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Former Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu’s violence warning after 2021 elections is premature and inflammatory

Headlines Former Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu's violence warning after 2021 elections ...

YALI Advisor Isaac Mwanza
YALI Advisor Isaac Mwanza

The warning of chaos in Zambia after the 2021 general elections by former Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu is premature and inflammatory which must never come from religious leaders, the Young African Leaders Initiative has said.

YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza says it will be unfortunate if the sentiments by Archbishop Mpundu represent the views of the Catholic Church and the Bishops.

Mr. Mwanza said although the Catholic Church worldwide has never been known to perpetuate ideas which may incite the bad elements in society, YALI are also alive to the fact that some of the atrocities in which the people have participated have been fueled by irresponsible and careless statements by individual bishops.

He cited the genocide in Rwanda as one heinous crime that was perpetuated by individual members of the clergy who worked with some politicians.

Mr. Mwanza has since called on Archbishop Mpundu to reflect on his recent remarks that may be used as justification by some bad elements within society to cause mayhem and atrocious acts when they lose elections.

He has also reminded Arch Bishop Mpundu that the failure of the church-ZCID led national dialogue has been due to selfish ambitions among those who were tasked to lead the process as they kept bickering on taking the whole cake to themselves.

Mr. Mwanza said the Archbishop should have appreciated that Government has taken steps to give the national dialogue by giving it the legal framework rather than just leave it to the whims of those who wanted the prestige of chairing the process.

He has called on young people in Zambia to avoid being moved by inflammatory sentiments to cause violence when people lose elections.

“In any electoral competition, there can only be one winner of elections and those aggrieved with the result have the right to use legally provided means to air their grievances”, Mr. Mwanza has said.

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  1. His Grace the Archbishop Emeritus said there will be chaos if there is no meaningful dialogue. What is wrong with that prediction? We have seen violence during by elections and this will continue if selfish leaders do not dialogue. Instead of denouncing the Man of God, build your bunkers and load up your storerooms. Behold, World War Zee is standing and will soon knock at Zambia’s door.

    • My friend please tell us what agenda will be tabled at this dialogue. 1) The bishop is compromised 2) The secretary of the so called mother churches has already shown animosity towards the Republican president 3) Government is already addressing the issue of POA which incidentally was sabotaged by Upnd in 2016. Lastly but very important your dialogue is meant to make it easier for HH to win 2021. Politics are not like that. Also why should Mpundu be attending Upnd functions?

    • He is not the first to prophecy Chaos on this Nation, but it will never stop at this station. Kaunda predicted bloodshed if MMD won 1991 elections, it neva happened; Nervous Sekwila Mumbai likewise predicted bloodshed in 1996 elections, neva happened.
      Even foreigners have tried to predict the same, but Zambians have said a big NO…!
      Such predictions are aimed at inciting people to violence so they can claim to have been correct for personal glory.
      Twakana impasase.., bushe mukonfwa Shani…????

  2. Catholic Church were a reason for Rwandan genocide. And it’s people like Arch Mpundu who must learn t tame tongue

    • Iwe hh sent so many to the early grave through privatization.

      All the divas at Zambia airways died of depression while he was accumulating cattle.

      Am easterner and my slogan is LUNGU-MUST-GO.

      Have you ever heard a souther saying HH MUST GO.

  3. To say the truth Bishop Mpundu is putting the church’s reputation in disrepute. People may argue for or against but the end result is people will eventually lose respect for the church and our Shepherds.

  4. Zambia is is like a teenage girl all it wants to hear is sweet things and no hard truths or early warning.
    Archbishop is right and on point

    • He is not the first to prophecy Chaos on this Nation, but it will never stop at this station. Kaunda predicted bloodshed if MMD won 1991 elections, it neva happened; Nervous Sekwila Mumbai likewise predicted bloodshed in 1996 elections, neva happened.
      Even foreigners have tried to predict the same, but Zambians have said a big NO…!
      Such predictions are aimed at inciting people to violence so they can claim to have been correct for personal glory.
      Twakana impasase.., bushe mukonfwa Shani…????

