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PF MP suspended from Parliament without pay for 7 days for disrespecting First Deputy Speaker

Headlines PF MP suspended from Parliament without pay for 7 days for...

LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa
LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa

Luapula province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has been suspended from the National Assembly for seven days without pay for disrespecting First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala.

This was after the house unanimously resolved to have the Kawambwa Member of Parliament suspended effective 20th March,2019.

Mr Chilangwa disrespected the deputy Speaker by pointing a finger at her and retorting after being asked to leave the house.

Speaker of the national assembly Patrick Matibini in his ruling said he had decided to decline the recommendation of the parliamentary committee on privileges, absences and support services that Mr Chilangwa be formally warned.

Dr Matibini says the conduct of Mr Chilangwa of showing disrespect in speech and manner towards Ms Namugala is unbefitting of the conduct of a Minister and Member of Parliament.

He says Mr Chilangwa’s conduct ought to be above reproach.

The Speaker said he had decided to exercise lenience on Mr Chilangwa owing to his regret of his misconduct.

Mr Chilangwa who made to take the walk of shame out of the house will during his suspension not be allowed to enter the precincts of Parliament including Parliament motel and will not be entitled to a salary or allowances entitled to him as a Member of Parliament.

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  1. Seven days only? Atase kambwanga uyu. Give him some months without pay to teach male chauvinists a lesson

  2. LUsaka Times, you don’t consider the case where the Speaker of the National Assembly has been summoned as a witness by ConCourt as News? I notice every other media has published the story but you.

  3. He will make more money wheeling & dealing in these 7 days than what he would have received as sitting allowance. He must be even happy to be given this opportunity to be absent from parliament.

  4. Chilangwa is a very angry man for reasons best known to himself. He is never happy and it shows on his face. Let them relieve him of his ministerial position to allow him time to fight his demons.

  5. It’s shameful for a law maker to behave in such a manner, any way not new that’s how these Pf members behave.

  6. that behavior can not be accepted the best way was just to suspend him for the all month without pay and when he returns to the parliament you even relieve him from the ministerial duties so that others can learn from that and more especially the opposition

  7. I totally agree with all those saying 7 days is not enough. He won’t even miss a salary but some allowances only. The suspension should have been for at least a month. And I hear Chilangwa is so pompous and arrogant as heard from those who work with him in Luapula

  8. For these guys everyday is a pay day(T.P.M) taxpayer’s ???? money…. seven days is too little for such an mature act it feels like a vacation leave…hit him with atleast a one and a half month,to give lesson to others..

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