The Zambia News and Information Services has signed a Co-operation Agreement with Turkey’s Anadolu Agency on exchange of news and information.

ZANIS Director, Patrick Lungu signed for ZANIS while AA Director General, Senol Kazanci signed on behalf of the Turkish International News Agency.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Joseph Chilengi said the signing of the Co-operation Agreement between ZANIS and AA is timely as the country like the rest of the world, is grappling with fake news that has littered cyberspace.

Dr Chilengi said the signing of the agreement will enable ZANIS benefit from AA which is renowned world over as a credible source of news and information.

He commended AA and ZANIS for their pivotal role in shaping the existing warm relations between Zambia and Turkey through packaging and dissemination of information of overriding public importance for mutual benefit of the two countries.

“It is admirable that AA and ZANIS are part of the new order in which there is no room for fake news,” Dr Chilengi said.

He further observed that it is unfortunate that some western media outlets are disseminating fake news to tarnish Zambia’s image and that of other African countries.

He also said the signed Co-operation Agreement will enable the institutions to benefit through training, exchange programmes, exchange of news and information, production of documentaries and cultural exchanges.

ZANIS and AA have agreed among other things to share experiences and technical assistance through communication between their editors, professional and technical experts, reporters, photographers and training.

The two media institutions have also agreed to cooperate regarding visits of leaders of the two countries and official delegations as well as news coverage, providing information and organisation of activities in the Republic of Zambia and Republic of Turkey.

This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary for Press at the Zambian Embassy in Turkey Jerry Munthali.

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  1. No objection. That is one government- and therefore PF-mouthpiece signing with another equally government mouthpiece. But dont include DeadNBC and Zambia Daily Mail in this agreement because they are not meant to be propagandists even if they act like so


  2. Dictators club mouthpieces! There are over five THOUSAND journalists sitting in Turkish prisons today.

    Birds of a feather!



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