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It’s time ECZ punished the parties and candidates causing electoral Violence-Inonge Wina

Headlines It's time ECZ punished the parties and candidates causing electoral Violence-Inonge Wina

Vice president Inonge Wina
Vice president Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina has challenged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to consider flexing its muscles on violent political parties and their candidates perpetrating violence.

Mrs. Wina says the commission can enforce and bar parties or candidates breaking the electoral code of conduct through acts of violence, by enhancing punishments.

She says time is ripe for the commission it to act on parties and cadres perpetrating violence

Mrs. Wina, who regretted the violence noted that it is detrimental to the nation, condemned the violence that characterised the recently held Sesheke parliamentary by-elections.

The Vice President was responding to a question raised by PF Mafinga Member of Parliament (MP) Jacob Siwale who wanted to find out what measures would be taken to curb violence in the forth-coming elections to be held in Roan and Bahati.

This was during the 45-minute Vice President’s question time in parliament today.

“There should be no more mapatizya formular anywhere this time around in the country. ECZ should flex its muscles on violent political parties and candidates that are breaking the law,” Ms. Wina said.

And the Veep has disclosed that the ECZ has expanded its Conflict Management Committees to include traditional leaders to be among stakeholders in addressing violence.

She added that the commission has embarked on vigorous sensitization programmes among them stopping political parties from transporting cadres to areas of election as this fuels violence.

The people of Luanshya in Roan and Mansa’s Bahati constituencies will go to the polls on April 11, 2019 to choose their MP.

Meanwhile, the Vice President has disclosed that the report on Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence is in public domain.

Ms. Wina assured that government remains transparent and accountable to its people.


    • Get sense from her speech than your childish comment. Well said and let it be followed up with action.

    • PF is a party of lawlessness and violence. The violence is encouraged by top leadership in PF. Cadres have publicly demonstrated with pangas at public places including outside the Police HQ with no arrests.

    • We know that the day ECZ will flex it’s muscles against PF is when government will fish for some archaic law to regulate or disband it. We know you never mean what you say.

  1. If ECZ can fixed their muscles on UPND,they can cry like babies.The World over can know.
    Sad truth is that UPND is like middle fanatical groups ,e.g Muslim brotherhood of Aramaic spoken states.

    • We have soccer this week, why these ECZ rubbish? Didn’t those bastards agree that they will be kissing each other during election?
      What’s the lineup tomorrow?

  2. PF and UPND.
    But starting with Roan and Bahati all will be good from now on. We’re on the ground in Roan.

  3. Mr p, don’t you know that if ECZ acted the ruling party will be the most to be punished. Right now people are being bribed and intimidated by the ruling party and ECZ with the police can’t do anything about it since the perpetrators are in government. The people’s will is being overridden by corrupt power hungry politicians who use violence and many others devices just to win an election. How l wish they had the same passion like kagame to see the country get better

  4. Only because PTV got banned for plastering around the world gun wielding PF thugs terrorising opponents and pf police with PF caders gassing civilians.

    PF and lungu got shuk up after a paper in the UK published a story related to PF violence.

    Lungu realised his travels around the world as a democratically elected president are in danger….

  5. After what happened to those 4 police officers in sesheke, no civil servant or any worker from any government agency would dare punish a misbehaving pf cadre. This is bait to hard working truthful civil servants to lose their jobs to cadres.

  6. Fellow Zambians I would like a PF member a Top leader probably the president spokes person to carry out a simple experiment to find out which party is violent :Apparratus. Wear a PF regalia go to inter Bus terminus incognito ,shout few slogans and following day the same PF leader wear UPND regalia ..then we will know which political party is promoting violence .We will get the report from him in UTH ,instead of finger pointing.We are tired ,we know the party that is violent

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