msoni is right. Let’s be forward thinking. The rain patterns are showing a likelihood of crop failure And then we start exporting. Not a good move

    • @Journeyman: Do you think such decisions are arrived at over a glass of whisky?? Are you aware there’s a group of agriculture experts who forecast the maize output for each season?? This year’s is about 2.9 million mt-our consumption is about 1.5 million tons….

    • @Citizen. For now I won’t say much. Let’s talk at the end of the year. I know what am talking about. But lets wait and see what our “expert” opinion will yield

    • @journey man I have to agree with you. Let’s not allow these greedy millers and other selfish individuals to leave us in hunger. Food security comes second after peace. A food crisis can lead to instability so let’s be serious and very careful with the way we handle these issues. They are now saying we have 700 thousand tons, but last I heard was FRA had a shortfall last year and only managed to buy about 150 thousand tons. So who is correct here?

  2. Very retrogressive how can you lift the ban on maize exports, when farmers from provinces that give us the bulk of our maize reserves(southern and Eastern province) are complaining about the bad weather pattern, you lift the ban after the rain season when you have confirmed that they will be an excess of produces… Only an uneducated cadre can make such a decision

    • i dont know if we have people to sarvey weather we have enough food or not, please before we do things lets survey. we are buying meal meal at k95 and why lifting the ban? we grow maize and have bumper haverst but still we are buying meal meal at the expensive price i cant see any caring here. welcome to zambia.

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