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Civil Servants has not settled for 4% Salary increment from Government


Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia has dismissed social media reports that the union has settled for the 4 percent salary for civil servants.

CSAWUZ President Davy Chiyobe has told ZANIS in an interview that the union has not settled for anything yet as negotiations with government over salaries and conditions of service for public service workers are still on going.

Mr Chiyobe said the supposed 4 percent salary increment circulating on social media is not true, but could not however disclose how much the union is demanding as salary increment, saying doing so will jeopardize the negotiations.

Mr Chiyobe noted that government and the union are currently in negotiations, stating that whatever is being posted in social media should be ignored by all well-meaning Zambians.

The CSAWUZ President added that the union will announce to its members once the negotiations have been concluded, but hinted that the bargaining process is almost coming to a conclusion.

He said the union understands the anxieties of its members because the process has taken too long to be concluded.

He has since called on members of the union to exercise patience as the authority looks at the various interests to ensure that they get the best out of the bargaining process.

And Zambia Congress of Trade Union says they have not received any official report of the negotiations between the CSAWUZ and government over the salaries and conditions of service for civil servants.

ZCTU President Nkole Chishimba said the mother body of the trade union should have been informed if the union for civil servants had agreed on an increment for its members.

Mr Chishimba said all the trade union knows is that negotiations are still on-going, stating that the outcome of the negotiations will be announced once finalised.

He said the ZCTU is not directly involved in the bargaining process for salaries and conditions of service but is informed of the outcome and cannot divulge any information before the union decides to do so.

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  1. Why should civil servants who get peanuts settle for 4%, when constitutional office holders who get huge salaries and other allowances gave themselves 100%?

    • When the Government can’t pay even the peanuts on time for lack of resources, its difficult to imagine that it can offer a two digit salary increament.
      If it does, we are headed for more money in our pockets via printing as happened in a neigbouring country.

  2. How can they settle for that when they are not even paid on time because Lazy Lungu has ransacked GRZ coffers….PF was very reckless in the first place to increase salaries across the board..to rub salt to the wound they increased again Ministers and PS salaries even backdated it to 8 months when they dont have money.

    • @PwII

      Except in the case where you are referring to a GROUP example A COUPLE ‘is’ or ‘has.’. Not for example; a couple have, wrong. Sometimes a group of things is treated as one.

      BUT YES LT GRAMMAR IS APPALLING!!! But it’s because they have to generate news by aggregating from other sites and that is speed at breath taking rate otherwise you miss the boat with fresh news! LT is good at news sourcing, keep your eye on the news items. Good site generally.

  3. Can you please get an editor, the heading has grammatical errors.

    Let me teach you……….
    Plural goes with “have” e.g Civil servants HAVE
    Singular takes “has” e.g A civil servant HAS

  4. In fact give them 2% .The civil service does not fall under production but relying on our tax payers money.In short they do not make profits so that increment is damn cool … Let them check their counterparts in Malawi, Zim Zim , TZ and Mozambique how much they get then come and thank me later. Government is broke so stretching it would mean more inflation and getting paid pa 40 like you have started….

  5. Ba LT please ask your staff with examination leak certificates whom you employed to go to night school and correct their status. You just have too many errors.
    The Headline should read:

    Civil Servants have(not has)not settled for 4% Salary increment from Government

  6. I have known of a leader who goes to certain a company to collect so called contributions from their members but refuses Cheques but hard cash.I tend to wonder why and if this money is accounted for. No wonder some workers feel not well represented. 4% is relative. Depending on what you get already, it may be far better that someone who gets 40% increase. Performance based is better because you actually need no one to push for your 4% which may even benefit the undeserving lazy chaps.

  7. Not all civil servants deserve 4% increment. Some hardworking critical areas deserve 60%, graduated downwards to 4% or nothing for the lazy ones. The union and government should know this surely if both are in capable hands.
    And the high increments for senior civil servants, ministers, MPs including upndeads yes upndeads should not happen as the majority of these do nothing except create allowances and other money making monkey tricks. Trib.als will pretend they are good people but actually envy their “friends” in government… don”t make the mistake of putting them “there”. When change comes try new parties not trib.als.

  8. We have read this before:
    National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili has opened his 2019 diary with a call for civil servants to reject any increment below 50%.
    During a media briefing at his resident in Woodlands, Kambwili said cabinet ministers awarded themselves a hefty increment and therefore should extend the same gesture to civil servants.
    Kambwili, who is Roan Patriotic Front Member of Parliament has gone rogue since being fired by President Edgar Lungu in November 2016.
    The Roan lawmaker said that the unions should be strong headed when they are negotiating the salary increment.
    What a disaster!!!!

  9. You wouldn’t know their salaries are causing poverty! Looking at the picture at least 3out of 5 of the females are ‘Zaftig,’ (well rounded). Look like meals are good!

    We wish them well and hope a good package is agreed soon. Unions need to be reasonable and work with the gov’t.

  10. This picture should have said ‘File’, seeing that it came from the 2016 Labour Day march past. Ba LT, please up your game!

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