  5. The spiritual and moral thinking of Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has always been doubted by right thinking Zambians. A legal case on the morality of the Australian Bishop apparently carries the same genetic make up of Archbishop Mpundu. Sad archives of his morality in Chongwe District have been well documented. It is best for Archbishop Mpundu to use his retirements well or else his past rotten behavior will be exposed in a ruthless political game he seems to thrive on behalf of UPND.

  6. Bishop Alick Banda should tell Mpundu to keep quiet. Banda tells people to call him Doctor but he is failing to doctored Mpundu. What kind of the Doctor Banda is?

    I challenge u Doctor Alick to kick Mpundu out of Lusaka diocese if u are a real Doctor because Mpundu is causing havoc to the Church.

    Doctor Alick also keep an eye on Fr Chilinda please.

  7. When an elderly man speaks, wise people listen and reflect. What more a man of God of the caliber of His Grace the Archbishop Emeritus T. Mpundu? PF cadres have really lost it. Whom are these thugs going to listen to? They will only realize purity of these words of wisdom when they are in hell.

    • Man of God? My foot! Don’t support just because the Bishop is saying appears to favor HH. Analyse the whole speech.

  8. If it’s not Antonio then it’s Isaac. Anything that comes out of any of the mouth of any one of them should not be taken seriously.

  9. Am Catholic but recent words used by the bishops and ba Mpundu, I don’t believe they are right, they are turning so political

    • You are not Catholic but PF. Just say the truth. Do not hide your true identity.
      Bishop Mpundu didn’t error in any way.

  10. Someone must be brave enough to voice certain words and messages which are considered a taboo by the rest of us. Who is better place to say this than this man of the cloth? Sometimes it is wise to agree to disagree and in doing so to avoid using insults as the vehicle for such disagreement. Let us value divergent views as building blocks for a tolerant society. We cannot all hold the same views and standpoints on all issues that affect us as a nation. To do so is an act of folly which will only lead us to be the precipice.

  11. All these people who are condemning words of advice from the Bishop should be ashamed of themselves. People are taking this like it’s an attack on their person. This YALI Mwanza is simply trumpeting what his PF mates are singing. For those of us who believe in a free, prosperous and peaceful country, true love for one another is the only solution to our problems. There’s no need to curse yourselves by insulting an elderly man of God who is simply trying to remind our leaders of their responsibilities.

  12. I don’t really understand ,almost all UPND supporters have ONE SPIRIT OF BITTERNESS and HATRED even clergymen.
    tresphor MPUNDU is not the only one who wishes to see violence in Zambia when HH loses general elections they are many.

  13. Let us not support dead words. Let us celebrate live living words and quench violence with hope and love.

  14. Telesphore Mpundu has just come out in open. He has shown his true colours. How can such a person chair our national dialogue? Remember such fake clergy men in the Rwanda Genocide. Twasula. Mulesebanya katolika!

  15. Don’t allow cadres to take part in the chairing of national dialogue. Ba Teles.. Mpundu is one of them.

  16. this level of ignorance is really sad , what is a warning , is there to guide us and more especially Lungu to provide leadership in this all process of dialogue that is what the Bishop was saying , read and understand you cadres and hired gangs who is YALI , really lost it , look all the chaps who gave wrong opinions and analysis of the statement.

    Go on Bishop , look if its the Bishop with PF its ok, but with Opposition then its political what kind of people are you , reason , look at the mess your PF is doing and making every day , even the founder of PF in his grave feels really that he trusted wrong people who have betrayed all he believed in.

  17. YALI sounds as if is speaking for Government why?
    Mounds just spoke his mind according to how he is seeing things.
    No need to start mentioning Rwanda.

    • So Rwanda didn’t happen? I’m catholic but I cannot pretend that our church didn’t play a part to the genocide nor can I deny there’s pedophiles, sex assaults among our clergy. Mpundu is not God and not infallible therefore we should all pray for him to come to his senses.

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