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NDC adopts Joseph Chishala for Roan

Headlines NDC adopts Joseph Chishala for Roan

NDC Consultant leads Mr Chishala in filing in his nomination papers
NDC Consultant leads Mr Chishala in filing in his nomination papers

The National Democratic Congress NDC has adopted Engineer magnet Joseph Chishala as its candidate for the forthcoming roan constituency parliamentary by election.

Mr. Chishala aged 39 has lived in Luanshya for over 30 years.

Mr. Chishala has been unveiled as the party’s candidate in Luanshya today and is confident of putting up a resounding fight for the roan seat.

The NDC candidate is not new to Zambian politics.

NDC has also appointed MCC Menyani Zulu as the campaign manager, Elisha Matambo UPND Copperbelt Provincial Chairman as Campaign Manager and Charles Kabwita as the Deputy Campaign Manager

And the former Member of parliament for Roan who has escorted the candidate to fill in nominations Dr Chishimba kambwili is confident that the people of roan will vote for Mr. Chishala as the first ever NDC parliamentarian.

Voting in the roan constituency parliamentary by election takes place on April 11th next month.

NDC members in Luanshya before the nomination
NDC members in Luanshya before the nomination


    • Of all things surly why must you wish for violence. Let the violence you and not the innocent people of Roan.

    • Of all things surly why must you wish for violence. Let the violence follow you and not the innocent people of Roan

    • Killer, shame on you. You find violence funny?

      You are probably a coward yourself, just keep hiding behind your disguise, you disgusting so n so.

    • My beloved Zambia just how did we end with people like Kambwili and Lusambo as politicians??? and GBM honestly…Kampyongo,Chitotela Kaizer Zulu etc

    • Imwe these PF thugs will use anything to win this seat, am not propagating any violence am simply telling you what will happen because cadres have been unleashed by their bosses.

    • Kambwili has suddenly come to his senses. From court to nominations so quickly. Let’s see the loses manje. This will be loss no. 1

    • Two testimonies for PF.
      Roan and Bahati.
      Let the party which finds favor in the eyes of the people win.
      No violence people win or lose on merit.
      Show seshekeans that their kind is gone, archaic and expired.
      Elections time, the people speak.
      I am the officiater aka referee here. No fouls.

    • Tough game for Kampyongo.
      If all goes well without major elections violence, he will be blamed for having not done his job to save lives than waiting to be instructed by ECL.
      And if there will be violence, he will be disappointing his boss, and will get fired.

      He must be seating…

    • Yeah,
      Kambwili started his political career at Roan Antelope Secondary School (RASS), he then graduated to where he is today!

    • This is a PF seat.However,if Kambwili’s NDC fails to beat PF in Roan,then that would mark the end of Kambwili’s political career!!

    • Premature celebration. when you lose you start crying ati bandibida badala

      wait ballot paper counting

    • @ inchenjeshi
      You miss Prime TV so that your small god can again fake assasination attempts, mukose bane, meanwhile the bills are waiting to be settled whilst HH is busy enjoying his loot with his family, imwe napafita.

    • what do keep making unrealistic prdictions. ndc will lose and hh will lose in 2021 because his tribal vote cant make 50+1

  1. Let’s wait for the results, Kambwili is not Roan and Roan is not Kambwili. Anything can happen, but please people of Roan avoid violence, just campaign on issue bases no fight,no quarrels,let who ever win twapapata.

  2. Is the end of the so called Opposition Alliance? We knew from the word go that the so called Opposition Alliance wouldn’t work because it had no common ground but hate and jealous. When your agenda has hidden intentions the end is inevitably very disastrous. Ba UPND and HH, we told you that Kambwili cant accept to be second class to HH. The Opposition Alliance was birthed to advance one man’s political agenda and now the truth has been laid bare. PF will defeat these clowns once and for all and all the nonsense will be put to rest.

  3. This was the chance for Kambwili to test how big a stick is. He should have stood to prove that he is popular and a big political fish that he claims to be.

    Kambwili has 3 Political lives.

    1. First in PF
    2. Second with UPND
    3. Third with NDC

    That itself is a [ recipe ] of a very confused man. He will never be take serious with his Chameleon Characteristics.

    This one will go to PF.

    CK’s boy wins:
    A smack straight at Mwila’s face and ECL’s policies thus far. A Randy Orton’s Finishing Move known as RKO an PF. A resounding reassurance for CK and the so called PACT. A wakeup call for PF.

    Flipside PF wins:
    People still in love with PF. CK not a factor. People still view PF as a party to dine with. A smack in the face of Goverment. Damien’s Death Touch or Damien’s Dinner Time or Drape Drop Takedown or Drop Down Town or Death Drop Technique or simply put DDT for pact, Double hooks and uppercut opposition parties.
    I love it when politics get this interesting. Clean game basankwa. I love this.

  5. Hope if Chishala wins, he will share his salary with Kambwili. Having said this it appears politics in Zambia is all about revenge. Why is it that the opposition always want to unite for the purpose of defeating a sitting government, I mean what happens when the sitting government is removed? The whole cycle starts again and precious time is spent on bickering, undermining, vengeance all at the expense of development.

  6. Well done to all fellow Zambians above who are sick and tried of electoral violence and the divisions that brings to the country.

    We are one people , may the best man win fair and square and let’s move forward to development as one

    • we have to prove to him that he is the mother of bees , lightenin and violence in areas he controls. no where else in zambia

  7. Transporting cadres from other towns to Luanshya should be avoided.if not check those can bring violence to that small town.

  8. But where is that perennial alleged coup ploterous Godfoolish Meandering idle fired soldier? Has he realized he is a failure whence quit the political scene? The same will happen to this Alpha Baboon Kashimba Chimbwili.

  9. NDC has also appointed MCC Menyani Zulu as the Campaign Manager, Elisha Matambo UPND Copperbelt Provincial Chairman as Campaign Manager and Charles Kabwita as the Deputy Campaign Manager…
    Are there two Campaign Managers and a Deputy?…Ba LT take time to check your articles and edit them accordingly before rushing to publication. It take away ones steam to read articles full of errors, because you begin to question whether even the article itself is an accurate representation of what is being reported.

  10. killer you watch cartoons too much this is real life…… thats a very good move by CK the people of luanshya will put PF to shame! luanshya copper mines you are in trouble never look down on any one cos not all days are sundays

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