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President Lungu expected in Eastern province

Headlines President Lungu expected in Eastern province

President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Eastern province where he is scheduled to commission government projects and flag off the distribution of relief food.

According to a tentative programme released by Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila, the President is expected to arrive in Chipata at 09:45 hours after which he is will pay a courtesy call on Paramount chef Mpezeni at his Ephendukeni palace and later meet Paramount chief Gawa Undi at his Nyaviombo palace in Chipata.

The Head of State will later fly to Sinda where he is scheduled to pay a courtesy call on Chieftainess Kawaza, Nyanje and Chief Kathuma before commissioning an administration office block.

President Lungu will then flag off the distribution of relief food in the province.

On Friday, President Lungu will fly to Petauke where he will be commissioning the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Technical School.

The Head of State is expected to return to Lusaka on Saturday afternoon after meeting with party officials.

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  1. Lungu has the easiest job on planet earth! He just sits in the office waiting for AVIC and Chitotela to deliver bribes from construction contracts. When he gets bored, he jumps on a plane to see some drunkard chief. Which president flags off distribution of relief food? Kuti waseka!!

    • Spot on Danielle! The man does nothing! He doesn’t make any decisions, he doesn’t supervise anyone, he has no vision, he doesn’t govern anyone, he never speaks to the people. Nothing! No press conference to address national issues. He just sits and enjoys ill gotten wealth and flies around in planes, gets allowances and “commissions” projects that he has neither conceived nor driven.
      Meantime his corrupt underlings and bootlicker are working overtime to plunder national resources. As long as they give him, Kaiser, Amos and Munir a share of the pounder, it’s all good!

  2. Danielle, which chief? Even if I don’t like or agree to the idea of such an extensive presidential itinerary, respecting elders is still culturally a good thing to observe. Referring to a chief as a drunkard is not part of our culture.

    • Chiefs where responsible for selling our ancestors to Arab and European slave traders. Chiefs where responsible for giving colonialists huge tracts of our land and displacing our ancestors.
      Litunga Lewanika, when he met the queen said to her “my land is your blanket and my people the fleas on it”… this is in the public domain. You can research it…
      Chiefs! Chiefs have been nothing but a curse on Africa! They ruled to satisfy only their greed. They never ruled for the good of the people.
      Mwaata Kazembe was known to cut off people’s ears for silly offences in his chiefdom. You can verify this from David Livingstones journals.
      Chiefs where mostly cruel.greedy men that gave themselves divine status while trampling on their subjects.

    • @The Observer, when you hear Mpezeni is in Lusaka, just pass through the bar at Longacres lodge in the evening. You won’t believe your eyes

    • And what about the ridiculous practice that chiefs owned all the land and they only lent it to the people? Land belongs to the people not to one man.
      Can you tell me even one positive that we have benefited from having chiefs, except the silly notion of “preserving cultural heritage”? Which culture? The culture of child marriage? Of poligamy? Of marrying several young girls to satisfy a chiefs lust? Of ignorance and superstition? Of selling your brothers as slaves for greedy ends? Of being used by politicians? Come on.
      Chiefs are a useless institution. No wonder the Europeans got rid of chieftaincy centuries ago. Everywhere you still have chiefs in the world, there is poverty, ignorance, backwardness and primitive thinking. It’s time we moved beyond this obsolete institution. It…

  3. This thing so called @journeyman!

    why attacking names of chief Mpezeni and Chiti-mukulu?

    Plainly speaking we don’t like the tr.ibal manners of Mukuni.

    Hope you understand.

    • I am Bemba Mr. P. From Mporokoso and Kawambwa. I am actually a descendent of chief Chama in Kawambwa from my grandmother’s side. But that doesn’t blind me to facts.
      Am just stating facts. If you don’t like facts, that’s your problem. You are free to do some research to verify my claims. Insulting me won’t change the facts…
      Also, I have not mentioned chitimukulu. But he is just as bad, as is chief mukuni.
      Cheers mudala.

    • Mr. P….Your assumption that am from chief mukuni’s area simply because I criticise PF also shows you tribal attitude.
      Leave that kind of backward thinking my friend. Have a “Ubuntu” spirit. The reason we are called “bantu” is because we all come from the same origin. That is why we have so many similarities in our languages my friend.
      But above all that we all come from Adam and Eve, and ultimately from God. Your hatred of others based on tribe is shameful ba yama.

    • JourneyMan – Dont respond to this dull bellend Mr P…he is that dumb ox who posts things relating to that topic…he seeks attention like your neignhour’s horny dog after your dog that is on heat. He will post a number of posts here in various alias if he doesnt get attention he starts referencing…just ignore the little old childish fooooool

  4. President Edgar Lungu will also commission the Kalindawaro Road (Prison Road) in Chipata that has perfectly been completed by Sable Construction Company in a record time- 30 days to fully construct 100KM tared road. Ask mayor Snoya Mwale, he knows how good the road is. Ask Hon Mawere, he will show you clear road markings and signs on the road.

    • The same Sable Transport that has done shambolic works in other parts of EP but still gets awarded contratcs

  5. So even mere distribution of relief food to starving communities require an official flagging off ceremony. Does that mean starving families will not get any relief food until the President takes time off his busy schedule to actually go and flag it off?

    • Using a $70 million Gulf Stream to fly to Chipata is like going deep into Kanyama compound with a low Ferrari to buy vegetables and eggs

  6. Comment:Bamwine at it again southern no go area ,well and good
    mind u we still meet as dundumwezi
    people we don’t need to see new jet
    at all,also leave mukuni alone.

  7. Well done for staying at home and not aimlessly going globe trotting wasting tax payers money .Nonetheless h you need to do more than leaving the country in the hands of this Ka Ci Colour ‘I know it all ‘ Amos Chanda .

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