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UPND to field a candidate in Bahati, but in consultation with NDC over the Roan Seat


UPND Elections Chairperson Garry Nkombo
UPND Elections Chairperson Garry Nkombo

United Party for National Development, National Management Committee, NMC has completed the adoption process and filled all vacancies except for Roan Constituency.

UPND Elections Chairperson Garry Nkombo speaking during a press briefing held at the Party Secretariat this afternoon said the NMC widely consulted and engaged all Party structures before compiling the final list of adopted candidates.

The UPND has adopted Mansa based businessman, Jerry Justine Bwalya as Bahati Constituency Parliamentary Candidate.

Bahati Constituency has 9 wards with 55 polling stations and 43, 827 voters. Mansa Ward has the highest number of voters totaling 10, 254 followed by Kaole ward with 7,824 voters.

The by-elections in Bahati Constituency comes after the resignation of its Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba as announced on Monday 28th January, 2019

Mr Nkombo also said the Party has adopted Beatrice Moonga Kayuni as Kafue District Council candidate ahead of the by-elections set for March 27th and April 12th respectively.

Kafue District has 16 wards with 59 polling stations.Kasenje ward has the highest number of voters totalling 12,647 voters, followed by shabusale ward with 10,128 voters, Matanda ward 7,882 voters and Kafue ward with 7,478 voters.

Meanwhile Mr Garry Nkombo said that the party has withheld announcing its candidate for Roan Constituency.

“The party is still deliberating with NDC our counterparts and we shall inform the nation once a consensus is reached, ” said Mr Nkombo.

However Nkombo, said that the Party has sought indulgence with the two UPND aspiring candidates for Roan constituency.

Other adopted candidates for local government are as follows

1. Chinyanja ward of Kabwe District – Bernadette Chileshe
2. Makunku Ward of Itezhi tezhi – Mutande Sam Mpamba
3. Chilapya Ward of Mansa District – Galani Chanda
4. Lenga Lenga Ward of Chavuma District –
5. Mfinshe Ward of Mungwi District – Bruno C Mubanga
6. Muyondoti ward of Mitete District –Mwangala Kayamba
7. Muchinga ward of Chama District – Moses Katalala Kumwenda

The Local government elections were necessitated by resignations and deaths.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has set 11th April, 2019 as the date for Parliamentary, in Bahati Constituency of Mansa District in Luapula Province and Roan Constituency of Luanshya District on the Copperbelt Province and for 7 Local government elections in


    • Is it true?
      Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has ordered PF thugs from Lusaka to launch a manhunt for UPND candidate for Bahati Constituency bye election.
      In a meeting that was held last evening,, Chilufya confessed that the PF made a mistake in their adopted candidate for Bahati Constituency while the UPND candidate is very strong on the ground.
      Nominations for the bye elections take place today and the idea by the PF is that the UPND candidate should no file in his nominations..
      This is what they did in the Kasenengwa bye election and they tried to do the same during the Sesheke bye election.
      Chilufya also has huge sums of money stolen from the procurement of toxic drugs from the Chinese firm which he hopes to try and lure the UPND candidate who has so far stood his ground and…

    • Two testimonies for PF.
      Roan and Bahati.
      Let the party which finds favor in the eyes of the people win.
      No violence people win or lose on merit.
      Show seshekeans that their kind is gone, archaic and expired.
      Elections time, the people speak.

  1. Mr hh is convinced ck would add value to upendi. Honestly is this man serious.

    Up to this day i still wonder how this man was made a minister because he doesn’t add value to society.

    • Sometimes in Zambian elections, winning is all about numbers and not calibre of candidates.

      God Bless Zambia.

  2. Only a foooool would cosy up to a cantankerous BUFFOON like CK even his wife knows better than living with him in Zambia but you have foooooools eager to team up with him!!

  3. This is good litmus paper for upend.

    If they grab this seats then PF is going in 2021.

    Let the balot speak not just bloggers

    • If BUFFOON CK wins this seat he will sing about it till we all start using hybrid electric vehicles and UPND foooools will regret cosying up to him as he will undress them publicly

  4. What a plan….!
    Now what will HAPPEN IF UPND loses loan seat….?

    Furthermore, UPND is showing us that they need to HIRE Chishimba Kambwili to help them win loan parliamentary elections because on their own they can’t.

  5. It is not an alliance because Kambwili is only known in Luanshya,UPND will gain and the so called NDC will be used.By the way do remember Kasama seat

  6. Just admit that you don’t have significant presence in Roan. Why can’t you show us now how “pf is finished on the copperbelt” as you always hallucinate? UPND is only popular in 3 provinces and on Zambian Watchdog which is funded and run by Hakainde’s tribesmen Lloyd Himambo and Clayson Hamasaka.

  7. upnd and ndc,have already sang their lungs out before the chorus.They dont have a campaighn msg,the only msge they have is “people are suffering,pf is full of thieves”with no solutions.By the way,they dont have manofestos.

  8. Most people are just bitter about this and that individual,pump sense and debate wisely and not how bitter you are about someone. Ask yourself if what your comment/s genuinely helping or they are character assassinating someone.

  9. Sometimes I wonder whether UPND,NDC or simply the opposition parties have political advisors or not.Look,both UPND and NDC have been taking part in by elections recently.Total results for both parties in Chilanga,Lusaka mayoral elections,etc show that PF STILL WON!!!SO WHY COMBINE NOW WHEN YOU CANT STILL BEAT PF?KKKKKKKK….The fact is whether all opposition parties team up in Roan and Bahati,PF will still 100% retain these two seats on 11/04/2019 and in 2021 as there is almost no UPND in Roan and Bahati.Moreover,Kambwili needs to remember what happened to GBM in Kasama Central in 2016.Voters are not Kambwili’s or Harry Kalaba’s workers!!They voted for these two in the past due to their love for Mighty PF-period!!!

  10. The UPND always want to rely on others to win them elections, all the time that Hichilema and GBM wasted on the petition could have been used to mobilize their Party but HH is incorrigible; he doesn’t listen to advice. Kambwili will be walloped together with his son, he will get his first political baptism. The Roan seat could have been the easiest to win because even the PF don’t have a good candidate, besides people are getting fatigued with their thuggery. Hordes of cadres from everywhere have converged in Luanshya

  11. Tribal talk should no longer be found among normal Zambians. Let this be left for those who are sick in mind and soul.

    I am a nonpartisan citizen, and hate tribal talks. For God only Created Adam and Eve, and tribal issues came because of sin. Therefore, all those spearheading tribalism are sinners and if you are a true Christian, don’t hear them. Thank you.

    • Yes I agree with you on tribalism but on the laughable topic of When did God create Adam and Eve…I disagree with you. If God created them why do they have umbilical cord button on their stomachs in photos I bet you believe in the talking snake as well that convinced them to eat the apple.

  12. #3 Jay Gay, by “fooools” you are to referring to the post by #2 Its Political I believe? The post mentions Hacks, you are too “lazy” to say so, like you are free with “lazy”.? Or perhaps too and scared?

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