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KCM gets a New CEO

Economy KCM gets a New CEO

Mr Chrisopher Sheppard
Mr Chrisopher Sheppard

Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM) announces that Vedanta Resources Limited, has appointed Christopher Sheppard as the new KCM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 18th March 2019 and is based at KCM Head Office in Chingola.

Mr. Sheppard will drive all of KCM’s strategic business priorities across safety, environment, community, sustainability, people practices, ethics, governance, innovation, costs, capital expenditure, growth, EBITDA and free cash flow. Mr. Venkatesan Giridhar, who had been acting KCM CEO will continue in his role as Chief Financial Officer assisting Mr. Sheppard and the entire leadership team.

“Chris will provide leadership in delivering KCM’s vision of over 50 years of sustainable mining and operations in Zambia,” Vedanta Group CEO Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan commented on the new appointment.

Mr. Sheppard holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Mining, which he obtained from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and has attended, among others an Advanced Management programme at Harvard School of Business. He brings with him 35 years of contracting and mining experience. He has held leadership roles with Anglo American, Anglo Platinum, Lonmin Platinum, and Murray and Roberts Cementation. Prior to joining Vedanta he was the Chief Operating Officer at AngloGold Ashanti Limited in South Africa.

Christopher is married to Beverley, who will shortly be joining him permanently in Chingola, and they have been blessed with three married children, Samantha, Clive and Matthew, as well as three grandchildren. He is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys sports.


  1. No Zambians qualified for this role?

    It is a worry that for a Zambian to get such a role, they have to leave the country.

    Real shame.

    • It’s a shame indeed. Not only in KCM but in almost all mining companies in Zambia. Zambia has gone back to the early 70’s when no Zambian qualified to hold roles that high. Whats painful today is that even for Mine Manager role it has to be someone from outside. This comes over 40 years of the school of mines with thousands of graduates. Meanwhile when giving work permits the reason is that “there is no Zambian ready to take over” Shame

    • @Indigo, don’t piss us off, we have soccer this weekend!
      Why Zambians?? To go loot? What’s Zambian about KCM? Instead of rejoicing that Zambia is still attracting mature managers like Christopher Sheppard?
      Zambians need focus on Black Mountains, a places for thieves.

  2. Are you telling us that we don’t have any Balck Zambian person to take up that position? Zambia Zambia……

    • @ I love myself

      Your thinking is very limited.

      Any Zambian, whatever their colour or religion, should be treated the same.

      Cleanse your mind of racism please.

    • The problem is with people that issued him with a VISA and work permit. When is the new employment will finally become law..? Currently we have a large number of former Zambian mine managers e.g. Felix Mvula, Christopher Ndhlovu, Davies Nyambe, Moudline Mulilo etc now selling vegetables and chicken feed on the copper belt.

  3. This quick rush to ask for a Zambian CEO is misplaced. Show me a Zambian-led multinational that has been steered from trouble into the black? We’re not any good at salvage jobs – we thrive in profitable businesses and even then, tend to ruin that through funny decisions based on emotion. Let’s run our own businesses to the level of MNCs then we can talk. Until then … branch managers, procurement officers, site inspectors, cleaners, daka boys and so forth.

  4. The problem is with people that issued him with a VISA and work permit. When is the new employment bill will finally become law..? Currently we have a large number of former Zambian mine managers e.g. Felix Mvula, Christopher Ndhlovu, Davies Nyambe, Moudline Mulilo etc now selling vegetables and chicken feed on the copper belt.

  5. Comment:try to change the thing chingola and konkola,try to employ contractor’s and increase salaries to kcm employees thank u.well come

    • Under ZCCM,almost, if not all CEO for mines on the copperbelt were black Zambians.I remember Mr.Shamutete,Dr.S.Mulenga,Mr Mutati,etc.But after HH and FTJ Chiluba provatized the mines,all CEO jobs in the mines are kept for foreigners!!!And we have some f0ols in Zambia today encouraging us to vote for Kainde,HOW?Kainde is one of those selfish Zambians who have caused great misery to our beloved Zambia!!These foreign CEOs get paid in US Dollars ,huge salaries while poor Zambians get peanuts!!!IF FTJ CHILUBA’S MMD REJECTED A WRONG ADVICE FROM HH’S TEAM ABOUT PRIVATIZATION AND NEVER SOLD THESE MINES,ZAMBIA COULD HAVE DEVELOPED GREATLY TODAY BECAUSE ALL MONIES FROM THE MINES COULD HAVE BEEN CIRCULATING WITHIN ZAMBIA!!!Only lunatics and tribal creatures from 3 naned provinces can vote for…

  6. IndigoTyrol

    Racism??? I am sure you have benefited so much from marginalizing blacks hence your comment. You clearly do not know what you are talking about or you are blinded by some superiority mentality. Yes , we need Zambians to manage strategic entities. Why should we allow these Indians to appoint some Boer to run KCM when we have enough skills locally to do that ? Copper mining is part of Zambia hence we have Zambian experts who have be educated and trained by the mines to do the job. Were is EIZ? Surely we have competed engineers on your books ….

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