Thursday, May 30, 2024

Chanda Mbao collaborates with South African based artist Gemini Major on “Money Gang’


Chanda Mbao released his latest single, entitled ‘Money Gang’ featuring South African based musical phenomenon, ‘Gemini Major’.

After the runaway success of his single ‘The Bigger Wave,’ award winning Hip-Hop artist Chanda Mbao is back with another HUGE record. This one is called Money Gang and features multi-talented and multi-award winning artist/producer Gemini Major. In the spirit of the hustle, the two drop some hyperbolic stunt raps as well some motivation for all the people out there trying to get their money! With this major collaboration, Chanda Mbao once again proves that he is a regional force to be reckoned with. From Zambia to the world!


  1. Will Africans ever stop imitating Europeans and Americans no matter how silly this action is? Cant an African sing his own way? his own style? Its so embarrassing to go all over the continent and find every citizen there is trying hard to be either a white man or an American. Cant we be proud to be Africans??

    • I hear what you’re saying, bro. For me its too much about the gangster glamour. It’s a perfectly valid and commercially astute thing to go for, and I applaud the effort behind this smooth production, but I would rather hear something more of the real Africa and songs with a more authentic voice. Where are the songs about climate change, the struggles against HIV and the fact that things are changing all too slowly for the rural majority. Africa has so much more to say about real life – I don’t think it needs to concern itself with this gangster stuff about a wealth that is completely out of reach for most. I don’t even think it has much aspirational value. Why would we want conspicuous wealth at the cost of our brothers and sisters?

    • @Jason I agree with you, Music is usually a window onto the culture of the performer. It tells you about where so and so comes from and what he is about. If I buy a track from an African I expect to visualise him from the music he is singing. I therefore won’t want to hear a blues, rock or hip hop song from an African because I know where I can get that type of music; from the Americans. From the African I want something different that he has because the world is a huge place so why should all of us offer only one product?

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