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Religious Affairs Minister orders party cadres to stop flashing party symbols when singing the National Anthem

General News Religious Affairs Minister orders party cadres to stop flashing party...

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila and President Lungu during the singing of the national Anthen During the opening of the Central Province Provincial Conference
PF Secretary General Davis Mwila and President Lungu during the singing of the national Anthen During the opening of the Central Province Provincial Conference

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has ordered cadres to stop flashing flushing out party symbols when singing the National Anthem.

Reverend Sumaili says such gestures are against the National Anthem Act number 40 of 1973 as well as the National Anthem Amendment Act number 13 of 1994.

And Reverend Sumaili has also expressed concern that most citizens have lost respect for the National Flag as evidenced by how some institutions are fly torn flags even in the night.

She says Statutory Instrument Number 270 of the 1965 and the National flags and Armorial ensigns Act number 13 of 1994 National Flags provides that the flag will only fly from sunrise to sunset.

In a ministerial statement in Parliament on National Consciousness and Identity Reverend Sumaili further expressed concern the Zambian coat of arms is being misrepresented.

Reverend Sumaili has observed that some coat of arms are being displaced in wrong colors and designs.

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    • Am glad Mrs Sumaili has raised this point.
      But unfortunately for her the two cadres in the above picture will fire her for this. They are the instigated and perpetrators of this ghastly sacrilegious mutilation of our national anthem!

    • Is she challenging Lungu?

      This is one battle she can not win.

      Is it even legal to challenge mentally ill people?

    • Reshuffle them with MMD or UPND cadres Baku zibene ati you’re Godfridah the one and only and that you don’t joke around. Sorry, sometimes I forget that you are that minister who’s ministry is irrelevant to the nation’s progress.
      Anyway, what are going to do about it?

    • Good observation….i have mentioned this several times before and Lungu has a tendency of flashing the PF symbol when performing national duties…very dull President he doesn’t know that once you are elected into office you become President for all Zambians…..not just President for PF Cadres

    • Just show Godfridah that photo… SG Mwila will get someone to write a letter to State House and your pointless Ministry will be dissolved in national interest.

    • Iwe na iwe journeyman sacrilegious mutilation yakuti?? What is sacrilegious about national anthem?

    • Especially Lungu himself. He like raising the Kofi (fist), the symbol for his violent party of thugs, kabovaz, & ex-street kids/adults.

    • It’s about time we separated national anthem from party songs. Well said minister .

  1. Aba ba mayo nabo. One really wonders why we should continue spending tax payers money on such a ministry!

    • With this one statement, she has earned her March 2019 salary! And to imagine that we have a permanent secretary, directors and other staff in this ministry she is heading is beyond me!!

    • Insulting your own mother. Shame on you. You sound like the uncultured monkey born from zambians but in a foreign land. This kind of idyiocy is what lead to the killings in NZ few days ago. Stop the hate. Social is not about insults.

    • You were not raised correctly. When your mind works not, please shut up. Let logical Zambians discuss matters.

  2. Does LT have Editors. It’s “flashing” and not “flushing” which refers to flushing the toilet for example.

    • No you are wrong Dokowe. MMD is the guilty party. Under UNIP we were taught to stand at attention when singing the national anthem but when Chiluba and his friends started poisoning the minds of Zambians against KK, they also started lifting their right hand to show that they were above the law

  3. She is indeed correct. Never put nonsense in front of the national anthem. stand at ease or attention.

  4. Even though she may be right the nothing to do minister now checking for colours on coat of arms and checking for torn flags flying at night. Anyone found flying a torn flag or at night kindly report to the minister for further action.

  5. Good order.Patrotism should have nothing to do with political party affiliations.But does Zambia stop being Zambia at night…Just wondering

  6. Good and wise. Now stop whining and do what she says, most of the trib.als on LT cannot think on their own, so rules are directed at people like you.

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