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AVIC hands over K5 million sports facility

General News AVIC hands over K5 million sports facility

Tasila Lungu spotted at a PF event
Tasila Lungu spotted at a PF event

Avic International of China has handed over a K5 million ultramodern sports facility to the community of Nkoloma Ward 1 in Lusaka’s Kuku compound.

Nkoloma Ward 1 Councillor Tasila Lungu lobbied for the construction of a sports facility which has been built in the middle of Kuku compound to cater for youths from nearby compounds.

Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Lawrence Sichalwe who is also Chawama Member of Parliament and Nkoloma Ward 1 Councillor Tasila Lungu received the sports facility on behalf of the community.

The facility is equipped with an artificial football pitch, artificial running track, netball and basketball courts, toilet facilities, viewing stands, a police post, parking facilities, floodlighting and is secured by wall and iron grill fencing.

Mr Sichalwe said the construction of a sports facility in Kuku compound demonstrated government’s commitment to provide the community with a world class sporting facility in a safe and secure environment.

He noted that the facility will help the country produce great sports men and women that will bring glory to Zambia.

And Avic International Senior Consultant Lei Yingqi explained that the purpose of the project which was born from an idea by Councillor Tasila Lungu is to provide a world class sports facility to the residents of the area that will allow them to maximise their sporting potential.

Nkoloma Ward 1 Councillor Tasila Lungu thanked Avic International for partnering with her in providing a recreational facility to the people of his ward.

She explained that the project has taken about 2 years, and has urged the community to take good care of the facility.

The handover ceremony was also attended by the Mayor of Lusaka and ward councillors of Chawama constituency.

Avic International also donated sports equipment to be used at the facility.


    • I meant to say don’t allow anyone to come and steal…..any part of the structure or equipment donated

    • FNB just revealed in High Court that China Harbour Ltd paid Lungu $140,000 bribe whilst paying Chitotela $399,000 thru law firm Andrew & partners.

      K5million play ground is nothing to money stolen by Tasila, her dad Lungu & tu ma Chinese.

      Chinese + PF= Theft + Heavy Debt

    • This project is to “shinga butter” on your faces as they steal. The true extent of their looted wealth will only be revealed after a change of govt.

    • This article is against Tasila and AVIC crooks.
      Why not just show us the pictures of sports thing, than annoying us with millions of kwachas attached to ka Tasila?

    • Well done Tasila. Boreholes and now sports facilities. You can scream corruption all you want but at least the youth in her ward are going to enjoy the facilities. And thanks to Avic international for this social responsibility. We have very rich businessmen in Zambia who can’t even give a single ball or book to their neighborhood school!

    • Africa…..this is pure corruption….so Tasila is now in the Frontline soliciting for corruption…..this sports facility was built with cheap cheap materials…..and kickbacks

    • @TheRealOliviaPope …… That is until all our youth become slaves to the Chinese which they will be as Zambia will be so heavily indebted to them that our children will bear the suffering of having to have them as masters due to us overborrowing and being unable to pay back these loans with money… payback will come in the form of us being slaves to our Chinese masters !!!!!!!!!!

    • How can someone jog/exercise on an empty stomach? Our youths need jobs NOT sports facilities. Most youths in Kuku compound eat 1 meal per day.

  1. You want to what corruption looks like here is is typical example…you wonder why projects are overpriced.

  2. While we welcome the sports facility, the source of it is still embedded in a culture of corruption and Tasila knows it deep down her heart. I do not know how many councillors are in Zambia, but only Tasila had such a good and compelling idea that Avic decided to implement it.

    If its source is clothed in corruption, as we all suspect it to be, should we be happy about this development, or shall we be accused of being anti development if we condemn it??

  3. No one can complain about the sports facility being a good thing but this is only a small part in the corruption cycle involving Tasila the queen of mukula, her dad and the choncholi. Good luck Zambia!

  4. For the scope of the project, K5m sounds a very plausible cost. Why other projects don’t follow similar cost pattern?

  5. Very good work madam Tasila Lungu!! At least you are able to share the loots with the under privileged in society. Recently, I saw you in Eastern Province commissioning boreholes, bringing safe and clean water closer to the people and thus reducing the incidences of diarrhea diseases in the villages. Carry on with your good work madam. Not every one will be pleased with your deeds. Others will insult you but as long as you know that what you are doing is right, do not bother at all.

  6. Tasila who will be taking food to your father in jail if you also start involving yourself in corruption. The whole family will just end up in prison. Please be sensible and desist from such activities.

  7. Tasila Lungu thanked Avic International for partnering with her in providing a recreational facility to the people of his ward. Is it me who don’t understand English or it’s a mistake by Lusaka Times? “His Ward”.

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