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Dialogue can still take place without the Church – Kabimba

HH and Wynter Kabimba meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH and Wynter Kabimba meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH and Wynter Kabimba meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH and Wynter Kabimba meet at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba believes that the impending National Dialogue can still take place whether the Church is involved or not.

Mr. Kabimba has urged stakeholders to consider finding another institution to lead the National Dialogue if the Church, as a grouping, is not in a position to preside over the dialogue process.

He has told Q-News that the church was in fact not the only institution that was capable to preside over the dialogue process in the first place.

Mr. Kabimba is of the view that are many individuals in the Country that are capable to lead the National Dialogue just as much as the church can possibly do.

He says this is why he does not think the National Dialogue should collapse owing to the fact that the church mother bodies that were earlier engaged in the process are having problems.

The Rainbow Party leader states that government should, in this case, ensure that dialogue process is put in motion in order that some of the issues affecting the Country can be addressed

He states that National Dialogue is still important and he does not think the government can do without it.

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  1. There’s no need to dialogue about anything. Dialogue is a lost cause. The opposition has accepted that there’s a government in place with a sitting President.
    Has anyone seen Sylvia Masebo lately?

    • @ Kudos has a point, don’t just expect nonsense from him as usual. Sometimes alatontonkanyako. Every one forgot the PF demands, of recognizing Ba Edgar.
      HH accepted to charges of treason, and the dialogue was done at Mukobeko.

    • The place for National Dialogue is in Parliament.

      HH and Lungu had a private meeting. I am sure they settled their differences. So let the parliamentarians debate all national issues

      This subject is being blown out of proportion just for Political Expedience. Every Tom and Dick wants to join the band wagon to appear in the media for Political Mileage and get their 15 minutes fame.

      UPND are using this for International Attention. We are not a Failed State, for heavens sake !!!

    • @ Nostradamus
      Am so shocked, kabimba has not changed despite our countless hours of advice to him after his fall from grace, once again you were(and still are) right I believed him that he has changed. But You told me after the meeting that you don’t believed he will change any time soon.

    • Mr. Kudos
      You are right. These politricians are there for us but we or I don’t know the agenda for the so called talks. I am one of the more than 51 percent of the voters who voted for the PF and ECL. The UPND has nothing to offer especially that HH does not want to be part of developing Zambia under someone else. He wats cattle to be given the right to vote so that his support can increas.

    • Yes no need for dialogue because PF feels it’s invicible.

      Lungu will only plead for dialogue when it becomes clear that his power is at stake. But by then it will be too late for dialogue. Typical of dictators. They only negotiate when their exit is imminent.

      As for Lungu and his id1ots they will plead for mercy very soon.

  2. The only neutral person to convene the meeting is an innocent 5 year old child. All adults regardless of their affiliation or status are compromised.

  3. Dialogue can only flourish in an environment of mutual respect. The Church has a neutral role in a dialogue process. It’s omission will render the whole process frivolous. We should not only run to the Church when things have gone out of hand. The statement from Mr Kabimba is a divisive statement. Dialogue needs spiritual guidance if fruits are to be realized. If the Church cannot provide guidance in time of crisis, then even the preamble of Zambia as a Christian Nation should be phased out. Why hiding under the canopy of Christianity when we cannot live according to Christian values? Christian values are based on respect for human rights and empathy for others. It will not do to accept Christian values and fail to abide by those values.

  4. When old people cant find solutions to a 1 + 1 questions know you are doomed, these politicians have no solutions for anything. Just sit down and talk how hard is that.

  5. Its about trust, the church can be trusted if they dont want the church to preside its easy go to someone neutral which is the commonwealth..apart from those two bodies or instituitions cant be trusted especially those in Zambia. We need an institiution which cannot be corrupted either by the the ruling party or any opposition party..

  6. Kabimba should seriously think about rejoining PF. Ba SG, forget about the 3 – 5 years nonsense of readmitting former members. Politics is about numbers. I am surprised Chanda’s application of rejoining the party is still in your intray.????????????????????????

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