About K1.2 Million is needed to replace the blown off roof at Solwezi General Hospital’s Maternity ward.

The heavy rains experienced in Solwezi Friday, March 8, blew off about 70 percent of the roof at the ward.

About 28 mothers were in the maternity ward when the incident happened.

Briefing Health and North-Western Province Permanent Secretaries who visited the facility, Acting Provincial Health Director, Kennedy Gondwe said the heavy rains have damaged two incubators out of the three that the health facility has.

Dr Gondwe said hospital management managed to move the mothers and the babies to Kabompo ward as an interim measure.

And Health Permanent Secretary (PS), Kakulubelwa Mulalelo was saddened by the disaster that has befallen the health facility.

Ms Mulalelo was however, happy that no life was lost adding that, the incident has not disrupted services at the facility.

Meanwhile, North-Western Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Willies Mangimela said the preliminary assessment conducted has revealed that about K1.2 Million is needed to replace the entire roof.

Mr Mangimela appealed to stakeholders to come on board and help government replace the roof at one of the most important wards at the hospital.

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    • just go to zambian watchdog, zambian observer and zambian eye sites about this calamity. one wonders where these dundu journalists go to for their training, certainly not tuntemba journalism colleges. these people think we all pray to their small god or bushiri. not all zambians are stupid. thats the reason God has denied you rainfall. ubufi bankusa


  1. The hospital hasn’t got infrastructure inspectors..? The state of the hospital should have been known long before this calamity…! Again, the hospital administrators have been waiting for State house guidance..? This is very shameful..!


  2. Just looking at the damaged structures at Solwezi General Hospital, one wonders whether trully this is the provincial hospital as compared to other provinces. Solwezi is not only a provincial headquarters but is home to one of the biggest mining operations in the country is probably the fastest growing mancipality in the country. Surely, Don’t they deserve a bigger and better hospital like the ones found in other provincial towns where the the government has als o built district hospitals in addition to recently upgraded general hospitals? The hospital in Solwezi was probably built to cater for a population of only 50,000 people but this has multiplied in the recent year to more that 300,000 and the same structures to cater for this increase population? Let us what ha been done in…



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