Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Chembo unveils her latest single “Feel the pain”


Chembo released her latest single “Feel the pain“.

Written by Chembo
Produced by Chembo, Bucx (also guitar), and Shom C
Recorded by Reverb Studios
Mixed and mastered by Kevin Provoke
Backing Vocals by Joshua
Photography by Emmanuel Mwiche/ Art work by Wongani Zalilo
Art Direction by Chembo


  1. I hope it was therapeutic for her….
    as music for the masses, it’s not for me i’ll tell you that much

  2. lt get real with your censorship. there’s nothing wrong that I wrote that you’ve to moderate. get real!

  3. True this is good music. Zambians need to learn to focus on one thing. Unless you are a genius you cant write, sing, and produce because most of the time you wont do everything well enough.

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